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The syllabus for Diff Geometry is HERE. Click the link!

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Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/14 First day of school; only met for 15 minutes; basic hello for the first day
Thur 8/15 4 rounds of puzzles; reflection sheet to fill out
Fri 8/16 Went over key things in planner; small groups discussed reflections from yesterday; wrote key reflections on the back board (Dr. Hartman will summarize the three classes for Monday); Perspective Sheets; “Who Am I?” to get to know more about Dr. Hartman; Shared with students to look through the syllabus (linked at the TOP of this page); Transformation handout given…for notes purposes; Transformation homework given! (Due when you come to class Monday)
Mon 8/19 Students compared hmwk; wrapped up reflections from puzzle activity (Dr. Hartman handed out a summary sheet); Students discussed the rotation of 90 (and different perspectives of thinking about it); looked at rotating a triangle (on a coordinate plane) 90 degrees; Labeling of points with “tick marks”; round 3 and round 4 of the “puzzle” transformation work.
Tues 8/20 Students compared hmwk; Equation warm-up (10 min) Pg 10 #69-72; Pg 36 #38-39; Pg 229 #4-8; Pg 560 #44-46…followed by time to “play” the transformation game!!! Click HERE  Homework is pg 171 #1-4; pg. 171 #5-8; pg 214 #52-54; pg 415 #7-9 and pg 406 #53-54
Wed 8/21 Students compared hmwk; hmwk check; addressed using resources!; Periods 1&6 did the Transformation game (to make up for technology let down / fire alarm the previous day); Period 5 did more practice with the Transtar game (on paper); ALL were given the final round of the “puzzle” transformation sheets. (Good night to consider cover the book)
Thur 8/22 Students compared round 4 of “puzzle” transformation check; Used our graph paper to translate a triangle using a vector (in Transtar formation); Time for students to start reading and taking notes for 4.1 out of the book; let students talk about “what” they are writing down!; Dr. H talked about notetaking…Dr. H talked about vector notation and “rule” notation; time to start working: 4.1 pg. 178 #3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23-25, 32, 38 and take notes on section 4.2
Fri 8/23 Hmwk; notes check; addressed #38; Dr. H went over the notes (focusing on perp. bisectors); time to work on 4.2 pg 186 #2, 8, 9, 16, 18, 21-24, 34, 40-48 even
Mon 8/26 Partners started by reflecting a quadrilateral over y=x, and then y=0.25x-2…showed how Geogebra.org can help big time! Discussed the special rules for reflections (e.g., to reflect over the y=x…(a,b) becomes (b,a)) Time to compare homework; no homework check; started to look at rotations…first up was rotation of 90 degrees. Homework: COVER book with a brown paper bag and read/take notes on section 4.3
Tue 8/27 Hmwk check on the notes and the book cover??? (yikes…few covers!!!); looked again at Geogebra.org (classic version); then examined mathisfun.com and the translation/reflection/rotation sites…click HEREHEREHERE, and HERE. Used the Khan Academy to talk about the 90 rotation of the triangle from last Friday (HERE). Talked about the many helpful resources on the Khan Academy! Time to work on a rotation assignment (worksheet)…BOOK COVER??!!??
Wed 8/28 Club day sign up day…time to compare hmwk…time to work on 4.3 # (3, 4), 8, 15, 16, 17-23 odd, 32, 34
Thur 8/29 First: compared homework; Second: went over #3, 32, 34; Used geogebra to investigate #34; Third: revisited the “rules” for the basic rotations (90, 180, 270) as well as the HOF reflections and rotations; Fourth: preview of dilations; Fifth: Roundtable problem; Assignment take notes on section 4.4
Fri 8/30 First: finished roundtable from Thursday; Second: did composition practice (sheet); Third: students compared notes form 4.4; Looked at mathisfun.com for dilations; looked at a sheet with 3 dilations; Hmwk: Take notes on 4.5 and Do 4.5 #3, 5, 15, 18, 23, 24, 25, 27; quiz on Tuesday
Mon 9/2 Labor Day
Tue 9/3 Homework check; notes check; book cover check; answered questions on hmwk; 30 minutes (way too long!) for the quiz
Wed 9/4 Start of MAPs testing
Thur 9/5 More MAPs for some; ALL were given the algebra review to work on
Fri 9/6 Dr. Hartman was gone at district pep rallies; Students worked on dilation worksheet; test is Tuesday
Mon 9/9 Hmwk check; answered questions on the hmwk; Addressed how scale factor “k” is impacted by 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D measurements; talked about how to graph #5 off the hmwk sheet; quizzes back; looked at page 214 #39; notesheet handed out; In class part of the test tomorrow!
Tue 9/10 Ch 4 in class part of the test; take home part given out to work on
Wed 9/11 A couple finished MAPS; a couple of students took their test; rest…two groupings to begin to think about 1.1 and 1.2…Dr. Hartman went over the first part of the 1.1 problems before the end of the period. Take home test is due Monday! Hmwk: take notes on 1.1 and 1.2 and do the 1.1/1.2 puzzle sheets
Thur Dr. Hartman went over the rest of yesterday’s “pod work” on 1.1-1.2; then we discussed different methods to find the midpoint and distance between 2 points
Fri 9/13 Homecoming day; Dr. H was out setting up…time to work (finish notes 1.1-1.3) and do 1.1 pg 8 #3-17 all, 19-25 odd, 26-34 all, 39, 41, 56-63 all AND do 1.2 pg. 16 # 15-23 odd, 28, 36
Mon 9/16 Dr. Hartman was gone…moved the due date for the take home test to tomorrow (Tuesday). Finish up work on 1.1 and 1.2 and then do 1.3 #3-9 odd, 17-20, 22-26, 30-32, 38, 40, 42, and 46-53 all….study for 1.1-1.3 quiz!!!
Tue 9/17 Turned in take home test; Hmwk check and notes check; answered questions; worksheet (review probs) for 1.1-1.3; quiz tomorrow
Wed 9/18 Began to look at angle relationships (sheet with 8 problems); hmwk: finish the sheet, take notes on 1.5 and 1.6, took 1.1-1.3 quiz 1.1-1.3
Thur 9/19 Formal discussion about angles (1.5 and 1.6); 1.5 and 1.6 puzzles for homework
Fri 9/20 Quizzes back; went over the quizzes; “talk” about life as a learner of geometry (stern lecture for some not doing their job!); tests handed back; We will discuss test corrections for the in-class part on Monday; Work time on 1.5 #3, 7, 9-14, 17-29 odd, 33, 35, 37, 54….Next chapter exam is next Thursday
Mon 9/23 Time to finish 1.5 and ask questions; time to work on 1.6 (1-21 odd, 31-41 all, 46) and ask questions; Big test on Thursday; talked about Ch 4 in class test “test corrections” due on Friday
Tue 9/24 Band was out in the morning; Get questions answered for 1.5/1.6; work on review pg 56 #1-17, 19-22 and pg. 59 #6-9, 12…then some alg review pg. 18 #44, 45; pg. 180 # 47-50; pg. 461 #10-12; pg. 63 #8-10
Wed 9/25 Club day / early release…Dr. Hartman led the students still in the shorter class through some more review problems.
Thur 9/26 Chap 1 exam
Fri 9/27 Addressed the practice algebra problems from a few weeks ago; Videos to set the stage for conditional statements (Philosophy: Click HERE); (Coding: Click HERE); (Basics of p-q: Click HERE); (Truth tables: Click HERE ); The cheer!!!: Click HERE; Finally, Shmoop biconditionals: HERE; Hmwk: take notes on section 2.1
Mon 9/30 Dr. Hartman gone (medical thing); time to focus hard on a practice math ACT.
Tue 10/1 Time for peers to collab on the practice ACT; students scored their own; tests handed back and test correction sheets as well. Work on test corrections.
Wed 10/2 Went over ACT #17, 26, 44; talked about CrackAct.com; notes check over 2.1; time to work on practice problems for 2.1…guided by Dr. Hartman; homework is the puzzle sheet
Thu 10/3 Time to work: 2.1 #3-37 odd, 48, 50, 52, 55, 56, 64-69…then work on test corrections
Fri 10/4 Dr. Hartman was gone taking care of his wife. 1. Take notes on 2.2 and then 2. Do 2.2 #3-6, 9-17, 19 and then 35. Work on truth tables pg. 72 #39, 41, 40, 42, 44 and then 4. work on text corrections due on Tuesday
Mon 10/7 Hmwk and notes check; addressed truth tables for 40 and 42; went over several ACT problems; Introduced inductive and deductive reasoning with a few videos: (Reasoning in writing; Click HERE); (Inductive/Deductive in math: Click HERE); (Example of Deductive: Click HERE); (Example of Inductive: Click HERE). Puzzle sheet and truth table for hmwk.
Tue 10/8 Went over the truth tables; discussed counter example (looking at #14) and the laws of detachment/syllogism in class. 3×3 Rectangle problem. Hmwk: Do 2.2 #17-33 odd, 35, 36, 44
Wed 10/9 Hmwk check; answered questions on hmwk; looked at #29 in depth!!! Put closure to 3×3 problem; circle and spots problem; 4.2 worksheet for hmwk
Thur 10/10 Answer keys for worksheet sitting out; time to figure out pg 83 #a-m; time to skim the reading for 2.3; Dr. H shared that there were exactly 8 trues for “#a-m”, then worksheet for homework (including pg. 87 #9-23)
Fri 10/11 Answered questions; then a quiz
Fall Break
Wed 10/16 Questions on the hmwk; then began to work on proof: Click FIRSTSECONDTHIRDFOURTHFIFTH, and SIXTH. THEN move on to the next sections:Do in this order: FirstSecondThirdFourth (This is Hard), take notes on (2.3) and 2.4
Thur 10/17 Went over the quiz; quizzes back; practiced “alg proofs” (4 different cut out activities); Dr. H led the class through various practice problems; hmwk: 2.3/2.4 puzzles
Fri 10/18 Dr. Hartman was gone with the quiz bowl teams; students worked on 2.4 work out of the book: pg. 96 #3, 10-13, 15, 23-42, 45, 47, 53, 56….Then take notes on section 2.5
Notes x 2 check; hmwk check; Quarter Reflection; addressed “hard” proof from last Wednesday ( Fourth (This is Hard)); watched two proofs for the area of a circle found on youtube:  HERE and HERE  More proofs…Backed up and looked at #15 from Thursday’s worksheet; Scramble proofs in class;  tonight take notes on section 2.6 and try to make progress on the worksheet.


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)


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