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WHS Reg Stats (15-16)

For a copy of the student/parent information handed out on the first day, click HERE (pdf download)


Fall 2015 Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
 SCROLL “quite a bit of the way DOWN” …to get to Sem 2!
8/12 Welcome! Dr. Hartman shared a lot about himself and why he is now at WHS. Border problem (only focused on the 10×10 border with a brief discussion of “n x n”). Assignment: Complete the student inventory and give parents the “parent info” (There is link to this at the top of this page.) Shortened class periods due to the first day A&P / assembly activities.
 8/13 Students turned in their inventory and posted 2 data pieces on the back board (# hrs tv and “happy” scale); Looked at the perspective sheets; Dr. Hartman talked more about his goals for students (and his rules: S.O.A.R.). Showed students the different parts of room 2006. Key & Peele video (Teacher Center). Gave students a few minutes to look up (on phones) “What is statistics?” Began to show a “What is statistics?” video from Against all odds. Homework: begin to define several of the vocabulary words in your spiral notebook!
8/14 Talked about my encouragement of young ladies in math and science (Verizon Video…Inspire her mind); Period 2 saw more of the Against all odds video from yesterday; Period 3 did not due to the network issue. Students formed small groups to start discussing the vocabulary they were writing down. I shared different strategies that can be used to organize. We discussed “GPS” vs “Compass”…When do the teachers hand students everything vs. when do the students have to figure some things out. I am pushing students to start to figure some things out so that we can have more productive discussions in class. I encouraged students to help find some online resources. Naturally “google” searching is out there…but here are two other options as of now: Click MATH IS FUN to access that website and click ONLINE TEXTBOOK OPTION to access a pretty good online resource I have found. Spent some time comparing our results to tv-watching and being happy with the results from Berkeley. Click BERKELEY for that site.  This weekend spend more time starting to set up your spiral “note”book!
Mon 8/17 Both classes: Took “video pics” so I can learn names; Block 3 sent around “collection” sheet (forgot block 2); Block 2: Katherine Johnson video; Block 3: Rest of first Against all Odds video; PPT discussion the beginning of descriptive statistics; Spent time examining data from the Titantic; Talked about frequency tables and relative frequency; First display is the bar graph. See HERE for the example we making in class (when time ran out)! Notice the title, labels, “spacing,” and all that! Homework:  Using the data from Friday (hours of tv), make a DOUBLE bar graph for period 2 /period 3. ALSO bring in an example of a bar graph…show and tell!!!…look in the newspaper or a magazine or off the internet! Likely quiz on Thursday!
Tues 8/18 Groups of 4 compared their “graph” homework; we looked a few examples; students turned in both the double bar graph and example they brought in; Discussed pie charts; Made a pie chart for the Titantic Class Data. Homework: Using the data from Monday (sheet with super bowl on it), make a pie chart for your period’s “eye color”…ALSO bring in an example of a pie chart from a newspaper/magazine/internet… (Be sure to finish up Monday’s assignment as well!) Likely quiz on Thursday!
Wed 8/19  Several gone!!! Phone a friend or check out the following video: click HERE (random help video I found on YouTube). In class we compared/discussed our circle graphs and the ones we brought in for “show and tell.” Very interesting one is HERE. Spent time discussing contingency tables; looked the Titantic data in the form of a cont. table; built one together: Combined period 2&3 data for gender and eye color. Homework sheet is attached: HERE. (Answer a few questions related to cont. tables and then build one for just your period data for gender and super bowl). Organize your notes in your spiral notebooks; make sure you have your definitions; study some!…Quiz on Thursday!!!
Thurs 8/20 Catch up day…Since so many were gone yesterday for the 9th grade retreat, the quiz was “rescheduled”…showed examples of the eye-catching pie charts that were submitted; discussed misleading graphs and data; Showed a student’s “answer” of the assigned contingency table from yesterday; Started to address the answers to the front side (note: the last 5 are all different). Tonight: Finish all of the contingency table work, get caught up with pie/bar charts; You need to have all of this turned in to be eligible to retest in the future!; TRY to find a misleading graph out there! Finally research Simpson’s paradox (start with wikipedia)…and write a 1 paragraph summary of what you find out! You will turn in the paragraph and the cont. table work tomorrow (and any “missing” work). Quiz TBD, as we have the computer lab reserved for tomorrow!
Fri 8/21 Met in Pod 2000 computer lab; turned in late work AND the contingency table work AND the paragraph from yesterday; Partner work on excel…making a table / bar graph / pie chart….excellent progress!…Very interesting to observe the students work and learn!; Study this weekend…quiz on Monday!
Mon 8/24  Warm-up: Simpson’s Paradox example with “pilots” (and the published issue from Berkeley. Dr. Hartman discussed a few tricks of the trade for using Excel. Final questions on the vocab before the quiz. “Started” the quiz. Students will get an additional 10 minutes in class on Tuesday. With the additional time AND the open note policy on the quiz, there will be no opportunity for retesting on this quiz. Homework: start working through the second vocabulary list!
Tue 8/25  Students recorded their ht in cm on the back board; Watched a video on StemPlots (Click HERE for the link); used ht data to build a class stem plot and back to back stem plot for gender.  Click HERE for a “resource” for Stemplots (stem and leaf plots); assignment sheet for stemplots; Time to finish the quiz
Wed 8/26 Data collection at the start: stopwatch…how long to roll THREE 1’s; Video on Histograms (Click HERE); For additional resources on Histograms—click HERE.  Briefly started talking about how to make a good one (yet we really already know!!…just think about the class size!)…we used our dice data. Hmwk: start the histogram “worksheet”…you should be able to do #1a through #1e
Thur 8/27 First we went over the histogram for the “dice data;” discussed my expectations for my students; talked about the SCC pre-reqs…Computer lab activity…Click the Water Wafer Thickness Computer Activity Link (in class activity). Interesting activity…Dr. H learned a lot from it. Hmwk: finish up the stem plot; finish the “1st” histogram problem and now DO the “2nd” histogram problem
Fri 8/28 Vikings Care; wrapped up yesterday’s computer lab activity; quizzes back; time for students to help each other make progress with the stem plot work AND the histogram work. Be prepared to turn in both major assignments the minute you walk in on Monday!
Mon 8/31 warm up: (a) turned in the 2 major assignments from last week and (b) worked on a stem plot and finding the mean/median/mode/range; Here comes the boom talk; “dot” plot of Class B Friday night FB scores; “part” of the measures of center video (click HERE for the entire video); discussed issues with mean and median when there is a skewed distribution. Some information for today’s class can be found HERE. Test is now on Friday. Homework: worksheet centered on the “measures of center!”
Tues 9/1  Data sheet (fb scores) to find the middle and middle of the middles…introduced the 5 number summary and box-and-whisker plot. Actually had success watching the video!! Click HERE. Additional info for today’s lesson can be found HERE. Test is Friday. Project information handed out today. Finish up yesterday’s measures of center. AND new hmwk: Set up 3 box and whisker plots from the data I provided.
Wed 9/2 Mainly addressed finding outliers…via determining the IQR (Interquartile Range)….taking Q1-1.5•IQR and Q3+1.4•IQR; hmwk: clean up items…begin thinking about your project!; Test is Friday
Thur 9/3 Review day…time to work at the computer…Mathsisfun.com/data  is a great place to practice…time to clean up past hmwk and turn in….time to ask questions…the test is tomorrow! (students did see a possible review sheet to use) Test is tomorrow!
Fri 9/4 Test (work on your project! some haven’t posted their questions yet)
Mon 9/7 No School – Labor Day
Tue 9/8 Discussed “students evals”of Dr. H from test; Started to review some problems for the ACT (clickers)…get data for project…work on Project!!! (several students gone with senior meetings)
Wed 9/9 More ACT practice…(several students gone w/ senior meetings…some making up tests)
Thur 9/10 Small group “test” over unit 1; Hmwk: work on project!
Fri 9/11 Time to work on project in class; due next Friday; On Monday we will begin to discuss statistics of “dispersion!!”
Mon 9/14 Used little sq. tiles to introduce “weighted means;” also used the “nursing example. Assignment: 4 problems to consider; Work on project!
Tue 9/15 Notes and info on finding the variance of a population…including the famous equation (used class sizes);
Wed 9/16 A. Shortened day; B. several gone for SCC; C. Briefly looked at the formula for finding the variance of a “sample” (use n-1); time to work on project
Thur 9/17 Went over the “hmwk” from Tues (back side of the sheet of paper); Watched the standard deviation video: Click here; practiced finding standard deviation of a “sample” using our day 2 “tv watching” data!; Study for a quiz tomorrow…and PROJECTS are due tomorrow!
Fri 9/18 Quiz; partners “showed” one another their project and filled out the first part of the grading sheet; we hung up the posters
Mon 9/21 Dr. H went over the school’s NeSA statistics then the answer key for the quiz; Started Jigsaw activity in the media center for the Wingspan data:

Finding n, mean, st. dev, and the 5 number summary:

Hearts do Page 4 (athlete)
Clubs do Page 4 (non athlete)
Diamonds do Page 3 (female)
Spades do Page 3 (male)
Hearts should do the “non athlete / Female” group (small set in the rectangle on page 2)
Diamonds should do the “athlete / Female” group
Spades should do the “non athlete / Male” group
Clubs should do the “athlete / Male” group
Tue 9/22  Several gone for band; in the computer lab…looked at the NLVM site (box plots) click here:   Spent time looking at the data from the wing span using the application. Also asked students to figure out how to use excel to generate various statistical formulas (including St. Dev)

Click Here for the NVLM site (go to 9-12 / data analysis section to find the “box plot”)

Wed 9/23 Spent the day looking over the results from the wing-span…looked at the graphs and how they can be misleading without a common “scale”….looked at converting S.DEV.p to S.DEV.s….Not the greatest day 😦
Thur 9/24 Graphing calc day…basics of the calc; entering lists (Stat 1:Edit); operations on the lists; actually computed the standard deviations just using lists; (found the option in the calc is for sample st. dev); examined 1-variable stats and then moved into plotting the box plot and historgram
Fri 9/25 “partner/group” quiz using the graphing calculator for all statistical “work”…
Mon 9/28 Click here for the sheet we used in class. The links to the websites are HereA, HereB, and HereC
Tue 9/29 “Partners” started working on top 10 list project; will get more time on Friday and will need to finish next Wednesday.
Wed 9/30 Worksheet to fill out related to “Empirical” data using the following 4 videos. Click HERE_1, HERE_2, HERE_3, HERE_4 
Thur 10/1 Used a Khan site to answer an empirical rule problem: click HERE. Watched the 60 minutes special on Khan…click HERE. Hunter’s TED talk!
Fri 10/2 Questions over the worksheet? Turned it in. Lab time for the project
Mon 10/5  Explored the basics of “probability” on CK12.org
Tue 10/6 Spent time w/ Dr. Hartman leading the way through probability of CK12 and Khan to compare and contrast. Tomorrow (with sub) students will finish project!
Wed 10/7 (Dr. H had a sub); Time to finish the top 10 project
Thur 10/8 Pre-test over probability (use neighbors and resources)
Fri 10/9 Warm-up: roll die 25 times to collect data; Watched Video on Probability (IT’s good!!!): Click Here. Started our discussion of probability.
Mon 10/12 Warm-up: pick winning numbers in the lottery; Addressed putting all the dice data together…more and more you experiment…(and the more data you collect)…the more and more it approximates the theoretical. Put all student data on a spreadsheet; Began to discuss the lottery!!


 Warm-up: Determined the powerball probability of getting 3 white and 1 red numbers; addressed #13-14 on the pretest (experimental vs. theoretical); looked at the prob of what the powerball used to be (45W-45R) to what it is now (69W-26R)
Wed 10/14 Looked at #1-8 on the pretest; Discussed (3W-1R) using combinations (we will cover combinations in depth next week); Video on where does the money go:  Handout to “browse”…where does the money go (and annuity vs lump sum in the powerball)
Fall Break
Mon 10/19  More with the pre-test: 10 then 18 then 9 then 11-12; Began to build “factorial” and looked at the basics of permutations. Quiz/Test soon!
Tue 10/20 Spend time developing n! and nPr; notesheet to help
Wed 10/21  Spent the day finishing up most of the rest of the pre-test (all but the very last 2)
Thur 10/22 Developed nCr (connection back to the lottery)
Fri 10/23 Last 2 off of the pre-test; then one more lottery!…then time to ‘practice for ACT’ (open-note quiz on Monday)
Mon 10/26 Dr. Hartman had a sub (state standard work here at WHS); Quiz over the basics of probability
Tue 10/27 Used a video to head towards binomial distribution (Click HERE); supplemented with our knowledge of combinations; students filled out nCr cards and we taped them to the front board…connections with pascal’s triangle….
Wed 10/28 Warm up related to binomial distribution (8 coins…number of ways to get 8H0T and 5H3T as well as P(6H2T))…also used the context of shooting free-throws (making 88%) and finding the probability of making all 5 vs. just making 3 of the 5). Used the Quincunx machine to help!  Click HERE.
Thur 10/29 Warm up: Train problem (binomial distribution w/ 16% stoppage); connection to “other” Quincunz machine! (Click HERE.) Looked at problem from book (overbooking flights); also look at problem from different book (microchips); quizzes back. Need help with the probability quiz? Click HERE.
FRI 10/30 MORE with binomial probabilities; notes on the formula; example from a book on “flight arrivals”; learned how to use a table of values (for n=1 to n=12); Video: click HERE.
Mon 11/2 Finished binomial probabilities; “worksheet” to help…connected to the table of values…also looked at finding the mean and st.dev. (mean is simply n x p  and st.dev is the sq. root of (n x p x 1-p)
Tue 11/3 Large packet of “college probability” problems. There is video support on the NWU stats page (reference the packet for specifics). Covered the first and second page; also looked the SCC online course (and talked about differences betw. online classes at various colleges)

Pg 1 #3, 5 and Pg. 2 #9, 11, 15, 21

Wed 11/4  Page 3-4 of the packet (addressed P(A|B), re-examined contingency tables, final review of permutations.)

Pg. 3 #”5-8″, 25;  Pg. 4 #27, 39, 41;  Pg. 5 #43

Thur11/5  Pg. 5 #1; Pg. 6 #5
Fri 11/6 Pg. 6 #7; Pg. 7 #9, 11; Pg. 8 #15
Mon 11/9 No School – Inservice
Tue 11/10 Pg 9 #9; handed out “areas under normal curve” sheet; Most of Pg 10 #11
Wed 11/11  Backed up and watched normal curve video (Click HERE); Finished up pg. 10 #11
Thur 11/12 Video on normal distributions and z-scores (Click HERE); computer lab time to go through mathsisfun.com/data “normal distribution” (Students were expected to answer the 10 multiple choice questions at the end of that section. (Click HERE to get to the questions.))
Fri 11/13 Warm up with #13 on page 10; Then used clickers to check understanding from yesterday’s math is fun.com site; moved on to more clicker questions related to reading the “table”; finished by starting #15. For this weekend, do pg 11 #15 and pg. 12 #17, 19
Mon 11/16 Answer keys for the “3” problems assigned as hmwk; time to work with peers on #21; went over #21; More clicker problems from the mathsisfun.com site in terms of reading the “table”; Complete the #23 off the last page for hmwk…first test is Friday!!!
Tue 11/17 Went over #23 from last page; Review handed out. The first test (first of 3 parts) will be Thursday covering probability. The review includes a “bank” of many of the questions I will put on the test. More time to review in class on Wednesday.
Wed 11/18  Early out day; Students got the full time to review together for part “A” (probability) of the test.
Thur 11/19  Part A of the test (probability section); Part B of the test bank handed out (Binomial probabilities)…that test is next Tuesday!!!
Fri 11/20  Started to prep for Part B of the test
Mon 11/23  Students reviewed for part B of the test. (Test is Tuesday)
Wed 11/24 Part B of the test (Binomial Probability)
 Wed – Fri Thanksgiving Break
Mon 11/30 Hartman proctored Aspire Testing; students began to review for “test C” (normal distribution)
Tue 12/1 More time to review for “test C”
Wed 12/2 Last time to review for “test C”
Thur 12/3 Normal distribution exam
Fri 12/4  Started partner cookie project
Mon 12/7 Time to work on cookie project
Tues 12/8 Time to work on cookie project
Wed 12/9 Shortened day (early release); Time to work on cookie project
Thur 12/10 Turned in cookie project; started “binomial prob” review game
Fri 12/11  More time for “binomial prob” review game; To access the computer simulation: Click HERE
Mon 12/14 Dr. H discussed issues to consider on the first project (e.g., outliers and the Lower 5%); also addressed what is to come in the future (t-tables, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, samples, etc…) Discussed what will be the plan for preparing for finals. Then discussed the “current” project and what Dr. H was looking for in terms of reviewing binomial probability. Extra credit option given (the game….)


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Tue 1/5 Start of semester 2: Wordle Activity! Bring pennies!!!
Wed 1/6 Finished Wordle activity; looked over the first 9 problems on the semester 1 final; Subway challenge; Bring pennies!!!
Thur 1/7 Answer to the Subway challenge; Stump Dr. H (Students’ list of random numbers vs. calculator); began rectangles (randomly selected “own” set of 5 vs having the calculator do it!); prizes for the Wordle champs!
FRI 1/8 Posted the student and “calculator” means for the rectangle problem; used the graphing calculator to generate the box plot (and histogram); compared and contrasted “our” results with the randomly generated results. INTERESTING results…the calculator results were much closer to the population results…and “normal curve” looked better for the “calculuator” results…more to come on Monday…also BRING PENNIES
Mon 1/11 Lottery craze…spent time talking about the lottery b/c it’s “too interesting” not to! (Handout we worked through)
Tue 1/12 More lottery…calculated various probabilities…read the article “can you guarantee a win?”…compared selecting our “own” powerball 5W1R numbers and letting the calculator “quick pick” for us  (this is related to last week’s rectangles…selecting our own sample vs. a random sample);
Wed 1/13 Lottery article (about taking the annuity); warm-up for finding the st. dev of a sample; used calculator to calculate the “own” rectangle data from last week (using L1, L2, L3, L4); led up to 1 var stats!
Thur 1/14 Review of 1 var stats and then entered the “calc” rectangle data; used calc to put both box plots up; then just the “calc” box plot and histogram; we started to see that our “own” data set wasn’t a good as the calculators!
Fri 1/15 Wrapped up yesterday’s thoughts; 10 minutes to read an article on sampling; investigated sample size (repeated activity but compared sample sizes of n=5 vs. n=10)….again…2nd period great data / 3rd period not so great data!
Mon 1/18 Last glance at “subjective” vs “random” and the fact that increasing the sample size does reduce the standard deviation!; Video on census and sampling: click HERE; looked at using a “table” of random numbers to select a set of random numbers (e.g., click HERE)
Tue 1/19 Set up a stratified sample for our rectangles (we even used the “table” from yesterday); watched the first 5 minutes of another video (click HERE)
Wed 1/20 Early release day; several gone for SCC; we spent the day estimating!!! Click HERE
Thur 1/21 Finished up the video from Tuesday. Looked at the relevance of today’s topic by examining polling on CNN’s site. (Click HERE and click HERE for the actual release). Dr. Hartman has more information about this if interested…just ask!
Fri 1/22 Dr. Hartman is gone for a meeting all day; Penny day! Follow the directions on the sheet and get all the data figured out! There will be a test next week!!!
Mon 1/23 Keno article in the newspaper;  handed out notesheet to begin to study
Tue 1/26  Individual quiz with sample standard deviation by hand (then with calc to check); then partner work to review sampling
Wed 1/27 Looked at “what is in the bag?” (connection to this video: click HERE); Clickers…discussed yesterday’s partner work regarding sampling and bias (Test is now Friday or next Monday); Start of class on Thursday use THIS and THIS.
 Thur 1/28 Link/Reading/Video Footage 1: Understanding Bias and Sampling; Link/Reading/Video Footage 2: Undercoverage and Bias; Link/Reading/Video Footage 3: Sampling Methods; Stratified Sampling Video: Click HERE; Reasonable Samples Video: Click HERE
Fri 1/29 (Addressed the weather using the data presentation from Lincoln Weather Underground); time to review in class (review sheet for those who chose to look at it); test is Monday!
Mon 2/1 Exam
Tue 2/2 Snow day
Wed 2/3 Snow day
Thur 2/4 5×5 dot problem (finding rectangles)
Fri 2/5 Tests back; Chicken Wing questions and reading
Mon 2/8 Watched “Graph” to review graphing y=mx+b; then practiced graphing and then writing linear equations; Used the graphing calc to plot points and graph lines
Tue 2/9 Game 1 (writing equations of lines…zapping bugs!) Click HERE; THEN Game 2 (who wants to be a millionaire); Click HERE; THEN Game 3 (10 question m/c basketball game) Click HERE; THEN a bit of reading…please take time to look over “correlation” in the Mathsisfun.com site…Click HERE; and THEN for the last one Game 4….find the correlation…Make sure you read the “about” information first! Click HERE;
Wed 2/10 Video to intro line of best fit: Click HERE. Took a look again at the correlation game. Handed out page 1 of the “packet.” Time to work.
Thur 2/11 More work with finding the equation between two points, more work the “packet”…now with page 2. Showed how to get the linear regression as well as stat plot on the calculator. Students need to show me “by hand” as well as on the “calc.”
Fri 2/12 Went over #10 off the worksheet together; once students showed success on pages 1&2, then they started the Twizzler lab!
Mon 2/15 Showed the results of Dr. Hartman’s Twizzler lab. Reminded students how to use the graphing calculator to get results. Video from Khan on “correlation vs. causation” Time to work on page 3 of the big packet.
Tue 2/16 15 min to clean up the packet (then turn it in). Moved on to round 1 of calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient (r)…(lots of work…the “differences” approach….Dr. H likes it as it connects back to the visual aspect of the line)
Wed 2/17 Warm up practice to review yesterday’s method. Moved on to round 2! (only sums of x’s, y’s, their squares, and the product of xy were involved)
Thur 2/18 Warm up: practice round 2!; Moved on to round 3! (mainly focused on the stand. deviations to find r)
Fri 2/19 Took a break…estimation 180
Mon 2/22 Warm up with round 3; Moved on to round 4! Finding the equation of the line of best fit
Tue 2/23 Practice with round 4!
Wed 2/24 Worked the UNL costs problem in the computer lab with spreadsheets
Thur 2/25 Continued to work the UNL costs problem in the computer lab
Fri 2/26 Dr. H was gone (morning to ESU training; afternoon to Ames for Dance Competition); Students worked the UNL costs problem on the calc AND wrote a top 10 list for Dr. H (best experiences in h.s.)
Mon 2/29 Day 1 of partner test over regression.
Tue 3/1 Many finished….day 2 of partner test over regression
Wed 3/2 Last day to finish the partner test over regression.
Thur 3/3 No school…state bkb
Fri 3/4 No school…spring break
Mon 3/7 Individual ranking for survivor; Started review of Empirical rule and finding z-scores
Tue 3/8 Group ranking for survivor; 3 videos to help set the context for spearman correlation coefficient (Click HERE, HERE, and HERE).  After the final one, students were given the “expert ranks” and began to find the R value for their own group and indiv. ranking. Students turned this in!
Wed 3/9  Finished and turned in the indiv. ranking work for survivor. Then worked on the girls state baskeball rankings…finding Spearman’s rank correlation. (Turned this in.)
Thur 3/10 No school…spring break (B)
Fri 3/11 No school…spring break (B)
Mon 3/14 Pi day activities (and pie)!!!
Tue 3/15 5 minute to finish spearman basketball regression (opted to not have students read an article); Handed out new normal distribution table; reviewed finding probability/area under the curve for several situations.
Wed 3/16 EPA fuel efficiency warm-up; then work time on “assignment-test”
Thur 3/17 Video on control charts (click HERE); then started to meet with students 1-on-1 for the “assignment-test.” Once it’s correct, then it’s turned in.
Fri 3/18 Against all odds video (up to 4:00…click HERE); then connect back to rectangle sampling…and why increasing sample size decreases error…watch from 12:30-18:00…click HERE),  then watched the rest of the first video (HERE) to see another example of what we are learning in action…and to begin to lead into the central limit theorem. Last 15 minutes to work on “assignment-test”
Mon 3/21 Two videos related to the central limit theorem (Click HERE and then from 2:30 on HERE). Final chance to work on the “assignment-test” from last week. (Dr. H wants to learn how to access the “app” on his computer!!!)
Tue 3/22 Next Khan video…related to standard error of the mean (watch 0-3:00 and then 9:00-end…click HERE); then used the next problem to set the stage of the formula:  z = (x bar – mu) / (pop stdev / root n)  (Click HERE)…then started the Cola QAD problem
Wed 3/23 Finished the Cola QAD problem. Then gave worksheet related to the central limit theorem. Students will turn in.
Thur 3/24 More time to work on the central limit theorem worksheet. (Some started to turn in).
Fri 3/25 Easter break
Mon 3/28 Easter break
Tue 3/29 Review of z-scores using 3 problems: “Red Barn” (Weston Materials Inc), “Dental Insurance” (Shaver Manufacturing Inc), and “TV hours” (South Dakota)…partners turned in the TV hours answers
Wed 3/30  First few minutes…time for partners for finish up partner work from yesterday (TV hours); worked through problems using “samples” (Power + batteries, taxi drivers, and groc store)…partners started working on Groc store problem
Thur 3/31  First few minutes…time for partners to finish up partner work on Groc Store problem…Khan Video related to confidence intervals (click HERE); started working on a sheet with problems (Bun-and-Run)
Fri 4/1  LA Times article (time to read it)…very interesting “database” of national surveys!!…worked through the rest of the “Bun-and-Run” conf. interval in-class sheet. Time for students to get caught up.
Mon 4/4 Time to work on confidence interval worksheet (using z-scores)
Tue 4/5 Reading (from Dummies.com) about “z vs t” distributions; Examined on the board the continued relationship between populations and samples…the need for t? (if population stdev is UNknown and the sample size n is small….less than 30). Khan video (click HERE); started to look at the emissions problems
Wed 4/6 Started with Khan’s perspective of the emissions problem (click HERE); worked through 4 conf. interval questions together (all using t-distribution)
Thur 4/7 Work day on the “new” t-dist homework sheet with conf. intervals AND to get caught up on old work
Fri 4/8 Last day to get caught up with all work! (Several gone for state conventions, band, and track)
Mon 4/11 No school teacher inservice
Tue 4/12 Big bag of pennies…est. the number…lead to est. the mean…developed the formula (z times stdev div E) squared = number to sample. Did a pilot study to find an approx for stdev. Period 2 will sample 24 and Period 3 will sample 15; students started to sample. Others worked on finishing sheets
Wed 4/13 Students finished sampling; others finished sheets
Thur 4/14 Worked through the penny conf. interval sheet; all data needed to be collected and worked through
Fri 4/15 Blue tape activity with the conf intervals; discussed the results; showed a pic of the “penny histogram” as well as the calculator histogram and the spreadsheet. VERY interesting!!! All C.I. contained the mean
Mon 4/18 Notes on the 5-steps for hypothesis testing; Watched video (click HERE)
Tue 4/19 Started working through the 5-steps of hypothesis testing. Used Jamestown Steel Company (part 1 and 2)
Wed 4/20 Picked up the back side of the Steel page (and addressed p-values). Looked at p-values in a research article; briefly addressed type-1 and -2 errors
Thur 4/21 Time to work on the “major” hypothesis testing work (50 point test grade)
Fri 4/22 more time to work
Mon 4/25 more time to work
Tue 4/26 Last opportunity to have time in class to work on “major” hypothesis testing work
Wed 4/27 Started by attempting to make all of the “tetris” pieces…then “monimo,” “domino,” triomino,”  and forward to “pentomino”…Gave small square tiles to help and the pentomino shapes to check
Thur 4/28 Proved why there is 12 using “proof by exhaustion” (started with 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then determined the twelve pentominoes); challenged students to find ALL of the hexominoes…(gave sheet to check)
Fri 4/29 1. Use some of the hexominoes to decide which can be folded into a cube (click HERE) for the website. 2. Decided which teams of 2-3 will work on next week cumulative experience together. 3. Time to work on the pentomino puzzle!
Mon 5/2  Time for groups of 2-3 to work on final
Tue 5/3  work on final
Wed 5/4  work on final
Thur 5/5  work on final
Fri 5/6  final due
Mon 5/9 Seniors Last Day!!! (Play-doh!)
No additional “new” stats for the three juniors


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