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Diff Geometry 2016-17

Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 8/22 Transformation activity in 2000; Books checked out; Book assignment #1 Pg. 10 (69-72); Pg. 36 (38-39); Pg. 229 (4-8); Pg. 560 (44-46)
Tue 8/23 Students compared answers to assignment; Perspective discussion; (Different perspectives for problems form the transformation activity; different perspectives for solving equations; Things about Dr. Hartman; Book assignment #2 Pg. 171 (1-4); Pg. 171 (5-8); *Pg. 214 (52-54); **Pg. 415 (7-9); ***Pg. 406 (53-54)
Wed 8/24 Partner warm up related to Monday’s transformation activity!!! Cookie Monster Commercial (productive struggle); We will get back to the homework from last night TOMORROW; Went through the syllabus. Click HERE for a copy of they syllabus. Assignment: Fill out the student inventory (and start to cover your book!!)
Thur 8/25 Partner warm up (to finish) Monday’s transformation activity!!! Looked over this activity together; Groups of 3 compared the book homework; Dr. Hartman worked with individual groups to gauge their understanding. We started to discuss a few of the big ideas of the assignment (much more to come!!). Homework: Play the video game. Get to the highest level you can get to. Consider taking a picture of your “score” at the end! Click HERE for the game link. (Also introduced students to the website: Mathisfun.com  Click HERE).
Fri 8/26 Visual matching problem for warm-up; Flashback Friday #1 (focus on equation solving)– Pg. 46 (60-63); Pg. 18 (42-45); Pg. 206 (39-43); Pg. 36 (40, 43)
; Few minutes for partner to talk a bit about the video game (several students HAD NOT spent any time with the game!!!); Homework: more with the game and then using the Cornell note style (leaving a bit of margin on the right and at the bottom) take notes in your spiral notebook for notes ON CHAPTER 4.1
Mon 8/29 Partners talked over the video sheets again; Partners compared “notes” (Hartman graded notes); Went over a few more details related 4.1; Time to work: A. Do 4.1 pg. 178 #3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23-25, 32, 38 and B. Take notes on 4.2 (and C….take notes on 4.1 if you didn’t already!!!)
Tues 8/30 Last day of interruptions for class meetings!!! (play catchup now); Partners talked about homework and notes; Dr. Hartman went over different perspectives of reflections (perp. bisector, using “shortcuts” on coordinate (a,b) for 4 basic reflections, and then what to do when reflecting over line like y = -1); Brief discussion of glide reflection and lines of symmetry; Tonight clean up 4.1-4.2 notes. Clean up 4.1 hmwk (will answer questions tomorrow) Do pg. 186 #2, 8, 9, 16, 18, 21-24, 34, 40-46 even. COVER YOUR BOOK
Wed 8/31 Answered a couple questions on 4.1/4.2. Moved on to discuss some basics of rotations; please look over the Mathisfun.com site (part with rotations); Homework: Take notes on 4.3 and “start” to do some work!! (I have a worksheet that I handed out)
Thur 9/1 Warm-up rotation which was tied to Khan’s video: Click HERE.  Talked to students about using the Khan Academy as a resource. Looked at 3 methods to rotate (Khan’s, Hartman’s suck in, rotate, and spit out, and the coordinate method). Looked at a couple of the problems. Quick check of the notes. Add to the homework. Section 4-3 #3, 4, 8, 15, 16, 17-23 odd, 32, 34. COVER YOUR BOOK!!!
Fri 9/2 Activity in the pod with composition of transformations. No new homework for Labor Day Weekend!
Mon 9/5 No School…Labor Day
Tues 9/6 1. Verified that all students have a book cover. 2. Examined “Andrew’s Theory” for rotation when the point of rotation is NOT the origin. 3. Investigated the in’s and out’s of dilation. Used examples from the video game as well as the text to begin to set the stage for notes on 4.5. Also examined how the k scale factor works, esp. with coordinates (a,b). 4. Finish notes for 4.5 and do pg. 212 #2, 3, 7, 18, 20, 23-, 24, 26, 28, 41-44, and 48
Wed 9/7 Partner board work to show several dilations; QQT activity; Time to compare homework; Looked over the basics of 4.6 (Similarity Transformations); Homework: “4.6 worksheet” to make life easier…but also add from the book 4.6 #16, 20, 22a
Thur 9/8 Roundtable activity in the pod; time to compare homework; make sure you are caught up!!!
Fri 9/9  Vikings Care #1; Flashback Friday #2 (do pg. 357 #1-3, pg. 63 #7-12; pg. 591 #4-6); Handed out the project-test!!!
Mon 9/12 Time to work on the project-test!
Tue 9/13 Introduction to points, lines, and planes. Several “group” problems to examine…and class discussions. Homework: READ 1.1 and take notes. Do pg. 8 #17-26, 27-33 odd
Wed 9/14 Turned in Project!! Warm-up “Enrichment/Extension sheet for 1.1;” Used a ruler to measure a few segments; Notes on Postulates (axioms) and the Ruler Postulate and Segment Addition Postulate. Homework: Clean up notes on 1.1 and take notes on 1.2; Start the assignment (you will get Friday to work on it)…Pg 8 #8-14 even, 51….(more to come) and Pg. 16 #15-21 odd, 23…..(more to come) Again you will get time on Friday to work
Thur 9/15 9th graders out for the 9th grade retreat; sophomores: activity in class…”Tower of Hanoi” (led up to 4 spires)
Fri 9/16 Dr. Hartman was gone working on HOCO items; Work day: Pg. 8 #8-14 even, 51-54, 56-64 AND Pg. 16 #15-21 odd, 23-24, 28, 32, 36
Mon 9/19 Used graph paper to “explore” and find the midpoint of (-5, -2) and (3, 4). Talked about a few different methods/perspectives…also the formula in the book!; Used graph paper to “explore” and find the distance from (-5, -2) and (3, 4). Primarily used the pythagorean theorem to show the formula in the book!; Do 1.3 pg. 24 #9, 16, 20-21, 27-28, 31-32, 38-40 even
Tues 9/20 Good warm up for 1.3!!! Time to compare all of the homework from 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3; Lots of good discussion and questions; Tests back; “Start” to take notes on 1.5 and 1.6 (skipping 1.4); There will be a quiz on 1.1-1.3 either on Wednesday or Thursday!
Wed 9/21 0. Warm up with measuring/classifying angles (using a sheet); 1. Talked about the project-test…a resource to consider is this website: Click HERE ; 2. Used Patty Paper to find bisector of segment (actually perpendicular bisector). 3. Used compass to find bisector (Click HERE and HERE); 4. Drew with a protractor a 117 degree and 229 degree angle. 1.1-1.3 quiz tomorrow; More notes tonight on 1.5-1.6.
Thur 9/22 Began to look at “angle problems” (intersecting lines…vertical angles…supplementary angles); Quiz 1.1-1.3 (approx 20 minutes); Do 1.5 pg. 43 #5, 7, 11, 13, 14, 23, 25, 27, 34, 38, 52, 53, 54, 56
Fri 9/23 At the boards the entire class period. Mix of “flashback Friday proportion problems: Pg 415 #1-6, Pg 461 #7-12, Pg. 484 #46-47; Pg. 506 #33-36 with a mix of “angle” problems (given a diagram, solve for x and y). Homework is to finish the pg. 43 problems
Mon 9/26 Answered questions on hmwk; Went over the quiz; Time for quiz corrections; work on 1.6 problems pg. 52 #3-7, 9, 11, 12, 15-23 odd, 24
Tues 9/27 Time to compare; time to ask about #21; Basic review of comp angles, supp angles, vertical angles, and linear pair; Asked about those who wanted flashcards; Time to work: pg. 52 #20, 22, 32-42, 46, 52-59; Test is on Thursday
Wed 9/28 Shortened day / club day; answered questions on the homework; watched “coding video” (click HERE); handed out flashcards to those who requested them; handed out the review for tomorrow’s test. Click HERE for the iPad video that goes over the review!! Test is tomorrow. DRESS UP for the test and get extra credit!
Thur 9/29 Chapter 1 exam
Fri 9/30 Flashback Friday (clicker practice with equations and the start of inequalities); Homework: Take notes on section 2.1
Mon 10/3 4 videos to set the stage for conditional statements (Philosophy: Click HERE); (Coding: Click HERE); (Basics of p-q: Click HERE); (Truth tables: Click HERE); better HERE Time to work on the assignment: Pg. 71 #3, 7-13 odd, 17, 18, 25-27, 29-43 odd, 46, 52
Tues 10/4 Students worked on puzzle (What’s smarter than a talking bird) while Dr. H did a 2.1 notes check and hmwk check; Answered questions on homework; Looked at the defn, two conditionals, and biconditional for complementary angles; look at 2.1 #24; Introduced inductive and deductive reasoning with a few videos: (Reasoning in writing; Click HERE); (Inductive/Deductive in math: Click HERE); (Example of Deductive: Click HERE); (Example of Inductive: Click HERE). Homework: Read and take notes on section 2.2
Wed 10/5 Another puzzle (Which garden insects are always polite?); Board work practice making sense out of section 2.2; Do 2.2 #4, 6, 10, 14, 17-33 odd, 42, 44
Thur 10/6 Answer questions on the homework; (homework check and notes check); Time to work on test corrections; Begin to take notes on section 2.3
Fri 10/7 Flashback Friday….A. do pg. 26 #50-53; B. do pg 299 #4-8; C. solve and graph:   (2x ≤ 4 and x-3≥-4) (-2x+1≥5  or  2/3 x >4) (-3<2x-1≤7); D. Do pg. 1 #1-9;….then time was given to work on test corrections. Homework: Take notes on 2.3
Mon 10/10 Great partner work at the boards…used pg. 83 Exploration 2 (a through m) as the context. Addressed the postulates in 2.3. Assignment is a worksheet with the addition of pg.87 #21-24
Tue 10/11 Questions on homework; Activities with the steps/reasons to prove algebraic problems. We also looked at the two explorations on page 91. Homework: READ 2.4 and take notes!! (Finish test corrections)
Wed 10/12 Puzzle (2.4); notes check; Time to work pg. 96 #11, 13, 15, 23, 25 – 42 (yes through), 45, 47, 53, 56…quiz on Thursday
Thur 10/13 Quiz; work on “challenge” problem afterwards; ALL test corrections should be in by now.
Fri 10/14 Students fall break
Mon 10/17 Graded quiz in class; Computer lab: Click FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH, and SIXTH. Homework: Take notes on 2.5
Tues 10/18 Final chance to look over the quiz; graded the quiz in class; Back to Feromax problems (the first through sixth from yesterday); Walked through the first 3 and then had students complete the last three. Homework tonight: make sure you have read carefully 2.5 (and taken notes)
Wed 10/19 2.5 puzzle problem; began to work through proof. Hmwk: notes on 2.6
Thur 10/20 Workday: see how much you can figure out: 2.5 pg. 103 #3-10, 13-15  and 2.6 pg. 111 #3-6, 7-15 odd, 16-23
Fri 10/21 Puzzle for 2.6; talked about a flowchart proof; handed out several examples of proof
Mon 10/24 Review in class; worked out solutions provided
Tues 10/25 Chapter 2 exam
Wed 10/26 Early dismissal day; some out for clubs as well. Coordinate Plane pumpkin activity
Thurs 10/27 Euclid the game (click HERE)
Fri 10/28 Euclid the game; homework for the weekend: Read carefully and take notes on section 3.1
Mon 10/31 Notes check for 3.1; Puzzle/notes for 3.1. Finish the back of the sheet for tomorrow
Tue 11/1 Geogebra activity on the chromebooks to make sense of the theorems in section 3.2; Take notes on 3.2. Thursday: time to work on assignments for 3.1 and 3.2
Wed 11/2 Period 2 no class (due to WHS special morning…service learning/PLAN test/ect…) Periods 6&7…discussion about the “day” and watched videos!   Vi Hart Video 1 (Here); Video 2 (Here)  Make sure you have taken notes on 3.2!
Thur 11/3 Work time: pg. 129 #3-9 odd, 11-20, 30 AND pg. 135 #2-13, 15, 16, *24
Fri 11/4 Notes check / homework check; addressed converse theorems in 3.3….assigned pg. 142 #3-8, 12-24, 38
Mon 11/7 No school
Tues 11/8 Geogebra work to show the “transitive” prop for parallel lines! (and explore perp. lines). Then Feromax proof work: Do in this order: First, Second, Third, Fourth (This is Hard), Fifth, Sixth, Seventh (This is a medium one), Eighth (medium), Ninth (medium), Tenth (medium)  3.1-3.3 quiz on Wednesday
Wed 11/9 Quiz (indiv part); Quiz (collaborative part); Take notes on 3.4; finish up test corrections.
Thur 11/10 Went over the collaborative part of the quiz; Patty paper work!; Puzzle time (major review of the distance formula); addressed the theorems of section 3.4; homework: 3.4 #3, 4, 11, 12, 17-25, 27
Fri 11/11 Flashback Friday…moving motion work! Homework and notes check on Monday; review on Monday…test next week!!! (Also moving on to chapter 5)
Mon 11/14 Graded quizzes together; Went over the motion activity; Addressed what to review for the exam. Start to study for the exam!!!
Tue 11/15 Began 5.1 (triangle classification; 180 in a triangle; exterior angle theorems); Worksheet/puzzle for homework!
Wed 11/16 Club day….Make sure yesterday’s sheet is done…by Friday take notes on 5.1-5.2…by Friday do 5.1 pg 236 #3-8, 11-27 odd, 28-36, 50, 52 (I may also put #41-42 on the December test)… reminder there is a chapter 3 test tomorrow
Thur 11/17 Chapter 3 test
Fri 11/18 Finished the test; graded in class.
Mon 11/21 Notes / Hmwk check; Questions on hmwk; Notes from Dr. H on 5.2
Tues 11/22 “Activities” 🙂
Wed – Fri Thanksgiving break!
Mon 11/28 Went over the “distance” problem from the test; Time to work on 5.2 pg. 243 #3, 5-9,11-13, 17, 18; THEN time to take notes on 5.3; Then time to start to work on test corrections.
Tue 11/29 Answer keys out for homework; AngLegs activity to discover concepts (theorems) found in section 6.5. Do pg 340 #11-24, 26, 29, 30
Wed 11/30 Answered questions on homework; time to work on 6.5b and 5.4 worksheet. Tonight: take notes on 6.5b and 5.4. Quiz on Friday
Thur 12/1 Homework/Notes check; Went over the homework; Puzzle for 5.4; Time to work: Pg 256 #4, 6, 8, 10, 13-16, 19, 22, *32, *38….Quiz tomorrow
Fri 12/2 Hartman is gone at Quiz Bowl; Students are quizzing!
Mon 12/5 Students graded own quiz based on a 5-4-3-2-1 grading rubric for each problem; Then big “abstract” triangle congruence activity with AngLegs….established that 3 parts are needed to show two triangles are congruent. Of the six options, SSS, ASA, SAS, and AAS all will work. (AAA will just allow for similarity and SSA will create situations where two different triangles can be formed). Tonight: READ 5.3, 5.5, 5.6. Then read the three sections again. Then read the three sections for a 3rd time!!!
Tue 12/6 Time to work out of the book…starting to make sense of the 4 ways to show two triangles are congruent. Do  bookwork: (In this work) A. Pg. 249 #3-9 odd, 10-14 all. B. Pg. 266 #3-10 all. C. Pg. 274 #3-12 all. D. Pg. 250 #25-26. E. Pg. 267 #19-20. F. Pg. 274 #15-16 and 24, 26. : Proofs for Homework!. The sheet will references two feromax proofs: Click HERE for #1 and HERE for #2. The other proofs are from the book.
Wed 12/7 Club day / early release….all 9th graders out of class 6th & 7th. (Spent times with the 12 Days of Christmas)
Thur 12/8 Time to compare answers from pg. 249-274 book problems with Dr. H’s answer key. Time to work on additional triangle congruency problems (packet) (Again, an answer key is provided to provide immediate feedback). Tonight: Finish packet, Do pg. 281 #3-8 and finish up the Proof problems worksheet. (Test is likely Monday)
Fri 12/9 Practice with HL; discussed HL in more depth; QQT trade activity; Looked at a few more proofs!. Prepare for Monday’s test…look over the problems on pp. 290-293 and pg 352 #13-16
Mon 12/12  Test over chapter 5 (and 6.5b)
Tue 12/13 Began to examine similarity; used a notesheet / puzzle sheet to help make sense of the initial content. Read 8.1 tonight; add to notesheet; Do the worksheet
Wed 12/14  More with similarity; used a notesheet / puzzle sheet to help make sense of the 8.2 “AA” content. Read 8.2 tonight; add to notesheet; Do the worksheet
Thurs 12/15 Answered questions on homework; Last part with similarity; used a notesheet to help make sense of the 8.3 “SAS and SSS” content. Read 8.3 tonight; add to notesheet; Do the worksheet; partner “Quest” tomorrow
Fri 12/16 Answered questions off the homework; partner “Quest;” test back; begin to study for the final.
Mon 12/19 Review for the final
Tue 12/20 Review for the final (Click HERE for answers) #90 is D!!!! I was wrong!
Wed-Fri Final
 Start of Semester 2
Wed 1/4 Partner (clicker) work on ACT problems
Thur 1/5 Partner (clicker) work on “most missed” problems from the semester 1 final.
Fri 1/6 Worked puzzle problems…then a brief intro to section 8.4
Mon 1/9 Warm up related to proportions (including those with quadratics); Brief review of ch 8 similarity problems; looked at the theorems for 8.4; puzzle problem for 8.4; Back side of the worksheet for homework.
Tue 1/10 Answered  questions on homework (esp. #9); time to work: pg. 450 #3-8, 13-26, 30…puzzle time for those who finished early!
Wed 1/11 “Groups” (of 2-4) worked on a similarity test together. Tomorrow we begin to move toward right triangle trig
Thur 1/12 5 minutes for groups to fix “missed” problems on the test. Watched two videos HERE and HERE. Went over simplifying radicals. Worksheet 34 problems for homework!
Fri 1/13 Time to compare homework; Challenge 1 (how much can you make); Challenge 2 (mad minute); Time for groups to finish up test corrections if needed; Assignment; Read 9.1 and take notes!
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Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/16 snow day (ice)
Tue 1/17 another snow day (ice)
Wed 1/18 Early release club day; Time to work on a practice problems for the pythagorean theorem click HERE; notes check today
Thur 1/19 Developed 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 ratios; Read and take notes on 9.2; do 3-11 odd
Fri 1/20 QQT with special triangles; Notes check; Puzzle for 9.2; Puzzle for 9.1; indiv. enrichment problems for 9.2 for homework
Mon 1/23 Went over the enrichment problems; time to work on the 9.1/9.2 book work: 9.1 pg 468 #3, 5, 9, 11, 12, 15-21 odd, 22-28, 31, 44-47 and 9.2 pg. 475 #4-12 even, 13-16, 18, 22
Tue 1/24 Went over 16 and 18 of section 9.2; tonight: TRY to figure out #22 on 9.2. In class we worked through graphing calculator “linear regression” problems
Wed 1/25 Handed out recs for next year; looked at the top jobs from the US News and World Reports (HERE); Looked up (on phone) difference between arithmetic and geometric means; Initial notes on 9.3; A few problems on the back of the worksheet to work on…and read/take notes on 9.3…and try 3, 5, 11, 19, 25
Thurs 1/26 Went over questions; time to work: 9.3 #3-8, 11-28, 31-35, 38, 40; Quiz is tomorrow!
Fri 1/26 Quiz 9.1-9.3
Mon 1/30 Groups of 3 worked on Quiz 9.1-9.3
Tue 1/31 Closure activities to #17 off quiz (emphasizing that similar triangles have similar ratios…setting the stage for tomorrow); spend time w/ partner looking at first 16 problems on the pre-ACT test!
Wed 2/1 Collected (and analyzed) data on four 20-70-90 triangles to discover relationships between the ratios of sides….setting the stage for tomorrow
Thur 2/2 Drew own 20-70-90 triangle, investigated ratios of the sides…BIG CONNECTIONS…..moved into Soh-Cah-Toa….MORE CONNECTIONS….Read 9-4 and 9-5 and then RE-read 9-4 and 9-5 and then take notes on 9-4 and 9-5
Fri 2/3 Major connections between soh-cah-toa and our 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles…and the famous UNIT CIRCLE…watched a video!!! (HERE); time to work …do in this order:   9.4 #3, 5, 6 and then 9.5 #3, 5, 7-16 and then 9.4 #7, 9, 10 and then 9.5 #17, 19, 21-25 and then 9.4 #11, 12
Mon 2/6 Dr. Hartman had to go to a meeting 😦  Students worked on more practice with 9.4 and 9.5 (worksheet)
Tue 2/7 Warm up problem with 2 applications of using trig to find the ht of a tree / length of ladder. Moved on to 9.6…focused on solving a right triangle…and the famous inverse trig function (Sin^-1)
Wed 2/8 Early release / Club day; Spent time with “cake walk” type activity…inverse trig problems!. Quiz is Friday; Test Tuesday
Thur 2/9 Homework check/ notes check; 9.6 puzzle worksheet; time work on 9.6…pg. 505 #4-12 even, 13-19 odd, 20-21 …. time to ask questions and study all of chapter 9. Quiz is Friday; Test is Wednesday!
Fri 2/10 Partner quiz covering 9.4-9.6; pre-ACT practice problems; Test is Wednesday….we will start chapter 8 on Monday; (allow review time Tuesday…2nd will have assembly)….
Mon 2/13 Used geogebra to investigate the theorems in section 7.1: sum of interior angles of a polygon is (n-2)*180….the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon is [(n-2)*180]/n….the sum of the measures of the exterior angles of ANY polygon is 360.
Tue 2/14 Review in class (Click HERE for the problems and HERE for the answers); Test is tomorrow…you will want to review…Reread all of your notes. Reread the sections in the book 9.1-9.6…consider trying some of the problems on pp. 518-521 #1-37…ESPECIALLY 10-16.
Wed 2/15 Test is today 🙂
Thur 2/16 Discovery activity to figure out the properties of a parallelogram (section 7.2); Start to fill out THIS sheet (click HERE); Tonight: read and take quality notes on 7.1….read and take quality notes on 7.2
Fri 2/17 Notes check!!! Time to work: 7.1 pg. 364 #3-29 odd, 53-56 AND 7.2 pg. 372 #3-19 odd, 25-31 odd, 48-50
Mon 2/20 Homework check!!!! Time to work: Puzzle 1 (HERE); Puzzle 2 (HERE); 7.1 pg. 364 #6, 10, 18, 22, 26, 30, 31, 32, 38, 40 AND 7.2 pg. 372 #6-20 even, 21, 22, 26, 30, 32, 44
Tue 2/21 Warm up with finding the “n” sides for a regular polygon with interior angles of 165 degrees; Sketched examples of parallelograms and what would be the minimum info needed to prove them; Time to collaborate with peers on an investigation with proving parallelograms. Tonight Read 7.3 and take notes
Wed 2/22 Started the quadrilateral challenge; 7.3 puzzle; notes check; time to work: pg. 381 #3-23, pg. 386 #2, 3, 6-15
Thur 2/23 Feromax proofs (and other links). Do in this order: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth  7.1-7.3 quiz is tomorrow…
Fri 2/24 Quiz
Mon 2/27 Finished up the quadrilateral challenge; looked up “graphic organizers” for classifying quadrilaterals; handout with various classifications; READ and take notes on 7.4 and 7.5; fill out the check sheet; do the 59 A/S/N and T/F problems
Tue 2/28 Each student got a playing card….(Aces, twos, ect) met in groups of 4 to discuss work from last night…then (hearts, clubs, etc..) Great discussions. Notes check, quizzes back.
Wed 3/1 Do 7.4 pg. 393 #3-8, 13, 15, 17-21, 25, 29-53 odd and do 7.5 pg. 402 #7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 20, 27, 29; Test is on Friday
Thu 3/2 Greedy triangle; prepped for the test; review for tomorrow’s exam!!!
Fri 3/3 Chapter 7 test
Mon 3/6 Activity to learn about the 11 nets of a cube (click HERE); discussed the volume and surface area formulas of a cube; tried to draw the 6 nets for a square pyramid. Focused on a square pyramid with equilateral triangle lateral faces….challenge to find the formulas for surface area and volume.
Tue 3/7  Went over the formulas for the SA and V of a special square pyramid (equilateral triangle lateral faces); Moved into the famous sticky note and file cabinet problem. (Look at all of the parts of HERE); Assignment is to find the dimensions in 3×3 sticky notes of a file cabinet that is covered by 1,000,000 sticky notes (not the bottom/base face though)
Wed 3/8 Started “how long will it take to fill the container?” problem (focused on finding the area of regular n-gons)
Thur 3/9 Spring break for students; meetings for teachers
Fri 3/10 Spring break for students and teachers
Mon 3/13 Finished the “container” problem
Tue 3/14 Pi day activities
Wed 3/15 Measuring / formula work for 2-D area
Thur 3/16 Went over the worksheet from yesterday; using several videos to help: parallelograms (HERE); kites (HERE); rhombi (HERE); trapezoids (HERE), and circles (HERE and HERE); Read 11.3 and do 3-29 odd
Fri 3/17 Answered questions on homework; addressed how to find the center of a circle; introduced Vol and Surface Area of prisms…started Measurement activity 1 (Cylinder, prisms)
Mon 3/20 Measurement activity 1 (Cylinder, prisms…)
Tue 3/21 Went over the activity including how to program the calculator; explored the SA and Volume of pyramids and cones; Video (HERE); also addressed Cavalieri’s Principle.
Wed 3/22 Measurement activity 2 (Cones, pyramids…)
Thurs 3/23 Warm-up: find the volume of a cone with a given slant height and radius; pod activity with 9 different solids (some not easy)…sketching and predicting the V and SA
Fri 3/24 Went over the work from this week; shapeshifter (Disney connection); Playdoh (sphere volume) activity and Orange (sphere surface area) activity
Mon 3/27 Video to summarize the SA and V of a sphere (Click HERE and HERE); Warm-up puzzle sheet (cubes) and the basic facts about prisms, cones, etc… Then built Euler’s theorem! Homework: BIG puzzle packet!!
Tues 3/28 Lots of time to work through issues on the puzzle packet. Added the “triangle pencil grip” problem!
Wed 3/29 Time to work on 50 problem end of chapter packet.
Thur 3/30 Time to work on 50 problem end of chapter packet.
Fri 3/31 Time to work on 50 problem end of chapter packet. Handed out the specs for the test. Click HERE for the polyhedra/other solid website
 Mon 4/3 Work day on packet / test
Tue 4/4 Last work day on packet (and test)
Wed 4/5 turned in packet; test is due next week; dist around tennis ball can or height…which is longer? Popcorn picker activity (landscape vs. portrait view results in different volumes); UNL work…finish sheet for homework
 Thur 4/6 Went over yesterday’s worksheet; Introduced arc length…11.1 (use the book to help make sense of this); Worksheet in class (and for homework).  Work on test-project
Fri 4/7  Answer keys handed out for the 11.1 worksheet. Dr. Hartman gone. Time to work in class on the test-project.
Mon 4/10 11.2 worksheet
Tue 4/11 Challenge problems to start; 2 puzzles (11.1-11.2)
 Wed 4/12 Workday on project-test; quiz is tomorrow (11.1-11.2)
Thur 4/13 Turned in project; quiz (11.1-11.2); assignment: make sure you read and look over all of chapter 10 for Tuesday!!!!!!!!!
Fri 4/14 No school
Mon 4/17 No school
Tue 4/18 Pre-test for chapter 10
Wed 4/19 ACT day; no class
Thur 4/20 Went over the prob. questions on the quiz; handed out big chap 10 packet; students met with Dr. H 1-on-1 to go over project; work on packet!
Fri 4/21 Work on packet; more 1-on-1’s
Mon 4/24 Work on packet; final day of 1-on-1’s
Tue 4/25 Work on packet…should be finished by tonight!
Wed 4/26 Short class; multiplying polynomials
Thur 4/27 Factoring institute
Fri 4/28 Went over 10.1-10.6; test is Tuesday
Mon 5/1 Time with 10.7
Tue 5/2  Review
Wed 5/3 Chap 10 circle Test
 Thur 5/4 10 min to finish test; practice ACT 30 min
Fri 5/5 ACT 30 min ; worked with peers for the last 15 min to “fix” missed ones
Mon 5/8 Graded the ACT problems (shortened class due to assembly)
Tue 5/9 Tests back; time to work on test corrections
Wed 5/10 Rope around the bales of hay problem; time to work on corrections
Thur 5/11 Fly and spider problem; gave the “end of course” problem set (covering all 12 chapters)
Fri 5/12 Last chance to turn in test corrections; prep time for finals
Mon 5/15 Prep time for finals
Tue 5/16 Prep time for finals
Wed-Fri Finals


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