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WHS CollStats (18-19)

The College Stats syllabus is linked here:  WHS-CollegeStats-Syllabus. Click the link!

Scroll down quite a ways to get to the beginning of Semester 2!!!


Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/15 Adjusted schedule for the first day; only 10 minutes per period!
Thur 8/16 Puzzles…to get our brains thinking!
Fri 8/17 Perspectives…things about Dr. H…Went over the syllabus
Mon 8/20 Basic skills review in class (approx 150 probs); Books handed out
Tue 8/21 5-W’s problem to consider; Looked up who “Pardis Sabeti is??? Pardi’s first video (HERE); Talked about examples of stats from the newspaper; Talked about the context our book gives us. Homework (20 minutes of class time to work): read and take notes on chapter 1
Wed 8/22 Notes check; time for students to compare what they wrote down; addressed “cornell notes”…a strategy to take notes; card sort activity; Two different 5-W questions and related variable questions; Hmwk: do Ch 1 #1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11
Thur 8/23 Looked over UNL tuition data; used data (on last page) to enter into the graphing calculator and build a scatterplot; time to compare homework with peers and add on: Ch 1 #13, 15, 24, 25
Fri 8/24 Low key Friday…first full week and first FB game day…Use Crackact.com to see what “help” it could be in practicing ACT questions (most math tests are just 15 questions long and offer the worked out solutions once you hit submit). Time for students to compare hmwk (hmwk check). “Math for Dummies” packet handed out with 3 different readings/puzzle worksheets….
Mon 8/27 Turned in “3 readings/puzzles” from Friday; PPT with misleading graphs/stats; Time to work on a worksheet with misleading (Wonder Woman). START to take notes on Chap 2…get up to page 24 at the minimum.
Tue 8/28 Simpson’s paradox…Derek Jeter…Kidney stones…UC Berkeley example…phone search….Talked about focusing on the reading, esp the last few pages (powerful). Students do get a workday on Wednesday…students had last 20 minutes to work on Tuesday. Hmwk finish notes on Chap 2 by the start of class Thursday….do Ch 2 #5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14ab by the start of class Thursday. (Dr. H will add more problems to the list on Wednesday)
Wed 8/29 Work day…added Ch 2  17, 18, 24, 25
Thur 8/30 Notes/Hmwk check; video on 2-way tables (Click HERE); worksheet and add on Ch 2 #27, 30, 31, 35; Quiz tomorrow!
Fri 8/31 Time for peers to compare work/prepare for quiz; Talked about 2 articles from the newspaper (fecal transplant study and alcohol) Took the quiz
Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Tue 9/4 Dr. Hartman was ill 😦  0. Data set for the day:36, 25, 38, 46, 55, 68, 72, 55, 36, 38, 67, 45, 22, 48, 91, 46, 52, 61, 58, 55

To do list for Tuesday: 1. Read pp. 43, 44; 2. Decide on the number of classes (bins) you think are appropriate for the data set. 3. Create a frequency table for the data, a relative freq. table for the data, and a histogram for the data. 4. Now using your phone, research the “2^k” rule for classes. 5. Repeat #2 and #3 using this “2^k” rule! 6.Use page 45 in your book to help you learn how to get a histogram on your calculator. 7. Take notes on the first part of chapter 3…pp. 43-48

Wed 9/5 Watched video on the 2^k rule (HERE) and histogram video (HERE); students graded own quiz. 2nd period collected snake eyes data; 6th did not. Hmwk: continue notetaking…get up to pg. 53
Thur 9/6 Collected snake eyes data in 6th period; Both classes made a stem and leaf plot for the data, talked about why the dot plot would be “bad”, and found mean, median, mode, range…started to hint about stdev and IQR…also talked about how a skewed distr will impact the relationship between mean and median. Watched this video (HERE); Hmwk: finish reading the chapter and taking notes
Fri 9/7 Notes check ; book cover check; worksheet…front side with home-runs….make a dot plot, use 2^k rule to create a freq. table and histogram, and make a stem and leaf plot….THEN on the back side…make a back-to-back stem plot for per 2 and 6 snake eyes data; compare M/M/M/R and if you had to guess…which class has a high stdev? (StDev measures the spread of data)
Mon 9/10 Turned in hmwk; video on box plots (HERE)…much more with box plots tomorrow. time to work on Ch 3 #5-13
Tue 9/11 Dr. Hartman talked and went over a bunch of things…discussed details of Ch 2 categorical methods to describe data (main point: only stats we see is based on the whole 100%…can’t find mean or median)…discussed details of Ch 3 quantitative methods including the importance of the histogram (to help with shape center and spread) and the basics again of Mean/STDEV vs Median/IQR…talked about how the indiv values of data show up for stem plots and dot plots…but not for histograms/box plots. We then spent the rest of our time with the details of box plots, finding outliers, and using our calculator; finish up #5-13
Wed 9/12 Dr. Hartman was gone for district pep rallies; work on problems in this order: #15, 16, 17, 19, 20, then 40  (but make a box plot for part a and then do b, c, d), then 23, 25, 26, 27, 41 and then #21
Thur 9/13 Late work / book cover check, hmwk check, asked for questions….then started to talk more about the details of standard deviation. Calculated one by hand and showed where it is on the calculator. A website that will help some of you is HERE. Add to the homework assignment: First calculate ALL the statistics you can, including standard deviation, ALL by hand…for this set of data: {1, 4, 7, 10, 10, 10, 11, 12, 15, 20} then do chap 3 #33, 35, 37, and 55 (use your calculator for #55)
Fri 9/14 Answered questions on the hmwk; watched video (HERE); time to work on 3 “math for dummies puzzles” and a practice chap 3 quiz. puzzles/quiz due when you come to class Monday!!!
Mon 9/17 Hmwk check; addressed a few things off of the sheets; time to work: Read (well skim) Ch 4 and do #5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15, 18, 20abc, 23, 31, 32, 36
Tue 9/18 Band is gone in the morning; quiz is Wed; “dot plot” sheet and do pg. 147 #1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 and Free response #1ab
Wed 9/19 hwmk check; looked at graph about flu “peaks” in the newspaper; quiz
Thur 9/20 Groups of students collaborated on a second look at yesterday’s quiz…to make sure each student “understands” all content! Test is Tuesday
Fri 9/21 Review time for test
Mon 9/24 Review time for test
Tue 9/25 Test
Wed 9/26 (early release/ club day) 2 “puzzle” packets…to start to lead into the Normal curve and 68-95-99.7 empirical rule
Thur 9/27 Normal curve video (Click HERE); showed statson ACT report and Normal curve on “TrueCar” website; Notes discussion N(20, 1.5)…building normal curve based on empirical rule…and build normal curve for mean/stdev of our test results. Tests handed back. Hmwk: read and take notes for chapter 5
Fri 9/28 Looked at the NWU stats book problem with the twins; initial discussion about z-scores  z = (x bar – mu) / stdev;  Watched video: HERE; finish chap 5 notes and do #1-4 in the text
Mon 10/1 Click HERE first; Look over the “reading” material on this part of Mathisfun.com…then at the bottom take the quiz (there are 10 questions); record your results on the piece of paper…your answer then the correction answer then why you missed it (if you did); Click HERE second; ditto…look over the “reading” material…then take the 10 question quiz at the bottom…same instructions…(use YOUR z-score table if you wish)…also now is the time to figure out how to use your calc for z-score values! Dr. H will probably be gone again tomorrow…you will work out of your book.
Tue 10/2 Dr. H ill; time to work…finish the 2 math is fun.com quizzes; work through Ch 5 (1-4), 7-13 all, 15-19 odd, 23-27 all, 31, 32, 39, 41, 43, 45, 46
Wed 10/3 College signings; time to work…
Thur 10/4 Spent time going over the last few days work…quiz tomorrow
Fri 10/5 Went over ch 5 #35 together; then indiv time followed by collaborative time for the quiz; finish the quiz this weekend!
Mon 10/8 Turned in the quiz; ppt to lead us into simulations (started with flipping a coin); showed how to use a calculator to generate random values; tonight READ chapter 10 and start to do 3, 5, 6, 9, 11
Tue 10/9 Began setting up simulations in class (using random number sheet AND calculator); tonight: make sure you’ve read chap 10
Wed 10/10 More with simulations (dance question and 50 eggs…dept store question) Video to help go over the chap 5 quiz is HERE
Thur 10/11 Work on Chap 10 (3, 5, 6, 9, 11,), 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31, 36
Fri 10/12 Friday keep working on the hmwk…pumpkin puzzle for those done
Fall Break
Wed 10/17 Husker prob/win graph; ACT scores in newspaper, questions on books work (esp. 12), two more simulations…quiz soon; moving on tomorrow
Thur 10/18 Rectangle “sampling” activity. Download “sheet” HERE and watch first 18 minutes of this video (HERE). Spend time with this!!! Hmwk Read and notes for Chap 11
Fri 10/19 Videos HERE and HERE over census, sampling, and types of sampling; Quiz over simulation on Monday; have notes for Chap 11 ready for Monday
Mon 10/22 Chap 10 quiz; time to start working on Chap 11 work: #1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15…
Tue 10/23 More time to work and more problems  Chap 11 #17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27
Wed 10/24 Dr. H gone; time to work on a practice Ch 11 quiz and a practice Ch 12 quiz (to get you into the material)!
Thur 10/25 Hmwk check (Ch 11); Practice quiz check; ans to prac quiz; Video: HERE; project expectations discussed
Fri 10/26 Watched video on smoking/causations: HERE ; quiz 10 handed back; time for peers to discuss project
Mon 10/29 Ch 11 quiz is tomorrow; time to work on Ch 12 bookwork: 1-25 odd, 29, 37, 41 ; time to make progress with the project.
Tue 10/30 Ch 11 quiz; time to work on Ch 12 bookwork / project
Wed 10/31 Early release / club day; Ch 12 bookwork / project
Thur 11/1 No class
Fri 11/2 V FB in McCook…several gone; Be done with Ch 12 book work / work on project/ Take home quiz for chap 12
Mon 11/5 Review packet; prepare for ch 5 / 10 / 11 / 12 exam
Tue 11/6 Answer questions; recall a video for chap 5 quiz is found on day “Wed 10/10”
Wed 11/7 Big test (2nd of the semester); take home part as well. Take home part is due on Thursday
Thur 11/8 Short class (VB stats). Turn in take home test; Dummies guide (start) for Correlation and Scatterplots (in class)
Fri 11/9 Graphing calc activity (pg. 154….then #6)…Part of Video #1 Scatterplots (Click HERE) Starting about 3:30; Video #2 on Correlation (Click HERE); Time to work on Projects…start taking notes on chapter 6
Mon 11/12 Math for dummies (2 puzzles); finished Video #2 from Friday; did “round 1” off the correlation worksheet; Finish reading and finish notes on Chap 6; work on project!!!
Tue 11/13 Notes check for Ch 6; Round 2 of the correlation worksheet; work on project!!!
Wed 11/14 Round 3 of the correlation worksheet; project is due tomorrow whether you are here or not
Thur 11/15 Turn in project; more with correlation; Video (click HERE); partner quiz on tomorrow (sci. calcs only!!!)
Fri 11/16 Correlation quiz
Mon 11/19 Time to work on chap 6: #1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 27, 28, 31, 39, 46
Tue 11/20 Work on Ch 6 bookwork / Turkey cards
Wed 11/21 Thanksgiving break
Mon 11/26 Time to explore with the correlation game (click HERE); read & take notes for chapter 7
Tue 11/27 “Pardi” Video (Click HERE). Formal notes on calculating the regression line; Worksheet for homework (due Wednesday) Also be sure to have the reading/notes done for chapter 7!!!!
Wed 11/28 Went through the hmwk wkst; “airfare” worksheet in class; Start to work on chap 7 book work: Ch 7 #1, 3, 5, 7, 11,
Thur 11/29 Time to work on chap 7 book work: Ch 7 #1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 37, 47, 51ae, and 53 (quiz Friday; test likely Tuesday)
Fri 11/30 Quiz; take home part; test is Tuesday
Mon 12/3 Late start (snow) thus shorter classes; needed to fix #7 off quiz, so gave students time to compare inclass and take home parts of the quiz; then shared about the details with #7 and then handed out ans key for students to look over. I didn’t collect the quiz. Exam is now Thursday (review Tues; early out on Wed)
Tue 12/4 Review handed out; time to prepare for the exam
Wed 12/5 Early out; prepare for exam. Check out HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and finally HERE
Thur 12/6 Chap 6-7 test; read and take notes on chap 13
Fri 12/7 Began chap 13; looking at probability.  “Took” notes in class on the notesheet. Did the back side. Make sure you have CAREFULLY read all of chapter 13; add to notes!
Mon 12/10 Pardi video 1: HERE; Played SKUNK; Pardi video 2 HERE; Quiz A w/ ans; Quiz C at home
Tue 12/11 Compared Quiz C; ans handed out; Started notes on Chap 14; Skunk; Partner quiz D; Read/notes on Chap 14
Wed 12/12 Back side practice problems for chap 14 (back of notesheet); looked at a tree diagram (shoot 1-1 free throws); Skunk; finish reading chapter 14 tonight
Thur 12/13 Practice A for Chap 14; answers for prac A; Prac B for tonight
Fri 12/14 Compared answers; ans key for B; partner quiz on C; handed out review to those interested for the weekend.
Mon 12/18 Review handed out for the rest; answers to review and “table of specs” for the final handed out
Tue 12/19 Review Time
W-F Finals
Semester 2!!!


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/7 Finals back; time to review probability (worksheet)…eventually students get to the Easter Egg problem…(a doozy)…students will need to start reading / taking notes on Chap 15
Tue 1/8 Easter Bunny problem / back side of sheet; finish reading / taking notes on Chap 15
Wed 1/9 Lottery problems; went over #12 off the sheet from yesterday; time to work on Chap 15 #1-13 odd, 19-31 odd, 35
Thur 1/10 Went over #22 (Insurance problem); time to work; add more to the assignment: 43-55 odd; more time to work tomorrow…likely quiz tomorrow!!!!
Fri 1/11 Time to work / ask questions; last 20 minutes, students took the quiz; hmwk and notes check on Monday for chap 15
Mon 1/14 Notes and hmwk check; answered a question (#47); Video to look at random variables HERE ; Flight problem to look at discrete probability from a “binomial” approach; Informal discussion on binomial theorem; Read Ch 16 and take notes!!!
Tue 1/15 Discussed n!, nPr, and nCr (and where to find on the calculator);  More with flight problem; Finish Ch 16 and take notes!!
Wed 1/16 Club day / early release…make sense of Chap 16 #9-16
Thur 1/17 10 minutes for peers to talk with each other about #9-16; Watched video (HERE); Looked at Quincunx machines (HERE and HERE); Tonight: clean up notes (notes check tomorrow) and clean up 9-16. If you want to move on, start #17-29 odd.
Fri 1/18 Snow day
Mon 1/21 Binomial question to start: n=10; p=0.7; P(3)= and P(6 or 7)=;  time to start working on chap 16 #9-29 odd
Tue 1/22 Snow day
Wed 1/23 Snow day
Thur 1/24 Started with Ch 16 #34, then went over a few over Ch 16 problems and addressed the connection with the Normal curve; assigned the rest of Ch 16: 31-37 odd
Fri 1/25 Started with Ch 16 #31, 33; looked at the book to see the power of the “green Just Checking” problems (and answers); time for indiv to work on a quiz, followed by peers to discuss, followed by Dr. H posting the solutions. This weekend: Go through the “green Just Checking” on each of the chapters 13, 14, 15, 16; and look at the brown summary page for each chapter. Finish the Chap 16 hmwk; Hmwk check on Monday; official quiz on Monday; review given on Monday; Test will be Wed/Thurs of next week
Mon 1/28 Ch 16 quiz to start; handed out 8 Ch 13-16 quizzes with answers (use for review); also be sure to look at green just checkings and brown summaries for each chapter!
Tue 1/29 time for students to review
Wed 1/30 Super cold day (no school for students but teachers worked)
Thur 1/31 Part 1 of the test
Fri 2/1 Part 2 of the test
Mon 2/4 (some were making up the test) Looked over Kamterter Seed info; Talked about the path from the beg. of the course until now…at the doorstep of inferential stats!; begin to read and take notes on chap 17
Tue 2/5 Collected “full size bag” m&m data; Built a sampling distribution with n=5; hmwk: find two different sample means (proportions for brown) for n=10; continue to read and take notes on chap 17
Wed 2/6 Early release / club day / Dr. H gone 😦 …Finish notes on chap 17…try the “green just checking problems #1-7” in the reading and try pg. 465 #1, 3
Thur 2/7 Tests handed back; Built a sampling distribution with n=10; Talked about how the mean stays the same (original mu vs xbar for n=5 and xbar for n=10…but the spread lessens…formula sigma/rt(n) does work!!!; Wend over pg. 465 #1, 3….continue to read and take notes on chap 17. Note check tomorrow
Fri 2/8 Notes check;  thumb tack activity! (discovered the standard deviation is sq. root of p times q divided by n) Showed that the larger the n, the narrower the standard deviation. Handed out the packet. Did “A” in class; Watched the first first video and took notes “B” (HERE)
Mon 2/11 7th watched video first…then all did “C” in class…then watched Khan video “D’ (HERE); then did “E”…
Tue 2/12 Started with “E” in class; Watched Khan video “F” (HERE); Did “G”; Assigned “I”…. The cool website is: HERE
Wed 2/13 Large amount of work…students will get Thurs as well….Ch 17 #2, 7-27 odd, 33-35, 39, 40, 43, 45, 46, 48, 50, 52, (One more Khan Video we “could’ve” watched: (HERE);
Thur 2/14 continued time to work…
Fri 2/15 Warm-up problem from the chapter rev (#13)…then answered hmwk questions…then 1st try at a quiz (answers handed out at the end).
Mon 2/18 No school (teacher inservice)
Tue 2/19 Dr. Hartman was ill 😦  Students took partner quiz and worked through math for dummies sheets
Wed 2/20 Snow day (again)
Thur 2/21 EPA warm-up problem; answers given for partner quiz; Indiv. quiz; time to start reading/taking notes on Chap 18 (confidence intervals)
Fri 2/22 Video: HERE; send Video: HERE (only watch  7:55-8:55); time to collect penny data; finish reading/taking notes on Ch  18
Mon 2/25 Late start (Blizzard on Saturday…still snow issues); Went over x bar confidence interval of our penny data in our limited time; notes check and ch 17 hmwk check on Tuesday. (Chap 17-18 test next Tuesday)
Tue 2/26 Hmwk check; notes check; looked at a google image search of “confidence interval pics”; recapped yesterday’s work; build p hat confidence interval for pennies. Time to work (we will have a hmwk check tomorrow); Chap 18 #1-15 odd, 22
Wed 2/27 Hmwk check; answered questions (very few); addressed sample size issue (what n is needed for M.E. of 3% in election poll); Rough draft of partner quiz….(big test on Tuesday); Add to Ch 18 #17, 19, 23, 27, 29, 31
Thur 2/28 Went over the partner quiz; went over questions; addressed a “z star” for 84% confidence interval
Fri 3/1 Indiv. quiz; short classes due to state bkb (out at 2:00); quizzes went home; also a huge review packet went home. Worked out solutions to the quiz are HERE: Click HERE
Mon 3/4 Study time for tomorrow’s exam
Tue 3/5 Big exam
Wed 3/6 Videos on the t-distribution in this order: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth  we are heading to chapter 22 next if you want to start reading!!!
Spr Break
Wed 3/13 t-table handed out; video (Pardi) inferences with t (HERE). Handout with t-distributions to look at; flow chart of when to use z vs t; went over some of the “wait” problems from the last chapter; tests back to look over
Thur 3/14 Pi Day!!! Weighed pie’s…at the end of class we constructed a C.I. for parameter of weight; spent time going over more “wait” problems; finish notes on Chap 22 tonight.
Fri 3/15 Time to work on the Big 12…Chap 22 #1, 3ab, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 21, 37, 41, 43. Notes/hmwk check on Mon; Quiz on Tues
Mon 3/18 Hmwk check and notes check; answered questions; time to work on packet…many different angles of C.I.; quiz tomorrow
Tue 3/19 Went over Last 2 problems of the packet; Quiz
Wed 3/20 Time to read (some seniors out for counselor mtgs). Math for dummies guides and chap 19 (start to take notes)
Thur 3/21 Went through a FULL hypothesis test to introduce the concept (used pie data); took the full period; read chap 19 and take notes.
Fri 3/22 Notes check; Pardi video (HERE); worked through #1 on hypothesis sheet (fire alarms)
Mon 3/25 Worked through #2, 3 off of sheet; Pardi Video (HERE); assigned #4, 5 off of sheet
Tue 3/26 Peers compared #4,5 off of the sheet; Ans key for students to look at; C.I. quizzes handed back—students graded their own; practice with writing hypotheses (ppt); time to start book work: Ch 19 #1-19 odd, 23, 31; Quiz likely thursday
Wed 3/27 Dr. H at district quiz bowl. work time on: Ch 19 #1-19 odd, 23, 31; Quiz likely thursday
Thur 3/28 Answered questions; quiz
Fri 3/29 Videos Here Here and then practice problem with video here test will be next Thursday
Mon 4/1 1. Grade own quizzes; 2. work through “Khan test (HERE) on chromebooks 3. work through hypothesis test review questions (HERE) on chromebooks..you do need to scroll down a bit to see each of the questions. 4. work through confidence interval test review questions (HERE) on chromebooks….again scoll down 5. More online practice questions…(HERE)…if you search you can find all kinds of things to student. (Don’t forget that we had some “wait” problems on that last review…and your text book has review problems) 6. STUDY for Thursday’s exam
Tue 4/2 No school due to 11th grade ACT test
Wed 4/3 Dr. Hartman is gone; you need to study and prepare for the Chap 19 and 22 exam (everything about CI and Hypoth Testing)
Thurs 4/4 BIG exam!!!
Fri 4/5 Down day…some will be out for the track meet; prom is tomorrow…study hall for those needing to take care of “other classes’ work” We are moving on to a 1/2 unit next week…there will then be a 1/2 test BEFORE we review/take the SCC final
Mon 4/8 A few needed to take the exam; Math for dummies sheet (type 1 and 2 errors); Ch 22 work #29, 31, 35 and Pg 659 work #9, 17, 23, 25, 39
Tue 4/9 Answered questions on hmwk; Type 1 and Type 2 errors; watched videos on Type 1 errors (HERE and HERE); read chap 20
Wed 4/10 Work on Ch 20 #1-19 odd, 23-29 odd
Thur 4/11 Quiz; peers compare quiz; Pardi video (HERE)
Fri 4/12 Finish yesterday’s video (6:00 mark); Video (HERE); end of the year info handed out; time to work on Ch 21 #18b, 30; Ch 23 #33, 34, 36; Ch 24 #7, 8, 28, 30
Mon 4/15 Time to work
Tue 4/16 Vide0 (HERE); time to work
Wed 4/17 Time to ask questions; good reference website (HERE)
Thur 4/18 Pep rally schedule; QUEST
Fri 4/19 Easter break
Mon 4/22 Easter break
Tue 4/23 Handed out formula sheet; handed out another copy of the ‘path up to now’; handed back old tests to look over
Wed 4/24 Review time; handed out a practice final and the grading info
Thur 4/25 Review time;
Fri 4/26 Review time; handed out the answers to the practice final and the grading info
Mon 4/29 Review time
Tue 4/30 Day 1 of the SCC final
Wed 5/1 Day 2 of the SCC final
Thur 5/2 Work on project
Fri 5/3 Work on project
Mon 5/6 Work on Project
Tue 5/7 Day 1 of Hidden Figures
Wed 5/8 Hartman gone (math meetings); last day to work on project
Thur 5/9 Project due; Day 2 of Hidden Figures
Fri 5/10 Day 3 of Hidden Figures
Mon 5/13 Seniors last day


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