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WHS Alg 1-2 (18-19)

The syllabus for Algebra 1-2 is HERE. Click the link!

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Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/15 Adjusted first day of school; only 10 minutes for class…enough time to say “Hello!”
Thur 8/16 Border problem! Complete the student inventory for homework.
Fri 8/17 Turned in the inventory; more with the Border problems…looking at perspectives!…Things about Dr. Hartman…pre-test will be Monday!
Mon 8/20 Pre-test in class (approx 48 problems…also with C / S / R); books checked out
Tue 8/21 Five 3’s warm-up problem; Board work partner work with the order of operations; Homework: Pg 101 #1-12
Wed 8/22 Hmwk check on the homework and let students compare answers; Addressed a few of the heavy hitters on the pre-test; speed dating activity for students to begin to clean up work on the pre-test. Homework: pg. 42 #47-50; pg. 10 #60-61; pg. 18 #57-58; and pg. 246 #36-41
Thur 8/23 Mad minute; finished ppt with order of operations; hmwk check; answered questions; more with the “heavy hitters” on the pre-test; continued the speed dating activity;
Fri 8/24 Started with “verbal phrase sheet”…made us think!!!; quick review of 1-step equations; time to start going through 2+ step equations; Hmwk: COVER your book!!!
Mon 8/27 Book cover check!; warm-up age problem; two warm up equation solving problems; spent more time with “left-right” sheet
Tue 8/28 Hmwk check on the back of the “left-right” equation sheet; Dr. H went over a few problems; Time for our warm-up…Pg 16 #30, 32, 34…to make us think!…Work time in the pod (this is homework!) Pg. 8 #9, 10, 13, 28, 29, 39, 40, 41 AND Pg. 16 #3-33 odd, 40-41
Wed 8/29 Hmwk check; answered questions on hmwk; board work from 1.3 (variables on both sides); tonight: look over your pre-test…post test is Friday!
Thur 8/30 4 warm-up equations; looked over the 1.3 reading the book; looked at “no solutions” vs. “infinitely many solutions” for various equations; time to work:  pg. 23 #3-17 odd, 25, 26    Post test is Friday!
Fri 8/31 Took the post-test
Mon 9/3 Labor day
Tue 9/4 Dr. H was ill 😦   Tasks for the day: 1. Do the find the error sheet (HERE); 2. Compare the pg 23 #3-17 odd, 25, 26  work from Thursday with a neighbor or two to make sure you are doing them ALL correctly; 3. Then do pg 23 #8-16 even, 19-24 all, 37, 41-44 all
Wed 9/5 Hexagon train activity; went over parts of homework from yesterday; quiz on Thursday over 1.1-1.3
Thur 9/6 Quiz 1.1-1.3; story problem sheet with 2 step equations (answers provided) for hmwk
Fri 9/7 Went over the equations sheet; looked over the post-test and quiz…addressing “issues”…moving on to absolute value on Monday.
Mon 9/10 Two age problems to begin; notes on solving abs. value equations (use first 6 minutes of THIS video to help)
Tue 9/11 4 warm-up problems to review abs. value questions, including one with no solution; Board work; puzzle worksheet practice
Wed 9/12 Dr. Hartman was gone for district pep rallies. Students worked on an absolute value worksheet.
Thur 9/13 Hmwk check on the puzzle and the abs value worksheet; began to work on literal equations. Take notes on section 1.5 tonight
Fri 9/14 More time with the literal equations sheet and more time with the application problems sheet. This weekend: start to prepare for Tuesday’s exam!
Mon 9/17 Reviewed for the test; test is tomorrow!
Tue 9/18 Test
Wed 9/19 2.1 inequality puzzle; 10 min to work on indiv worksheet to “prime the pump” (review) inequalities; discussed -4 > x; small groups compared the worksheet; tonight: Read and take notes over 2.1 and 2.2
Thur 9/20 Notes check; Tests back (but turned back in…test correction activity next week); went over worksheet from yesterday;
Fri 9/21 Inequality worksheet (homecoming…adjusted day)
Mon 9/24 Ans key for worksheet; exploration A; 2.2 puzzle
Tue 9/25 Exploration B; 2.3 puzzle
Wed 9/26 (Club day / early release); work on 2.2 #7-23 odd, 27-28 and 2.3 #3-17 odd, 27-28
Thur 9/27 Board work on solving inequalities (up to 2.4); tests back work on test corrections
Fri 9/28 work time on pg 77 #7-29 odd, 30-36 even, 41-43 all….MAPS test on Monday
Mon 10/1 MAPS testing; work on test corrections; quiz tomorrow covering 2.1-2.4
Tue 10/2 Quiz 2.1-2.4; then read/take notes on section 2.5; work on test corrections
Wed 10/3 Finished MAPS…started discussing 2.5
Thur 10/4 warm up with issues related to no sol / inf many solution on the quiz; lots of notes for compound inequalities (and examples); worksheet for homework
Fri 10/5 Puzzle answers sitting out to help with worksheet; looked at mathisfun.com (here) and a few of the quiz questions at the end; board work to end class
Mon 10/8 Warm up with more involved inequalities; time to work pg. 85 3-11 all, 13-21 odd, 22, 25-30 all; test on Thursday
Tue 10/9 Answered questions on the hmwk; time to work through “story problems” w/ inequalities; finish 5 problems tonight; test is Thursday
Wed 10/10 Finished the story probs….moved on to a review sheet; test is tomorrow
Thur 10/11 (Hartman gone; math meetings) Chapter 2 test
Fri 10/12 coordinate plane activity; finish up any work (including test corrections) so you don’t have hmwk during break!
Fall Break
Wed 10/17 Estimation 180 activities
Thur 10/18 Talked about MAPS results from Dr. H perspective; more with Est. 180; Tests back…work on test corrections
Fri 10/19 Started notes on relations and functions
Mon 10/22 More notes on relations and functions
Tue 10/23 Moving Motion Activity
Wed 10/24 108 #1-22 all, 28, 29, 35-38
Thur 10/25 More with Moving motion; hmwk moving motion sheet
Fri 10/26 Compared hmwk; Dr. H addressed many things from the hallway activity; went over the hmwk; time to work on puzzle/worksheet
Mon 10/29 We did “7” graphing stories activities in class
Tue 10/30 Started w/ 5 tables…which are linear and which aren’t? Lots of notes on linear vs. nonlinear (e.g., basic facts, graphs, equations, tables) READ and take notes on 3.1 and 3.2 tonight!!!
Wed 10/31 3.2 puzzle and worksheet problems (club day / early release)
Thur 11/1 No class this day
Fri 11/2 Chuck Norris story problem worksheet
Mon 11/5 Turned in the Chuck Norris sheet; partner activity matching graphs with stories; time to work in class Pg 117 #5-33 odd; homework Pg 117 #6-34 even. Quiz is tomorrow!
Tue 11/6 Quiz
Wed 11/7 Notes on 3.3….f(x) notation and graphing lines using a table (HOF numbers -2, -1, 0, 1, 2) AND a few minutes to finish the quiz. Tonight do 3.3 pg. 125 #3-15 odd, 21-27 odd, 34
Thur 11/8 Short class (VB) Work/Ans posted round room…Board work
Fri 11/9 Test corrections should be turned in; Major quiz revision activity (Dr. H was not pleased with quizzes…);
Mon 11/12 Warm-up related to graphing from last Wed/Thurs; notes on section 3.4; Examples from 3.4; Do pg. 133 #3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 25, 26; Finish quiz corrections; finish test corrections; next test is this Friday or Next Monday
Tue 11/13 Hmwk check; peers compared hmwk; answered hmwk questions; ppt with FFA question; addressed application problems for Ax+By=C; back side of worksheet for homework
Wed 11/14 Club day / early release….time to work on pg. 133 #4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 18, 20, 23, (25, 26), 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and make sure the back side of yesterday’s worksheet is done!. Test is Friday or Monday!
Thur 11/15 Went over hmkw; went over back side of Tue worksheet; start to review. Test is Monday
Fri 11/16 Big test on Monday! 1. Reread carefully each section in the book (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4) 2. Reread all of your notes for this chapter. 3. Read the review found on pp. 164-165. 4. Work through practice review problems pg. 164 #1-17 and pg. 169 #1-8. 5. Finish the quiz corrections (why are these not in yet??) 6. Finish old test corrections!!!
Mon 11/19 Chapter 3.1-3.4 test
Tue 11/20 Turkey cards
Wed 11/21 Thanksgiving break
Mon 11/26 Late start due to storm; started Stacking cups activity in teams of 3…
Tue 11/27 HUGE…HUGE discussion tying so much together from the stacking cups activity. Hmwk: compare and contrast 5 cup situation
Wed 11/28 official intro of y=mx+b…showing rate of change / slope / rise over run / “m”….(as the move and “mouth” part)….and the y-intercept “b” as the “beginning” amount. Finished with the 5 cup situation Homework: read 3.5 and take notes and DO the worksheet!!!
Thur 11/29 Went over hmwk; went over “5 cup scenario” (using graphing calc); watched GRAPH (HERE); Looked at a second cup case…to determine y=mx+b; assigned pg 141 #5-8, 13-20, 23-24, graph 25-30   Work on test corrections
Fri 11/30 Compared hmwk; added 40, 41, and 9-12; started the quiz. Test corrections
Mon 12/3 Late start (snow) so shorter classes; Speed dating activity for the quiz (finish the quiz tonight). work on test corrections!
Tue 12/4 Graded quiz together; notes over finding the slope (slope formula)
Wed 12/5 Slope worksheet
Thur 12/6 Began final set of notes for the semester…the big notes….writing linear equations in the form y = mx + b….Perspective 1: given the m and b; Perspective 2: given a graph; Perspective 3: given a table; Perspective 4: give two “nice” points…one of the points is the y-intercept in coordinate form!. Read 4.1 and do pg 179 #3-21, 25-28, 38-45
Fri 12/7 Big warm-up w/ yesterday’s 4 types of problems; Asked for questions on the homework . Moved on to notes for Perspective 5: given a point and the slope; and Perspective 6: given two points…non nice points!!!. Read 4.2 (use either point slope form or slope intercept form or BOTH!!!). Do pg. 185 (use y=mx+b or point-slope form or BOTH!!!…whichever you prefer) 4-21, 27-30
Mon 12/10 Perspective 7: Story problems!!! Practice problems in class and a worksheet for homework
Tue 12/11 Final perspective…8…looking at parallel and perpendicular lines (parallel have the same slope but a different y-intercept and perpendicular have “opposite reciprocal” slopes). We looked at section 4.3 in class. Homework: Read 4.3 again and do pg. 191 #5, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 23 and try 11, 21. Test is on Thursday
Wed 12/12 Answered questions on hmwk; reviewed at the boards…BIG test is tomorrow!!!
Thur 12/13 Big test
Fri 12/14 Collaboration on test corrections
Mon 12/18 Review handed out
Tue 12/19 Worked out solutions to review handed out; time to review
Wed 12/20 Finals
Semester 2!!!!


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/7 Start of Semester 2; worked at the boards (black/green rotation) going through review problems from Sem 1 (taken from Dr. Hartman’s College Algebra Final given in December to NWU students!)
Tue 1/8 Students individually worked on the NWU final problems; perspective sheet; “talk” to start to semester (success and opportunity)
Wed 1/9 Went over 7-12 from NWU final; Warm-up: Review of graphing lines (8 equations to graph). Then Game one (HERE) and Game two (HERE) on the Chromebooks
Thur 1/10 Went over game 2 from yesterday; went over the next page of the NWU final; notesheet/worksheet… points/tables/graphs/equations…did 2 problems on the front side
Fri 1/11 Warm up (10, 6) and (3, 9)…went over last couple of problems from NWU final; talked about shortcut versions of “these” problems (finding m and b easier) vs taking the “long way” (we need to be proficient in taking the “long way”
Mon 1/14 Video (Click HERE ); talked about the Khan Academy in general (great resource!!!); Looked at smoking problem (sheet) used Khan to go with it ( HERE) and then found actual equation together; Moved back to our “main sheet” from yesterday and did a line of best fit problem (plot points, est. line of best fit, pick 2 points on the line, find the “m” and then find the “b”….now you can predict with the line of best fit.
Tue 1/15 Warm up (full correlation problem…est. line of best fit, find 2 points, find slope, find m)….start working on correlation packet
Wed 1/16 Club day / early release….finish working on the correlation packet
Thur 1/17 Turned in correlation packet; “quiz” in class consisting of pg. 199 #3-12 all, and 14, 16 [but the directions for 14 and 16 are: a) plot points, b) draw line of best fit, c) find 2 points, d) find slope, e) find y-intercept, f) write the equation]
Fri 1/18 Snow day
Mon 1/21 Used graphing calculators to find scatterplots and lines of best fit
Tue 1/22 Snow day
Wed 1/23 Snow day
Thur 1/24 MAPs testing for 9th graders (half of our time was interrupted by the downed internet in the building)
Fri 1/25 More MAPs testing for 9th graders
Mon 1/28 Quiz for scatterplots, line of best fit, and graphing lines; some finished MAP testing
Tue 1/29 Watched “graph” (math video); addressed fine details of a system of equations (read 5.1); looked at 3 lies and a truth (front side only); time to work: pg. 239 #3, 5, 9, 11-18 all, 21, 22, and the challenge: #28;  BIG test on Friday!
Wed 1/30 Super cold day (no school for students; teachers did work)
Thur 1/31 Warm up…going over the basics of systems of equations (solving via graphing); work handed back; review together…test is tomorrow!
Fri 2/1 Test
Mon 2/4 ( a few finished the test); used “ugly” graphing problem to set the stage for using the “substitution method” to solve a system. Notes and examples in class; tonight Read and take notes on 5.2 and do pg. 245 #3-11 odd
Tue 2/5 Hmwk check; answered questions; worked on the next problem on yesterday’s worksheet; board work (working on systems…solving by substitution)
Wed 2/6 Early release / club day / Dr. H gone….work on a worksheet!
Thur 2/7 Went over the worksheet, esp. the no sol and inf. many sol. type; A second worksheet; once students made some progress, a bank of answers (and a puzzle for the answers) was provided
Fri 2/8 Questions on hmwk; Notes and examples on the elimination method; tests back; work on test corrections
Mon 2/11 Answered questions; “puzzle” sheet (once students made some progress, a bank of answers (and a puzzle for the answers) was provided)
Tue 2/12 Hmwk check; Answered questions; moved into application problems. Finish back side of sheet for homework
Wed 2/13 Hmwk check; quiz
Thur 2/14 Time to work on quiz; “partner rotation” collaboration on the quiz
Fri 2/15 Warm up with solving 1-variable inequalities; notes on graphing 2-variable inequalities (1. graph equal to case; 2. decide if dashed or solid line; 3. use a point to help test where to shade); Examples in class. “Puzzle” worksheet in class; Assigned 9 problems on a worksheet
Mon 2/18 No school (Teacher inservice)
Tue 2/19 Dr. Hartman was ill 😦  Students had time to work: Pg. 271 #3-13 odd, 19, 21, 25, 26, 31, 32 and B. Pg. 271 #33, 34 (just write the inequalities) and C. Pg. 271 #35-38
Wed 2/20 Snow day (again)
Thur 2/21 Students collaborated going over the 9 problem worksheet from Friday; graded in class; answered questions on Tuesday’s book work; used the “smoothie” challenge problem to set the stage for 5.7. Tonight; read and take notes on 5.7
Fri 2/22 Notes check; finished going over the smoothie problem; graphed the system y>x-8 and y<5-x and used Khan’s video to go over it (HERE); time to work on worksheet covering 5.7
Mon 2/25 Late start … shortened classes (blizzard on Saturday…still snow issues this morning). Went over the 5.7 sheet. Talked about the test tomorrow. Prepare for the exam! All of chap 5
Tue 2/26 Systems test
Wed 2/27 Exploration activity with properties of exponents; tonight…finish the 6th one (gray sheet) and do the front back of the salmon sheet
Thur 2/28 Went over the exploration activity; 6.1 puzzle assigned
Fri 3/1 Shorter classes due to state bkb…speed dating activity; finish the activity this weekend.
Mon 3/4 Went over the speed dating activity; Indiv time to work on book problems: 6.1 pg. 296 #5-32 all, 35-44 all, and try 47-50 and 51-54
Tue 3/5 Went over hmwk; went over more of the speed dating problems; QUIZ; following the quiz, spend time on your phone looking up / reviewing “scientific notation” and then work on test corrections
Wed 3/6 Went over “sci. notation” (sheet 1 with basics) and then looked at the challenge sci not. problems (sheet 2)
Spr Bk
Wed 3/13 Warm-up with basic sci. not; went over more of the challenge problems; new review of exponents…worked through the middle column; started to discuss the next section (nth roots); quiz handed back: hmwk FIX the missed problems to get full credit back.
Thur 3/14 Looked at a big dog question off of the “review” from yesterday; then reviewed the basics of “roots”; then took notes on nth roots and rational exponents (remember: a^(m/n) is just a^(power/root)…I suggest you rewrite and then work the root before the power)
Fri 3/15 Dr. H is at quiz bowl; Round 1: Do pg 303 #1-34 all (and without a calculator); then for those in class do Round 2: Worksheet w/ answers. Hmwk check on Mon; Quiz corr due by Wedn; Test corr due by Thurs
Mon 3/18 Board work; Quiz corr due by Wedn; Test corr due by Thurs
Tue 3/19 Warm-up (sheet with exponents; rational exponents; roots to simplify); Rumor problem; Rice problem; Video (HERE); Finish corrections
Wed 3/20 Went over the rice problem; worked on the Rumor problem #2; Hmwk: Take Notes on Section 6.3!!!
Thur 3/21 Paper folding; Paper folding video; connections back to rice, rumors, paper folding, march madness,…; Notes….basics of exp. growth and decay
Fri 3/22 Work day (some were productive…others not); Pg 310 #5-24 all, 25-33 odd, 41, 42, *47-50 all
Mon 3/25 Notes/examples with exponential growth and decay APPLICATIONS; tonight: do #6, 7, 8
Tue 3/26 Talked about financial problems (compound interest HERE) more with growth and decay
Wed 3/27 Book problems
Thur 3/28 More with compound interest; addressed “doubling and tripling” and “half-life”; talked about Domain and Range; worked through 9-10-11 off the worksheet
Fri 3/29 Review sheet for Monday’s test
Mon 4/1 Test
Tue 4/2 Juniors took ACT (no school)
Wed 4/3 Dr. Hartman was gone (daughter award at UNL); students worked through taking notes and practicing problems on 7.1 (classifying polynomials and adding/subtracting polynomials)
Thur 4/4 Notes and info on 7.2 (multiplying polynomials…several different perspectives)
Fri 4/5 1. Do pg. 369 #4, 6, 10, 14, 16, 19, 20, 22, 28, 30, 31, 32, 35, 38, 40 and 2. Do pg. 362 #5-19 odd, 23, 25, 31, 33
MON 4/8 Warmup w/ multiplying polynomials and pg. 370 #50; Then polynomial “formative check” sheet…review classification of polynomials; Worksheet tonight w/out puzzle part…QUIZ TOMORROW
Tue 4/9 Puzzle part of worksheet handed out to check; QUIZ; work on test corrections
Wed 4/10 Went over last problem on the quiz; Notes on 7.3 (diff of two squares and perfect sq. trinomial); 15 min to start 7.3 pg. 375 #3-7, 15-19, 31-32, 39-42, 48-51
Thur 4/11 Spent time with the special products from 7.3; using a “1/2” sheet…then tried to extend it to the “shortcut (microwave method)” for many of the basic binomial multiplications; Showed websites to help with classifying, adding, subtracting, and multiplying (HERE and HERE and HERE) Showed website to help with special products (HERE)
Fri 4/12 Address factoring out the GCF; looked at the 7.3 assignment #48-51 from two days ago; worksheet with factoring (level 1)…front side only
Mon 4/15 more with Level 1 of factoring (factoring OUT the GCF); Help video is HERE; partners compared the front side of sheet; then worked on back of the Level 1 sheet.
Tue 4/16 “X” puzzle problems; looked at level 2 factoring (double set of parentheses but with a=1); front side of level 2 sheet for homework; quizzes handed back…fix!!! Also work on test corrections
Wed 4/17 Compared level 2 side 1; groups (based on playing cards) worked on level 2 side 2 in pod; back in class we looked at level 3. Hmwk: Level 3 #4-9 and Level 2 #37-45
Thur 4/18 Level 4 to start class; asked for questions on the L3&L2 hwmk; students organized levels 1-4…looking back. This weekend Level 2 #37-48 (only adding 3 new ones) and level 3 #4-15
Fri 4/19 Easter break
Mon 4/22 Easter break
Tue 4/23 Watched video (HERE) to review factoring; partners compared all assigned problems for levels 1-4; assigned Level 2 #49-63 and Level 3 #16-30
Wed 4/24 level 5; more with level 2 and level 3
Thur 4/25 Quiz
Fri 4/26 Review sheet with old 7.1-7.3 problems on it
Mon 4/29 Quizzes handed back; rotation activity to work on fixing the errors; FINISH UP ALL LEVEL 1 – LEVEL 5; big test on Wednesday
Tue 4/30 Review
Wed 5/1 Chap 7 test
Thur 5/2 MAPs testing
Fri 5/3 MAPs testing
Mon 5/6 Exploration on graphing calcs with quadratics
Tue 5/7 Addressed exploration; looked at the “h”
Wed 5/8 Hartman gone (math meetings); puzzles and worksheets to work on
Thur 5/9 Official chap 8 notes
Fri 5/10 Pentomino puzzle activity
Mon 5/13 Small groups collaborated on 8.1-8.4 quiz


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