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WHS Alg 1-2 (17-18)

The syllabus for Algebra 1-2 is HERE. Click HERE!

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Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/16 Border problem (10×10 and nxn) to kick off the year; Fill out the student inventory for homework
Thurs 8/17 More with the border problem; Perspective discussion; things about Dr. Hartman
Fri 8/18 Mike the Vike “photo album” warm-up. Pre-test. Bring 2-3 paper sacks for Monday!!
Mon 8/21 Went over the “Mike the Vike” problem; Discussed the syllabus; watched a fun eclipse video; Most didn’t bring sacks…bring for tomorrow!!!
Tue 8/22 Five 3’s warm-up problem; Covered our books 😦 yikes!!!; Board work partner work with the order of operations; Homework: Pg 101 #1-12
Wed 8/23 More board work with the order of operations right away; Compared pg. 101 #1-12 (and homework check); Discussed the pre-test correction process. Handed back pre-tests
Thur 8/24 “Mad minute” timed test warm up. Talked about various strategies to work those problems; District essential activity #1; spent time with the Four 4 challenge. Homework: pg. 42 #47-50; pg. 10 #60-61; pg. 18 #57-58; and pg. 246 #38-41
Fri 8/25 Compare homework; homework check; addressed pg 246 #39; mini-white board work! Homework: continue working on pre-test corrections
Mon 8/28 More with Four-4’s challenge (showed the answer sheet of Dr. H’s collection!); Discussed the week; More mini-white board work; Post test is tomorrow!
Tue 8/29 Turned in pre-test and pre-test corrections; Partners discussed differences between equations / inequalities / expressions; Post-test. Homework: worksheet (with eq / inequal / exp) and READ and take notes in section 1.1
Wed 8/30 Age problem warm-up (#1); addressed being “optimistic” vs “realistic”….I am optimistic but facts are facts….MORE need to be taking notes…MORE need to be intentional with taking notes. Addressed a strategy to take notes. (Shortened class). Tonight: revisit taking 1.1 notes and finish the worksheet
Thur 8/31 Compare notes…notes/worksheet check; Posted answers from worksheet around the room; Discussed basics of solving 1-step equations; used a word problem worksheet to set the stage. Hmwk: finish worksheet
Fri 9/1 Answer keys for the worksheet were on desks; Dr. H talked about a few of the problems; Addressed (more officially 1-step and 2-step equations); card sort/thinking/matching activity; Esp. addressed problems like 3-x=10; Board work with partners. NO hmwk for the long weekend
Mon 9/4  Labor Day
Tue 9/5 Al’s and Karen’s age problems; looked at using your calc; 1-4 off of “partner Left-Right” sheets; Time to work: pg. 8 #9, 10, 28, 29, 39, 40, 41 and pg. 16 #3-33 odd
Wed 9/6 Warm up use “partner Left-Right” sheets (5-7 and 12-14); hmwk check; students posted work from 3-33 odd on boards; discussion; Addressed #38 from book (Mike Smith Video HERE); hmwk: do pg. 16 #30, 32, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 51, 53
Thur 9/7 Warm up with variables on both sides; Compare hmwk; hmwk check; Addressed Brendan’s way to solve; Official notes on 1.3; Three parts to hmwk: A. Read 1.2 and take any needed notes; B. Read 1.3 and add to our notes; C. Do pg. 23 #3-17 odd
Fri 9/8 Hexagon trains to start; partner “add a line” to finish; no hmwk
Mon 9/11 Hmwk check on notes and bookwork; looked at the notes on page 21 that few wrote down…no solution and inf. many solutions notes; practice problems; Hmwk: Pg. 23 #19-25 odd, 26, 35-37; Big Quiz Wednesday
Tue 9/12 Hmwk check; went over #37; Went through the fix the error worksheet; Introduction to solving absolute value equations…even looked at a Khan video! (HERE); Tonight: Take notes on 1.4 and prepare for the 1.1-1.3 quiz
Wed 9/13 1.1-1.3 Quiz; Work on 1.4 #3-23 odd, 49 and 50
Thur 9/14 Looked at Mathisfun.com abs. value (HERE) and the questions that you can find at the bottom…another resource!!!…Examined when abs value equals a neg. number (no solution) as well as a few “big dogs” where you have to isolate the abs. value before splitting into 2 equations. Add to the hmwk: 1.4 #12-20 even, 24, 31, 33. Test is Tuesday
Fri 9/15 Students posted solutions; Dr. Hartman “graded” the class; students then “fixed” solutions; Dr. Hartman “re-graded” the class…and went over the errors. Worksheet to help learn about 1.5. Read 1.5 and make sense of solving literal equations. BIG test on Tuesday
Mon 9/18 Quizzes back; went over the quiz; Handed out the green practice test. Time to work on the practice test and get help. Students CAN use the practice test on tomorrow’s test. (Students will turn in the practice test as well). Study!!!
Tue 9/19 Chapter 1 exam.
Wed 9/20 2.1 inequality puzzle; 10 min to work on indiv worksheet to “prime the pump” (review) inequalities; discussed -4 > x; small groups compared the worksheet; tonight: Read and take notes over 2.1 and 2.2
Thur 9/21 Notes check for 2.1 and 2.2; went over the worksheet from yesterday; Notes (exploration) for 2.2; puzzle sheet for 2.2; no new hmwk tonight
Fri 9/22 Dr. Hartman is out working on homecoming items; students are working: 2.1 pg. 58 #5-12, 15-23 odd (be sure to who work); 27, 28, 30-36 even, 41-45 all AND 2.2  pg. 65 #7-19 odd (be sure to show work and graph on number lines); 21-24, 27, 28 AND read and take notes for 2.3
Mon 9/25 Notes check / hmwk check; asked for questions on the homework; Exploration for 2.3 (reverse inequality when mult or divide by a negative); tests back and went over the test correction document; start to correct tests tonight!
Tue 9/26 Addressed the test correction process again; talked about plans for club day tomorrow; Board work (2.1-2.3); 2.3 puzzle with a partner
Wed 9/27 Shortened classes due to club day; work on 2.3 pg. 71 #3-20 all, 27, 28, *30. Keep working on test corrections
Thur 9/28 Answer key sitting out for hmwk; Fix the error problems (indiv. and groups of 3); partner coach problems; time to work on corrections at the end of class
Fri 9/29 (forgot to click “submit” to update this last Friday!!!); Spent time at the boards working on 2.4 problems; then time at seats working on the 2.4 puzzle; finish the puzzle over the weekend (showing work) and continue to work on test corrections
Mon 10/2 Worksheet check; added to notes a 2.4 example for both no solution and infinitely many solutions; time to work: 2.4 pg. 77 #3-29 odd, 30-32, *34, *36; Quiz tomorrow!
Tue 10/3 Questions on hmwk; quiz 2.1-2.4; challenge problems…work on test corrections
Wed 10/4 Official notes and examples on 2.5
Thur 10/5 Really tough day on us…worked on a bit of puzzle for 2.5 …donald duck video
Fri 10/6 Quiz Back; check out math is fun.com HERE; board work practice with 2.5
Mon 10/9 Warm-up problem with a no sol / infinitely many solution problems for compound inequalities; time to work: pg. 85 #3-11 all, 13-21 odd, 22, 25-30 all; finish test corrections soon. Chap 2 test on Thursday
Tue 10/10 Students posted homework work and solutions around the room; we went over them; Time to work on the practice test; Test is Thursday
Wed 10/11 Students rotated in small groups going over the practice test today…big test tomorrow!
Thur 10/12 Test
Fri 10/13 Coordinate plane “Pumpkin” problem…then finish up test corrections…then get anything else done so that you can enjoy your fall break!
Fall Break M-T
Wed 10/18 With chromebooks: Do Estimation180.com (Click HERE); Fill out the sheet as you go along.
Thur 10/19 Wrapped up the estimation 180 work…talked about “percent of error” to gauge how close we came to a GOOD estimate. Began to move into the very important territory of 3.1…relations and functions. Used the “Hat” example to start as well as a few easy relationships…then moved into the special notesheet.
Fri 10/20 More with the notesheet! Talked about functions!!! Also the vertical line test. Several examples of things that are and are not functions. No hmwk
Mon 10/23 Pre-test with graphs; More with the sheet from Friday. Moved on to “f(x)” notation for function. Practice sheet for homework
Tue 10/24 Day 1 of moving motion
Wed 10/25 Early out; clubs meet; short class…time to work: 3.1 pg 108 #1-22 all, *28, *29, *35-38
Thur 10/26 Day 2 of moving motion; take notes on section 3.1; do moving motion hmwk
Fri 10/27 Many gone; talked a bit about the motion activity; Finish book work, yesterday’s work, and the worksheet from last night……this weekend!
Mon 10/30 Went over the pg 108 book problems (hmwk check too); work check on the hallway motion problems…discussed them; made lots of connections…hmwk check on the worksheet and discussed the letters of the alphabet…tonight FINISH #1 and #3 on the worksheet…will turn in tomorrow.
Tue 10/31 Turned in the worksheet; We did “7” graphing stories activities in class
Wed 11/1 No class (freshmen retreat)
Thur 11/2 Started w/ 5 tables…which are linear and which aren’t? Lots of notes on linear vs. nonlinear (e.g., basic facts, graphs, equations, tables) READ and take notes on 3.1 and 3.2 tonight!!!
Fri 11/3 Challenge activity in the pod determining the y=mx+b equation for a given table…then a “story” packet given out…complete for hmwk
Mon 11/6 No school (teacher inservice)
Tue 11/7 Puzzles 3.1-3.2 and time for students to work (section 3.2 #1-34) while Dr. H walked around looking at the story packets
Wed 11/8 Started quiz
Thur 11/9 Notes on 3.3….f(x) notation and graphing lines using a table (HOF numbers -2, -1, 0, 1, 2) AND a few minutes to finish the quiz. Tonight do 3.3 pg. 125 #3-15 odd, 21-27 odd, 34
Fri 11/10 Work/Ans posted round room…Warm up problem (graph f(x) = -3x+1); began notes for 3.4; Quiz Grading activity….hmwk: those working on test corrections…NEED to do them…and all need to read and take notes over the book’s perspectives of 3.3 and 3.4
Mon 11/13 Notes check (too many didn’t have it done); Those ready (and prepared) turned in the “self graded quiz”; Quick review of Friday; moved on to more notes (3.4)…looked at horizontal lines; vertical lines. and lines in standard form (using the intercepts to graph the lines); Do pg. 133 #3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 25, 26
Tue 11/14 FFA (ax+by=c) problem to start and then 2 more standard form “application” problems in class…tonight do pg. 133 #24
Wed 11/15 Club day / early release day….work time for those in class (those out of class still need to do this!) Pg. 133 #4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 18, 20, 23, 25-26 (if you didn’t do these already), and 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (Big BIG test next Monday)
Thur 11/16 Full day at the boards…reviewing
Fri 11/17 Indiv. review time…esp. focus on pg 164 #1-7 and pg. 169 #1-8
Mon 11/20 (Dr. H is gone); Big 3.1-3.4 test!
Tue 11/21 (Dr. H is gone); TURKEY CARDS!!! Turkey puzzle
Thanksgiving Break!!!
Mon 11/27 Stacking cups activity with a partner (hmwk is to finish it!)
Tue 11/28 Hmwk check from yesterday/last night (did you finish??); HUGE…HUGE discussion tying so much together from the stacking cups activity. Hmwk: compare and contrast 5 cup situation
Wed 11/29 official intro of y=mx+b…showing rate of change / slope / rise over run / “m”….(as the move and “mouth” part)….and the y-intercept “b” as the “beginning” amount. Homework: read 3.5 and take notes and DO the worksheet!!!
Thur 11/30 Went over the homework; Video “GRAPH” (click HERE); Practiced graphing y=mx+b!!! Study sheet handed out for section 3.5  y = mx + b
Fri 12/1 Hartman gone…quiz bowl….BIG assignment…USE time wisely!!! FIRST do pg 141 #5-8, 13-20, 23-24, THEN graph 25-30; THEN do 40-41, 9-12, 37-39, and 45
Mon 12/4 Asked for questions/clarification for the book work; QUIZ
Tue 12/5 Formal notes on slope (including y-y over x-x); Time for a “speed dating” partner rotation to “clean” up the quiz!; Homework: 15 worksheet problems to find the slope given 2 points.
Wed 12/6 early out / club day…answers to the 15 worksheet problems; answers to the quiz (students graded their own); time to work on the Hexagon train problem
Thur 12/7 Went over the hexagon train problem (showed why there is a “+2” on the equation….the engine and caboose!); Began final set of notes for the semester…the big notes….writing linear equations in the form y = mx + b….Perspective 1: given the m and b; Perspective 2: given a graph; Perspective 3: given a table; Perspective 4: give two “nice” points…one of the points is the y-intercept in coordinate form!. Read 4.1 and do pg 179 #3-21, 25-28, 38-45 (do odds if you want to do the basics and do ALL if you want to really prepare for success)
Fri 12/8 Big warm up to review yesterday’s 1-4 perspectives. Asked for questions on the homework (there was none). Moved on to notes for Perspective 5: given a point and the slope; and Perspective 6: given two points…non nice points!!!. Read 4.2 (use either point slope form or slope intercept form). Do pg. 185 (use y=mx+b or point-slope form…whichever you prefer) 4-21, 27-30 (do odds if you want to do the basics and do ALL if you want to really prepare for success)
Mon 12/11 Perspective 7: Story problems!!! Practice problems in class and a worksheet for homework
Tue 12/12 Final perspective…8…looking at parallel and perpendicular lines (parallel have the same slope but a different y-intercept and perpendicular have “opposite reciprocal” slopes). We looked at section 4.3 in class. Homework: Read 4.3 again and do pg. 191 #5, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 23 and try 11, 21.
Wed 12/13 Review activities for the big test, First ans key for Monday’s story problems; asked for questions on Tue’s book problems; ), Then did the partner coaching piece; Students should study and organize notes and reexamine the book 4.1-4.3; Also take a look at the following review problems: Pg. 165 #12, 13 and Pg. 166 #18-23 and Pg. 226 #1-9 (only y=mx+b). BIG test tomorrow!
Thur 12/14 Test
Fri 12/15 District essential activity; Find your Grind / Mike Smith video; tests back…work on corrections!
Mon 12/18
Tue 12/19
20  To


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Thur 1/4 At the boards…working through problems from the S1 final exam!
Fri 1/5 ACT problems at seat / then more at the boards!
Mon 1/8 Answer key out for ACT questions from Friday; Warm-up: Review of graphing lines (8 equations to graph). Then Game one (HERE) and Game two (HERE) on the Chromebooks
Tue 1/9 Warm-up; Dr. H put up the games from yesterday on the big screen and students talked through answers. Notes on finding the linear equation (y=mx+b) between two points (used multiple perspectives…graphs, tables, coordinates….) Homework: FRONT side of the worksheet!
Wed 1/10 Warm up (find equation passing through (10,6) and (3,9)); Videos (Click HERE and HERE) with a sheet for the second one; TWO more problems added to our notesheet; hmwk is to do the BACK side of yesterday’s sheet!
Thur 1/11 Snow day
Fri 1/12 hmwk check; students compared the front and back of the homework sheet; Twizzler lab!!! Finish the lab this weekend
Mon 1/15 Peers looked over twizzler work (hmwk check); turned in the twizzler work; Dr. H’s answers for last week worksheet handed out; Peers could move around to form own collaborative groups…work on packet #1-12 in class; Big Quiz on Thursday!
Tue 1/16 Went over several items related to #1-12; then time to work on the rest.
Wed 1/17 Club day; early release; Time to work out of the book: pg. 199 #3, 5, 7, 9-12, 14 and 16 (for 14 and 16; plot the points and find the equation of best fit).
Thur 1/18 Warm up (find equations of lines parallel/perp to given line and point); big quiz over line of best fit and equations of lines
Fri 1/19 Intro to lines of best fit on graphing calculators
Mon 1/22 Snow day 1
Tue 1/23 Snow day 2
Wed 1/24 UNL cost activity with graphing calculators
Thur 1/25 Graphing warm-up; “Graph” video (HERE); Placement sheets for next year; Notes for systems of equations; sheet with 3 lies and 1 truth; looked at graphing method to solve a system; Worksheet for homework
Fri 1/26 Another problem from the “3 lies and 1 truth”; hmwk check; answered questions; quizzes back; time to work out of the text: pg. 239 #3, 5, 9, 11-18 all, 21, 22, and the challenge: #28;  BIG test next Tuesday!
Mon 1/29 Warm-up sheet; Answered questions on the homework; Assigned the review: A. Pg. 229 #3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (use y=mx+b), 8 (use y=mx+b), 10 (also use the equation to predict the attendance for $10,000 spend on ads. B. Pg. 233 #1, 2, 3, 4 C. Pg. 260 #1, 2, 13 D. Pg. 282 #1, 2, 3 E. Pg. 285 (Solve by graphing) #3, 5, 15. THERE IS A VIDEO THAT GOES OVER ALL OF THESE click HERE.
Tue 1/30 Test
Wed 1/31 Warm up (ugly problem to graph…set the stage for substitution); notesheet/practice sheet in class: Solving systems of linear equations using the substitution method; Read 5.2, take notes, do pg. 245 #3, 5, 7, 9, 11…show your work…check your answers in the back of the book
Thur 2/1 Homework check; Board work practice with substitution; notes on what happens with substitution and “no solution / infinitely many solutions” cases
Fri 2/2 Dr. Hartman was gone with the quiz bowl team; students worked on a worksheet (HERE); the worked out solutions for the first part were on the back board; Finish it this weekend!
Mon 2/5 Notes and information on the elimination method for solving a system; read 5.3, take notes and do 5-13 odd
Tue 2/6 Homework/notes check; Board work practice with 5.3 (elimination); chap tests handed back…work on test corrections!
Wed 2/7 Worksheet (w/ puzzle answers) for 5.3 (elimination)
Thur 2/8 Watched a cool video 🙂  (HERE); looked at application problems (worksheet); study for your quiz tomorrow
Fri 2/9 Quiz….work on test corrections
Mon 2/12 Partner coached another partner on last Friday’s quiz
Tue 2/13 1. Indiv students worked on application problems; 2. Small groups worked on the application problems; 3. Finish tonight!
Wed 2/14 Addressed the application problems; began to discussion linear inequalities (step 1: graph = to case; step 2: decide of dashed or solid; step 3: use a points (i.e., 0,0) to decide where to shade.) Hmwk: 9 graphing problems on the worksheet
Thur 2/15 Students compared worksheet and fixed answers until they were right; Turned in the worksheet and the apps worksheet (w/ fertilizer problem); Time to work on A: Pg. 271 #3-13 odd, 19, 21, 25, 26, 31, 32 and B. Pg. 271 #33, 34 (just write the inequalities) and C. Pg. 271 #35-38
Fri 2/16 Problem solving with systems of linear inequalities. Finish up test corrections if you need to do them! Read and take notes on 5.7
Mon 2/19 Notes check 5.7; warm up problems with inequalities (matched a Khan video HERE) Set up pg. 279 #30, time to work: pg. 278 #3-9 odd, 11, 13, 19, 27, 28…and then challenge 21-26
Tue 2/20 Dr. H gone (ACT work); Two puzzles to complete and turn in and One worksheet to complete.
Wed 2/21 Answered questions on the worksheet (#13); gave M/C practice problems to study for the exam.
Thur 2/22 Chap 5b test
Fri 2/23 Dr. H gone (dance comp); Discovery activity to learn about the properties of exponents.
Mon 2/26 Went over the properties of exponents; students worked on the puzzle from 6.1; Hmwk: spend 10 minutes on the speed dating sheet
Tue 2/27 Partners rotated…working on the speed dating sheet with exponents. Finish it tonight!
Wed 2/28 Mini-board work related to exponents
Thurs 3/1 Big dog challenge problem with exponents; Indiv time to work on book problems: 6.1 pg. 296 #5-32 all, 35-44 all, and try 47-50 and 51-54
Fri 3/2 Quiz; time to work on test corrections or time to work on practice ACT problems
Mon 3/5 Warm-up with scientific notation; rotation with “new” quiz (recycled them when we were done); Matching activity with sci notation. Handed quizzes back…students can earn points back if they fix their errors
Tue 3/6 Sci. notation extension activities.
Wed 3/7 Club day; shortened classes due to switch rally…time for students to work on test corrections; quiz corrections; missing work; practice ACT problems…
Thur 3/8 Spring break for all.
Fri 3/9 Spring break for all.
Mon 3/12 Spring break for students; teacher inservice.
Tue 3/13 Indiv then peers worked through several exponent problems; finish the sheet tonight! Many are missing test corrections!
Wed 3/14 Pi day activities
Thur 3/15 Reviewed “powers” (w/ exponents of 2, 3, 4, 5,…) and “roots” (w/ root indexes of 2, 3, 4, 5,…); Address that the “one-half” power is just sq. root and “one-third” power is just cubed root….Sheet to help organize our thinking. FINISH the front of the sheet and then read/take notes on 6.2
Fri 3/16 Book work: pg. 303 #3-34
Mon 3/19 Board work practice with 6.2!!! Final 8 problems to work on at seats…Assigned “skunk” problem
Tue 3/20 Warm-up “final 8 problems); QQT; Rice problem; Videos (HERE and HERE); work on Rice and Rumor problems; take notes on 6.3
Wed 3/21 Turned in skunk problem; Time to compare Rumor problem 1; Rumor problem 2; Finished rice problem; GREAT discussion with the start of exponential functions!; Finish notes on 6.3
Thur 3/22 Warm-up sheet (important!!); Paper folding video; connections back to rice, rumors, paper folding, march madness,…; basics of exp. growth and decay
Fri 3/23 Dr. Hartman was ill. Do this packet (HERE). Download it if you missed class and do it!!!. You will turn it in.
Mon 3/26 Notes and examples with applications of exponential growth and decay; Read/take notes over 6.4 and do pg. 319 #7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 27, 29
Tue 3/27 Went over hmwk; answered questions; looked at final example from yesterday (again….the tripling question)…time to make progress with the application packet
Wed 3/28 Time to review; individually and quietly! Re-read sections 6.1-6.4 and work through pp. 348-349 #1-9, 13-14 and pg. 351 #1-8 and pp. 352-353 #1, 2, 6, 8
Thur 3/29 Big exam!
Fri 3/30 Easter break
Mon 4/2 Easter break
Tue 4/3 No school for 9th, 10th, 12th (ACT day)
Wed 4/4 Notes on Polynomials….hmwk: Read 7.1 and do the back side of the Notesheet (9 problems)
Thur 4/5 Rotation activity to go over back of notesheet and the beginning of more practice problems; finish the practice problem sheet for homework; tests handed back…work on test corrections
Fri 4/6 Formative checksheet covering yesterday’s work; Started looking at polynomial multiplication. (7.2 in the book). Hmwk: work on test corrections
Mon 4/9 Time to work on binomial x binomials (distribution, old school mult., and the box method) as well as a binomial x binomial; Hmwk: puzzle sheet (without the answer bank)
Tue 4/10 Answer bank for the puzzle sheet; board work practice; Finish the puzzle sheet tonight (and test corrections); Quiz Friday
Wed 4/11 Big day to work! 7.1 #6-20 even, 24, 28, 32, 34, 38-40, 45 and 7.2 #4, 8, 10, 18-20, 30, 31, 36, 38, 42, 55-58 and 7.2 challenge #34, 50
Thur 4/12 Some students spent extra time reviewing; others worked on the “challenge” problems
Fri 4/13 Quiz; afterwards do 7.3 #3-6, 15-18, 39-42, 48-51
Mon 4/16 Spent time with the special products from 7.3; including QQT and a “1/2” sheet; Showed websites to help with classifying, adding, subtracting, and multiplying (HERE and HERE and HERE) Showed website to help with special products (HERE)
Tue 4/17 Talked about “factoring” in general; moved into Level 1 of factoring (factoring OUT the GCF); Help video is HERE; Indiv time on front side of sheet; rotation work on front side of sheet; hmwk: finish the front/back of the Level 1 sheet
Wed 4/18 5 min to compare Level 1 with each other; used “puzzle” / “X” approach to lead into factoring into 2 binomials ( )()  double set of parentheses!  Front and back of page 1 for homework
Thur 4/19 5 min to compare Level 2 hmwk; Read off answers to back of first page; quizzes back; connections between multiplying and factoring; addressed factoring when the leading coefficient is NOT 1. Work on #1-6 together of Level 3; Hmwk: Level 2 #55-63 and Level 3 #7-15
Fri 4/20 Level 4 to start class; Finish Levels 1, 2, 3, 4. Entire class period to work; quiz Tuesday; test Friday
Mon 4/23 Level 5; quiz Tuesday
Tue 4/24 Quiz (factoring)
Wed 4/25 Club day; early release; review of the first part of Ch 7
Thur 4/26 Quizzes back; level “challenge” review for factoring.
Fri 4/27 Ch 7 Polynomial/factoring test
Mon 4/30 Began quadratics…looked at y=ax^2 and y=x^2+c using the graphing calculator.
Tue 5/1 Moved in to (x-h)^2 with quadratics.
Wed 5/2 Worksheet with quadratics
 Thur 5/3 Standard form of quadratics
Fri 5/4 District essentials; Hunter R “Athlete Nation” vids; work on on Vertex form of quadratics
Mon 5/7 Jeopardy review with Quadratics. Click HERE (do a 1-player game!)
Tue 5/8 Quiz
Wed 5/9 Notes/practice with intercepts form of a quadratic (section 8.5)


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