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LSW AlgBlock 2011-12


Date Block 1 (Alg Block T1/T2) Block 2 Repeaters (Alg Block T3/T4)
Wed 8/17 Welcome and introductions; Expectations; Perspective; Guess my function Welcome and introductions; Expectations; Perspective; Border problem
Thur 8/18 Warm up w/ perimeter; Hexagon trains; Tables problem; Handed out parent information sheets Began thinking about system of equations application problems: 1) Candle problem; 2) Sum/Difference problem; 3) 5-pt and 2-pt test problem; Handed out parent information sheets
Fri 8/19 (Shos students left for part of class; 10th grade class meetings); warm up w/ function rules; 1.4 border problem; board work practice with function rules; Handed out student inventory sheets (including a picture request) (11th grade and 12th grade class meetings) Review of expectations; Board work with Alg S1 items; More with application problems for systems of equations: tree house, perimeter of 18, bikes and trikes, and microwaves; Handed out student inventory sheets (including a picture request)
Mon 8/22 New warm up sheet; warm up (canoe problem); collected student inventories; review of expectations (e.g., tardies, phones, fire drills, etc.); Patio problem; clicker assessment for chapter 1 topics; Five 3’s assignment for out of class practice Seating chart; handed out binders; warm up sheet; warm up (evaluating); collected student inventories; review of expectations (e.g., tardies, phones, fire drills, etc); notes on solving a system of equations…graphing and substitution; board work practice with substitution
Tues 8/23 Warm up (enter 2 of the “find your mistakes” on the blue sheet); Turned in Three 3’s; Four 4’s at the white boards; clicker assessment for operations with negative numbers; Worksheet for homework Warm-up (systems using substitution); looked at worksheet from last friday…and how we can use substitution to solve some of the problems; individual work time with subst. problems from the workbook
Wed 8/24 Warm up (Bill Gates problem); Turned in the worksheet; addition/subtraction war game; dice game; check out books; Out of class practice: pg 29 #1, 4; pg 66 #9, 10, 11, 69, 70; pg 73 #8, 9, 10, 43, 44, 47 Warm-up (systems using substitution); looked at worksheet from last friday; time to practice graphing to solve a system (hard for many students); notes on using the elimination method
Thur 8/25 Warm up (various evaluation problems); mad min for add/subt and mult/div; Clicker quiz to review the distributive property and combining like terms; some board work; Quiz tomorrow! Out of class practice: Pg 82 #15, 16, 22, 31, 39-42, 79-81 Warm-up (which method is best); board work practice; looked again at the worksheet to see how elimination would be helpful (as compared to the other methods); individual work time; Test on Monday
Fri 8/26 Warm up (distr prop and CLT); Distr Prop and CLT mad minute…showed the answers for students to compare; Handed old hmwk back; answered questions on new hmwk; turned hmwk in; turned warm up sheet in; Quiz; Time to work on Page 118 #1-12 Warm up (application problem from workbook pg 317 #19); turned in warm up sheet; Time to work on review sheet for test (regular systems problems and application problems); Test is Monday
Mon 8/29 Warm up (magic numbers); talk about inverses, NLVM website, Yogi Bear, Pennies sheet; Board work, Answered questions on the homework; turned in hmwk; Formal notes on 2-step equations; Out of class practice: Pg 122 #2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, *14, 15, 19, 22, 33, 35, 39, 44, 47, 59 Warm up (systems problem); how much can you make in 5 min; used the “how much” to review for the test; Test
Tue 8/30 Warm up (equations); book video; board work practice; clicker assessment; worksheet for out of class practice; (Hartman worked with a few students one-on-one) Warm up (write how you did on the test); exploration with exponents; some did board work; some finished the test
Wed 8/31 Warm up (identify 2 easiest and 2 hardest); partner coach; how much can you make; ppt — intro to word problems; practice sheet #2 with a few on the back (pg 123 #44, 45, 58, 59) Warm up (exponent problems); mini-white board work; worksheet 1; introduced next 2 properties; large board work; final discussion; tests handed back
Thur 9/1 Warm up (equations with CLT and DP); board work with DP and CLT; more practice with application problems; notes on solving equations with CLT and DP; turned in the hmwk; new practice: Pg 129 #1-9 odd, 10, 13, 14, 30, 32, 56 Warm up (exponent problems); mini-white board work; worksheet 2; work book work
9/2  Fri Warm up (equations); Board work; learned how to work with “fractions” in the equations!; board work (including word problems); Fix the mistake worksheet (front and back) for homework; Turned in last night’s hmwk Warm up (exponent problems); Exploration for the last few properties; Board work; worksheet
Tue 9/6 Warm up (3 different find my mistake); NLVM website with balance; revisted the pennies sheet; vertical angles problem; worksheet in class; worksheet for homework Warm up (exponent problems); finished going over worksheet 3; Quiz tomorrow!; Bingo; Time to work on workbook problems: All odds: Pg 333# 1-9, 16-21; Pg 337 #1-15, Pg 339 #1-15, Pg 341 #1-18
Wed 9/7 Warm up (2 geometry related equations); (Assembly); notes on solving equations with variables on both sides; board work; notes on “no solution” and “identity;” time to start the assignment: pg 136 #3-6, 9-12, 18-20, 32 Warm up (exponent problems); notes on scientific notation; pratice problems w/ sci not. from a worksheet; cupcakes; quiz
Thur 9/8 Warm up (application problems); transforming equations; quiz; worksheet for hmwk Warm up (scientific notation); workbook problems with sci not; quiz rotation; started notes w/ graphing exp functions
Fri 9/9 Warm up (transforming equations; application prob); (assembly); unit rate; quiz corrections (work on quiz corrections) Warm up (sci not and making a table of values for an exponential); board work; finished notes for graphing exp functions
Mon 9/12 Warm up (application problems); Unit rate activity; notes on proportions, “showdown,” time to work on quiz corrections (turned in quiz corrections); Do pg 145 #1-5, 20-28 Warm up (systems application); board work; worksheet with graphing exponentials
Tue 9/13 Warm up (proportion problems); proportion practice at the boards; rotation activity with story problems; (few) turned in the hmwk; do pg 729 #54-58, 60 Warm up (systems application and an exponential function); notes and example for exponential growth and decay applications (Test is Friday)
Wed 9/14 Warm up (application problem); 3 corners activity; clicker activity; Pg 194 #1-4, 7, 8, 14-17 Warm up (systems); review of applications; worksheet
Thur 9/15 Warm up (rent application); Level challenge (w/ small groups); How much can you make; More practice with the most difficult problems of the week; Review sheet; Test is tomorrow Warm up (exp growth and decay graphs); Review sheet
Fri 9/16 Warm up; Questions on the review sheet; Test; Pre-test for inequalities Warm up; Test
Mon 9/19 Warm up (inequalities); Discussed basics of inequalities; board work practice w/ solving & graphing inequalities; tests handed back; do pg 202 #9, 10, 15-20, 23, 24, 27-29, 50 Warm up (growth / decay application problems); some finished the test; others did bingo w/ exponents (part 2); revisited the exponent quiz from 9/7-9/8; cumulative test on Thursday
Tue 9/20 Warm up (inequalities); 4.1 intro sheet to start to learn about div/mult by neg; talked about words (like at least); board work; do Pg 208 #4-8, 23-26, 85-88 Warm up (exponent problems); review of systems; Cumulative test on Thursday
Wed 9/21 Warm up (partner coach 4.1 sheet); reviewed why mult/div by a negative causes the inequal to reverse; 4.3 practice partner coach; board work with applications at the end; do pg 215 #1-4, 17-20, 30, 45, 48, 66, 67, 75, 87 Warm up (growth/decay); review of systems–applications; test is tomorrow
Thur 9/22 Warm up (solving inequalities); reviewed dividing/mult by a neg (reverses); Board work practice; QTT; application problem; do pg 215 #46, 50, 56; do pg 217 #9, 10; do pg 222 #1-3, 13-15, 37, 38 Warm up (finished the growth/decay sheet we started at the end of yesterday); cumulative TEST
Fri 9/23 Warm up (application problems); notes on multi-step inequalities; worksheet practice; clicker formative check; hmwk: finish the practice worksheet! Turned in the warm-ups; sorting activity; notes on polynomials (standard form and classifying)
Mon 9/26 Warm up (inequality and application problem); mini board work practice; fix the mistake sheet; application problem; do pg 223 #45-50, 53, 57, 61, 62 No warm-up; review of polynomials: standard form and classifying; Guided practice; some board work; indiv time:  workbook pg 357 #1-9 (some finished the test)
Tue 9/27 Warm up (application problem…facebook); examples on “or” compound inequalties; board work; QUIZ Warm up (front side of sheet with polynomial classification); Discussed addition and subtraction of polynomials; guided practice; board work; indep practice (back side of worksheet)
Wed 9/28 Warm up (“or” compound inequality; Guess who activity (with pictures and then with numbers); discussion; Time to work on quiz corrections Warm up (addition/subtraction of polynomials and classification); Review of the distributive property; notes on multiplying polynomials together; board work
Thur 9/29 (Hartman gone) (Hartman gone)
Fri 9/30 (Hartman gone) (Hartman gone)
Mon 10/3 (Hartman gone) (Hartman gone)
Tue 10/4 Warm up (proportion); notes on solving compound inequalities; board work; do pg 238 #23-31 Card activity (mix, match, mingle); quiz
Wed 10/5 Warm up (compound inequalities); turned in hmwk; board work practice with compound inequalities; round robin activity; pg 245 #59-64; pg 246 #1-4 Some took the reading test; Looked at finding the area of a shaded region
Thur 10/6 Warm up (application and compound inequal); answered questions on hmwk; jeopardy review game; review sheet Warm up with finding perimeter and area; notes on factoring our the GCF; board work; workbook practice with factoring out the GCF
Fri 10/7 Warm up; chapter 4 test Warm up (area of shaded part); review of factoring out the GCF; Board work practice; workbook practice with factoring out the GCF; end of class review of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and classifying polynomials
Mon 10/10 Warm up; chapter 4 test back; test corrections for chapter 3; clicker review for the chap 3-4 cumulative test (Thursday) Warm up (factoring out the GCF); introduced factoring x^2 + bx + c; workbook problems
Tue 10/11 Review Review
Wed 10/12 Review Review
Thur 10/13 Final (cumulative 3-4 test) Final (9.1 test)
Start of term 2
Tue 10/18 Video on coordinates; get to know you activity; plotting points (picture) activity Review of factoring out the GCF; review of factoring ax^2 + bx + c when a =1; workbook time
Wed 10/19 Warm up (cartoon powers of 2); moving motion activity; moving motion hmwk sheet Warm up with factoring; matching activity; coop learning groups of 4 activity; worksheet 1, 2b
Thur 10/20 Warm up (write directions on how to draw a square with a circle inside); discussion about moving motion (where start, direction move, how fast); write specific directions; more time in the forum with the equipment; wrap-up using the dist match program; time for students to continue to work on the worksheet Warm up with factoring; challenge to see how many you can do right now; last practice with GCF factoring and a=1 factoring; worksheet 1b and 2c.
Fri 10/21 Warm up (explain why you can’t make a circle or vertical line); turned in hmwk; more discussion with the CBR; graphing stories (walking from locker); notes; graphing stories for hmwk (sunflower seeds) Warm up with factoring; notes on how to factor when a is not equal 1; practice; boardwork; odds on the worksheet
Mon 10/24 Warm up (write directions to make a graph); went over the hmwk collected on Friday; time to work some 5.1 book problems; website video w/ making graphs; hmwk is a worksheet (make graph and story) Warm up with factoring; matching activity; board work; evens on the worksheet
Tue 10/25 Warm up (website video); more work with writing stories and graphs; partner clicker post quiz; worksheet with labeling and explaining a graph Warm up (area problem); how much can you make in 20 min; worksheet on special cases; test is Thursday
Wed 10/26 Warm up (graph matching…Mr. T dribbling the ball); few had the hmwk done; notes on functions and relations (interruption for survey); quiz; finish last night’s hmwk Warm up (area problem); partner check A/B (3 levels); final practice for the test, which is tomorrow
Thur 10/27 Warm up (tell if a table is a function or not); notes on mapping diagrams and graphs; board work; computer examples; connections back to the motion ranger; turned in hmwk; do pg 260 #21-23, 25, 26, 32-35 and do pg 256 #28, 29 Warm up (review of classifying, subtracting, multiplying, factoring); Test
Fri 10/28 Warm up; notes on ordered pairs and more work with functions; Quiz Corrections Locker problem; high five problem; triangle puzzle problem
Mon 10/31 Warm up (words related to input and words related to output); Notes on f(x); practice with evaluating at the whiteboards; do pg 259 #9-16, 18, 19 Warm up (graphing linear functions); recap of locker problem and high fives; s-pattern (connections with quadratics); stared to look at graphing quadratics
Tue 11/1 Warm up; worked on taking a functions (linear, quadratic, or absolute value) and make a table and then make a graph; Graphing partner worksheet; do 266 #2, 4, 9, 15, 16, 18, 23, 44 Warm up: (f(x) type evaluating); guided practice through the graphing calculator activity
Wed 11/2 Warm up; review of function rules y=mx+b (boxes); chair and table problem; writing a function rule from a graph “notes,” connections with taking coordinates from a graph and putting into a table and then table to function rule; worksheet for hmwk Warm up: (what does the a and c do w/ y = a x^2 + c); official notes with 10.1 and 10.2; board work practice with graphing y = a x^2 + c
Thur 11/3 Warm up (write function rule given a table); went over the worksheet; board work; worksheet Warm up (top of page 3 of the notesheet); board work; workbook odds for graphing quadratics
Fri 11/4 Warm up (write function rule from table and story problem); modeled the hmwk (also discussed discrete/continuous functions); time for small groups to finish the hmwk, do the t-shirt question, and start the quiz; Take the quiz home and finish it! Activity to discover -b/(2a); some notes
Mon 11/7 Warm up (application problem on elmo); reviewed the t-shirt worksheet; 5.4 notes: writing application function rules; around the room activity (will finish tomorrow); turned in the take home quiz; Do pg 266 #12-14 and pg 272 #10, 12, 13, 14, 17 Warm up (graphing y=ax^2+c and y=ax^2+bx+c); finished notesheet; clicker quiz
Tue 11/8 Warm up; finished the around the room activity; 5.3 application worksheet in groups; do pg 274 #27, 28, 35, 37-39 and pg 302 #10-12 Warm up with graphing; Board work; Individual workbook practice
Wed 11/9 Warm up; Review activity game; chapter 5 review worksheet Warm up with square roots; more discussion about square roots; notes on solving quadratics equations using square roots
Thur 11/10 chap 5 test Warm up with graphing; some practice with solving quadratic equations (one at a time up front); quiz
Fri 11/11 Warm up; rate of change activity sheet 1 and 2; worksheet; tests back Warm up with square roots; attempted to use the partner rotation quiz; partner board work with solving quadratic equations
Mon 11/14 Warm up (4 rate of change problems); reviewed Friday’s activity; went over the hmwk; began looking at the big note packet (A, B, and C); Board work; pg 312 #1-6, 78-81 Warm up w/ solving using square roots; indiv time with solving using square roots; worksheet to talk about applications
Tue 11/15 Warm up; more with rate of change…learning the formula (y2-y1) over (x2-x1); board work; do pg 313 #11-19 odd, 22-26, 76 Warm up with factoring; talked about the zero product property; used the zero product property to solve quadratics (that can be factored!)
Wed 11/16 Warm up (ROC given 2 points and given a scenario); ROC given 2 points worksheet; applications half sheet as notes; time to work on then turn in yesterday’s hmwk; Finished notes packet F; do pg 313 #11-19 odd, 22-26, 76 Warm up (solve by factoring); board work with partners; finish the worksheet from yesterday
Thur 11/17 Warm up; clicker review over rate of change; stacking cup activity; Read 6.2 do pg 320 #4, 10, 22, 28, 40b, 65, 82, 84-87 Warm up (subs. into expressions); video on the quad song; notes on the quadratic formula; board work with the quadratic formula
Fri 11/18 warm up (write equation given a graph); wrapped up the stacking cups activity….transition to y=mx+b  (know where to “b”egin and how to “m”ove); small group work; add to last night’s hmwk; pg 320 #22, 23, 24, 26 and pg 326 #5, 11 Warm up (quad formula); round table with quad form (indiv); board work with solving using all 3 methods
Mon 11/21 warm up (write equation); put it all together functions to graphs to equations and vice versa; board work practice; do pg 320 #1-3, 10, 12, 13, 14, 28-33 Put it all together (3 problems to review graphing and solving quadratics); stations for review around the room; big test is tomorrow
Tue 11/22 warm up (graphing given y=mx+b); board work practice converting to slope-intercept form; went over the hmwk; pg 320 #41-46, 50-52 Quick warm-up; test
Wed 11/23 warm up (post solutions around the room); baby hippos; quiz Finished the test; thanksgiving math problems and turkey coloring
Mon 11/28 warm up (baby hippo 2); reflection on the quiz; introduction of standard form; do pg 333 #1-3, 10-12, 16-18, 23, 24 began looking at simplifying radicals
Tue 11/29 warm up (baby hippo 3); more work with standard form…graphing…applications; pg 333 #7, 9, 25, 26, 36, 37, 47a, 48 more with simplifying radicals
Wed 11/30 warm up (baby hippo 4); board work / worksheet with writing equations in standard form and then graphing; few turned in the hmwk!; notes on changing to standard form (ax+by=c with no fractions) ; pg 333 #27-35, 69 and pg 335 #5 warm up with simplifying radicals; notesheet on simplifying radicals with variable expressions inside; practice with simp rad w/ var inside
Thur 12/1 Baby hippo 5 ; board practice; converting to standard form; notes: point-slope form; mini white board practice: do pg 333 #55 and pg 339 #1-9, 65 warm up with simpifying radicals; addition and subtraction with radicals
Fri 12/2 baby hippo 6! turned it in; worksheet practice using point slope; board work with using point slope; add to last night’s hmwk: pg 339 #10-15, 36-38, 75 warm up with adding and subtracting radicals; notes and examples with multiplying and dividing radicals
Mon 12/5 warm up (review of finding rate of change; writing point slope, etc); worksheet: write equation in point slope form given a graph; notes: changing to slope intercept form; board work; do pg 339 #19-27, 60, 66 warm up; station review around the room; mathopoly review
Tue 12/6 Warm up (listing things about each of the 3 linear forms); roundtable practice with writing in point slope form and then in slope intercept form; do pg 340 #41, 42, 48, 49, 50, 53, 59 warm up review; test
Wed 12/7 Warm up; chapter 6 review challenge started looking at choosing the best model given a graph, equaiton or table
Thur 12/8 Warm up; final questions; test finished choosing the best model
Fri 12/9 2.6 notes on probability; dice experiment; board practice, cumulative review worksheet; hmwk do pg 96 #2-14 even, 28-33 12 days of Christmas activity
Mon 12/12 Cumulative review warm-up, probability review at the boards, 2.7 notes: compound events, stations practice Review for the chapter 10-8 exam
Tue 12/13 Cumulative review warm-up, notes on indep/dep events and replactment; hmwk; cumulative review worksheet Chapter 10-8 exam
Wed 12/14 cumulative 5-6 test; do pg 104 #15-27 odd, 29-31 Study time for other subjects
Thur 12/15 Replacement practice stations, 12.7 notes sheet: counting principle, sandwich shop worksheet; hmwk: probability review worksheet Study time for other subjects
Fri 12/16 Probability test; hmwk: final review worksheet #1 Study time for other subjects
Mon 12/19 Final review, went over problems on the review worksheet, board practice, hmwk: final review worksheet #2 Clicker review for the final
Tues 12/20 Final review, board practice, clicker review; hmwk; final review worksheet #3, STUDY Clicker review for the final
Wed 12/21 check in books, Final Final
1/9/12 Expectations; review of graphing y=mx+b and ax+by=c linear equations; 10 for students to do on graph paper; “get to know you;” checked out books and time to work on the assignment: pg 734 #9-12, 21, 23-35 Same as block 1
1/10 New warm up sheet; Warm-up: graph 3x + y = 6; Text messaging problem (3 pages); began notes on “systems of equations;” assignment: facebook problem and 2 on the back (pg 377 #8 and #1) Same as block 1
1/11 Warm up (graphed y = (1/3)x +2 and y= (-2/3)x +1 on the same plane; facebook friends…questions then turned it in; went over graphing x+3=0; notes on systems of equations; mini white board practice; notes on deciding if a coordinate is a solution or not; began application sheet (you and sister); assigned: pg 377 #2, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 Same as block 1
1/12 Warm up (graph systems with 1, no, and infinitely many solutions); ‘You and Sister’ problem 2; answered questions on hmwk and turned in; Notes and examples on using substitution to solve a system; “partner sheet” (1,2,3,6,7); exit ticket; hmwk: pg 384 #5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 Same as block 1
1/13 Warm up (solving using substitution); showed online book / video; addressed no sol and inf. solutions when using the substitution method; went over the ticket out the door from yesterday; finished “partner coach” notes; board work; added to hmwk (pg 384 #5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14) and now pg 384 #7, 12, 18, 34 Same as block 1
1/17 Warm up (solving using substitution); questions on the hmwk; turned in the hwmk; “you and your sister” problem 3; transition to the next method of solving; Notes and examples on solving using elimination; Board work; do pg 390 #1-6 Same as block 1
1/18 Warm up (solving using elimination); students posted answers to the hwmk problems; notes on solving systems using the elimination method; Some practice; add to last night’s work: pg 391 #9, 10, 11, 14, 17, 19, 21 Same as block 1
1/19 Warm up (exit ticket…solving using elimination); candle problem; notes and examples with application problems; some practice; questions on last night’s work…turned in last night’s work; do pg 384 #18 and 385 #25 and 391 #8, 16 and 392 #29, 30 Same as block 1
1/20 Warm up (practice test covering the 3 methods); more time spent on application problems…notes and board work; add to the assignment; pg 424 #9, 11, 15, 16, 19 Additional warm up (solving using subs and elim); assignment a bit different; pg 424: 9, 11, 15, 16, 17, 19
1/23 Warm up (application problems); answers out for students to compare (Thurs/Fri assignments); 3 corners activity; review sheet; Test is tomorrow; Answers to the review are here Same as block 1
1/24 Chapter 7 test Chapter 7 test
1/25 Reflection for a warm up; 8.3/8.4 exploration (indiv then w/ a peer then together); notes on the first three exponent properties; board work and QQT; assignment: pg 443 #8, 10, 11, 19, 44 and pg 449 #2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 13
1/26 Warm up (write your own problems for the 3 properties so far); worksheet (indiv / partners / whole class / turned in); posted answers to last night’s work; tests back; time to work on the worksheet for hmwk
1/27 Warm up (fill in boxes); questions on wkst; turned in wkst; exploration; QQT; notes; worksheet for hmwk
1/30 Warm up; posted all answers to work around the room; developed last 2 properties, board work; hmwk: revise the worksheet with circled wrong answers (from 1/26) and finish the worksheet from 1/27
1/31 Finished up the last 2 properies, official notes, quiz quiz trade; worktime on a worksheet
2/1 Finished up properties of exponents; clicker activity; major QQT activity; some time to work on book assignment (pg 488 1-10)
2/2 Warm up; quiz; worsheet to introduce graphing exponentials
2/3 Went over the exponential worksheet from Thursday; some notes on exponential functions; Quiz rotation partner activity; Revise quizzes and do the next exponential graphing worksheet
2/6 Warm up (graph an exponential); turned in retake of quiz; went over some of the quiz problems; went over the hmwk; book video to review graphing (set up a table, plot points, connect with curve); board work; guided worksheet practice (setting up a table, graphing exponentials); do pg 470 # 1, 2, 15-18, 21, 22; Big test is Friday Warm up (solve a system); went over hwmk; turned quiz corrections in; practice with graphing exponentials; do pg 470 #1-3, 15-18, 19-22; Big test is Friday
2/7 Warm up (systems review); pennies exp. growth problem; notes and examples on exponential growth/decay applications (no hmwk) same as block 1
2.8 Warm up (systems); more work with exp growth and decay applications; some board work; worksheet…hwmk: do the odds on the worksheet; test is Friday same as block 1
2/9 Warm up (exp gr/decay warmup); posted answers to hmwk; QQT activity in forum; more practice with growth & decay; hmwk: study for test (selected problems from text to look at) Warm up (exp. properties); posted hmwk answers; QQT activity in class; review sheet
2/10 Test! Test
2/13 Warm-up; talked about tests; notes on polynomials; review 1/2 sheets; tests back (cumulative retest is Thursday)
2/14 More with polynomials; review 1/2 sheets
2/15 Review sheet
2/16 Test
2/17 Warm up (addition and subtraction of polynomials); activity with polynomial sorting; more practice with adding and subtracting polynomials and sorting; do pg 497 #9-11, 13, 15, 17-18, 23, 26, 30, 33, 39, 40, 41
2/20 Warm up (addition and classification of polynomails, perimeter); board work with addition and subtraction; perimeter 1/2 sheet; review of the distributive property…took notes; TESTS back; finish Friday’s hmwk and do pg 501 #1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 28, 30
2/21 Warm up; went over hwmk from Fri and Mon; turned in hmwk; Formative practice sheet (indiv then with partners) no assignment
2/22 Warm up (prepped for distributing a binomial by a binomial ex: 3x(x+2)+5(x+2)); went over the formative check (identified problems students struggled with…click to see a video on that material); addressed multiplying binomials, board work, finsihed is a brief video…click here to see the video on the new material; hmwk: pg 507 #5-19 odd Same as block 1 except for assignmnet is pg 507 #1-16 all, choose your method
2/23 Warm up; more practice with multiplying binomials as well as binomial w/ a trinomial; turned in hwmk; board work; worksheet for hmwk (had some time to work on it)
2/24 Warm up; review of area; notes on finding the area of “picture frame” (large rectangle area subtract the small rectangle area); board work; Worksheet for hmwk
2/27 Warm up; puzzle problems (find 2 numbers who multiply to make -15 and add to make -2); Discussed factoring our a monomial; board work; worksheet for hmwk
2/28 Warm up; more puzzle problems; hmwk rotation activity (partners compared/fixed/finished last night’s work); board work; hmwk: do pg 501 factor #13-24, 34-39, 49
2/29 Warm up (puzzle problems); went over the hwmk and turned it in (last 3 assignments); QQT for puzzle problems; transitioned the puzzle problems into x^2 + 7x + 12 type factoring problems; notes; board work; worksheet for the assignment
3/1 No school; girls state basketball; LSW host school for games
3/2 Warm up; time to compare hmwk; reviewed how to factor; some board work; time to finish and hand in 1-36; new worksheet (front side only) #37-54
3/5 Warm up; questions on hmwk; partner coach; notes on combining level 1 and 2 together (factor our GCF first and then do the double set of parentheses); back side of Friday’s Worksheet
Tue 3/6 “Talk (all LSW teachers talked with block 1 students)” donuts and water; wrapped up yesterday’s work with a few examples and then indiv students work at the board; Finish the back side of Friday’s worksheet Big warm up; Hmwk questions…turn in; address factoring x^2+8x+16 and x^2-25 type problems; polynomial review sheet
Wed 3/7 Review of adding, subtracting, multiplying, classifying, and factoring polynomials
Thurs 3/8 finals
Fri 3/9 finals
Start of term 4 3rd block class:
Mon 3/19 Warm up; quick review of what we covered at the end of last term (polynomials: standard form, classifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, finding area of a box, factoring out the GCF, factoring with ( ) ( )…..); board work; worksheet in class to review Block 3: same
Tue 3/20 Warm up: factoring; reviewed multiplying biniomals (esp. type with ‘a’ not equal to 1); moved on to factoring when “a” is not equal to 1; board work; worksheet front side evens Block 3: Same; but graded yesterday’s worksheet…students graded their own
Wed 3/21 Warm up: factoring; went over hwmk problems; more practice with factoring (“a” is not equal to 1); board work; worksheet 1-27
Thur 3/22 More factoring…finish the worksheet
Fri 3/23 Finsihed factoring =) ….levels worksheet for block 1 … Test is Wednesday!!!! book work for block 2
Mon 3/26 Warm up; Factoring activity….big test on Wednesday Big test on Wed!!!
Tue 3/27 Warm up; final review before the test!; test is tomorrow
Wed 3/28 Warm up; Teach me how to factor; TEST!!!!
Thurs 3/29 Handshake and locker problems
Fri 3/30 Finished handshake and locker problems; began to introduce graphing quadratics
Mon 4/2 Warm up; Graphing calculator activity; begin to graph y = ax^2 + c; worksheet (front side only) for hmwk)
Tues 4/3 Warm up; Geogebra; Notesheet; Went over the hwmk 1-2, assigned 3-10
Wed 4/4 Warm up (table on page 3 of the notesheet); Went over the hwmk; turned in the hwmk; Clicker assessment; Board work; Book work assignment: pg 553 #1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 15-17, 21-30
Thur 4/5 Warm up; questions on hmwk; activity with quadratics (leading to -b/2a); no hmwk
Easter Weekend
Tue 4/10 Warm up; Used Thursday’s activity to find the x coordinate of the vertex (-b/2a)….some notes and practice. Assignment: Block 1: worksheet; Block 3: book work: pg 560 #1-4, 11-14
Wed 4/11 Warm up; more with graphing -b/2a; talked specifically about the vertex and axis of symmetry; board work: Assignment: Block 1: pg 560 #1-4 and worksheet2 #6-8, Block 3: book work pg 560 #11, 13, 25, 28, 29
Thurs 4/12 Warm up; went over the hwmk; clicker assessment; quiz; no hmwk
Fri 4/13 Pre-test (square roots); graded the quiz together; information on simplifying square roots; 2 different QQT; post-test (revised sheet); hmwk on the back: pg 178 #1-12, 26-31, 51
Mon 4/16 No school due to district music contest
Tues 4/17 Warm up (solving linear equations); notes and examples on solving ax^2+c=0  (using square roots; getting plus or minus); board work; worksheet for hmwk
Wed 4/18 More time with solving using square roots; Spent time with dropping an object; worksheet for hmwk
Thurs 4/19 More time with dropping an object; also looked at area of a square; worksheet for hmwk
Fri 4/20 Began to review factoring; no hmwk
Mon 4/23 warm up with falling objects and factoring; board work with factoring; discovery sheet to help introduce solving quadratics using the factoring method; do pg 574 #1-3, 9-14
Tues 4/24 No school as juniors are taking the ACT
Wed 4/25 Review of solving by factoring; talked about when the problem is no set equal to zero; some indiv. board work practice; Alex Henery punt problem; PERIOD 1: Blue 10.4 worksheet (we crossed off a few and did a few together)…rest is hmwk; PERIOD 3: Blue 10.4 worksheet do the odds for hmwk
Thur 4/26 More with the quadratic formula
Fri 4/27 Quiz (take home to finish)
Mon 4/30 went over the quiz; began reviewing for the test scheduled for Wed; used connection activity (3 sheets); page 3 was hmwk!
Tue 5/1 warm up on factoring; went over page 3 of the activity from yesterday; How much can you make!!! The video for How much can you make is here
Wed 5/2 Test
Thur 5/3 Began discussing “simplifying radicals;” 1/2 for hmwk; Also began to review for the cumulative retest (sched for next Tuesday)
Fri 5/4 Students posted answers to yesterday’s 1/2 sheet; Moved on to simplifying radicals w/ variables involved; Tests back; video to go over it; Hartman met with students Hmwk: 619 #1-12, 65, 66. IF YOU PLAN to STUDY this weekend use the VIDEO linked on Tues 5/1 above and use the link right here!!!
Mon 5/7 Warm up; went over the hmwk; discussed adding and subtracting radical expressions, two different review 1/2 sheets; hmwk: A. Finish second review sheet; B. do pg 625 #1-6, 10-15, 38, 40
Tues 5/8 Review 1/2 sheet #3; More time with simplifying radicals; posted hmwk; Notes on multiplying radicals; REVIEW SHEET: Video to go over the review is HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2) ; Big, big, big, BIG test is tomorrow
Wed 5/9 Warm up (review multiplying polynomials); notes on multiplying radicals; cumulative retest; no hmkw tonight
Thurs 5/10 Warm up; used clicker ppt to get focused on working with radicals; a few notes on multiplying radical expressions; do pg 619 #13-23 odds and pg 625 #17-27 odds
Fri 5/11 warm up; talked about rationalizing; practice for Monday’s test; iPad video is here  (has back side of in class worksheet and the take home review sheet on it)
Mon 5/14 Review of 11.1-11.2; Test
Tues 5/15 Began to “explore” linear, quadratic, and exponential functions….in preparation of a short exam covering “10.8” this Friday
Wed 5/16 Lots of notes on compaing linear, quadratic, and exponential functions (3 colors and 3 boards!); sorting activity
Thur 5/17 Review
Fri 5/18 Test; review for the final handed out
Mon 5/21 and Tue 5/22 My turn / your turn review and clicker review for the final
Wed 5/23 and Thur 5/24 Final exam
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