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For a copy of the student/parent information handed out on the first day, click HERE (pdf download).

Fall 2015 Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
 Scroll DOWN quite a bit of the way…to get to semester 2!!!
8/12 Brief welcome! Border problem (only focused on the 10×10 border with a brief discussion of “n x n”). Examined many student perspectives. Assignment: Complete the student inventory and give parents the “parent info” (There is link to this at the top of this page.) Shortened class periods due to the first day A&P / assembly activities.
8/13 Students turned in their inventory; Looked at the perspective sheets; Dr. Hartman talked more about his goals for students (and his rules: S.O.A.R.); also shared about himself. Showed students the different parts of room 2006. Key & Peele video (Teacher Center). No homework yet!
 8/14 Showed the “Inspire her mind” video; PPT discussion for 1.3 “Points, lines, and planes;” Students took notes…good discussions…students did have some time to work!. Homework: 1.3 worksheet; get it done this weekend!
Mon 8/17 Lined up and Dr. H videotaped names/faces; Showed Nasa Inspired Her Mind video; Groups of 4 compared hwmk; Answered a few questions; Turned in; Gave “10 question” start of 1.4 sheet; addressed a few concepts; Began clicker work on pg 27. Hmwk: take GOOD notes on 1.4
Tue 8/18 Warm up: individually do pg 27 #46 and pg 26 #25-33; Partner time and then clicker time with some of the A/S/N problems; Spend “a little” time with constructions (only perpendicular bisector and angle bisector) just to offer perspective to constructions. Click HERE for a link to a website showing some of the constructions! While constructions are part of section 1.7, the assignment is actually problems from 1.4 (with some “hints” along they way!!); Pg. 25 #1-4, 6-7, 12-15, 16-23; Quiz likely on Thursday! (Test likely next Wednesday!)
Wed 8/19 Warm up: compare the hmwk from yesterday; Questions?? Showed where constructions are on a website: Click HERE; A few minutes to study; Quiz over 1.3-1.4 (students could use spiral notebook); Hmwk: Do pg 30 #1, 6, 7, 9, 12, 17, 18, 19 and TAKE notes in your spiral notebook for section 1-5
Thur 8/20 Call me Maybe (Solve me Maybe); discussed solving equations; turned in the assignment; discussed the start of 1-5 (how to name the “length of a segment” and congruency). Begin working on 1-5 do pg 33 #1-10
Fri 8/21  Warm-up: estimating length of segments and angles; practiced “measuring;” discussed the segment addition postulate and midpoint (and markings); time to compare 1-10 off of 1.5 and then ADD 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 29-32, and 36. The test is Wednesday
Mon 8/24 Warm up: defining and drawing basic angles (based on classification); did the “bicep” angle work :)…. Notes and examples on naming angles, showing the measure of an angle, congruent angles, supplementary / complementary / adjacent / vertical angles, looked at the angle addition postulate. Take notes on 1-6!!! Big angle problem to give context to the entire section. Homework: 1-6 worksheet. We will go over questions on the 1.5 bookwork and 1-6 worksheet tomorrow as well as review for Wednesday’s test.
Tue 8/25 Two warm-ups for angle relationships; quizzes back for period 6; answered questions on the quiz; answered questions on the 1-5 book work (expect the 1-5 book work to be handed in by the start of the test tomorrow); posted the work/solutions for the 1-6 worksheet;…. Review for the chapter l test. Use the following problems: Pg 74 #6-9, 11-15, 16 AND Pg 716 #18-27, 30-37 Click HERE for the iPad review video that goes over the review problems.
Wed 8/26  Make sure the 1-5 book work is turned in! Chapter 1 test.
Thur 8/27 Computer Lab time: Experiment with Euclid: The Game. Fascinating!!! Hint for those attempting Level 7: (a) build the parallel line, (b) find the midpoint between “two of the points on the screen,” (c) use that new midpoint as the center of a circle…. (No new homework)
Fri 8/28 Discussed the “computer lab” experience from yesterday; Vikings Care; time to work on the 1.1 “patterns and inductive reasoning” worksheet
Mon 8/31 Here comes the Boom talk (x2); time for students to compare and turn in the 1.1 worksheet (most did not have it completed!); notes and information on 2.1 “conditional” and “converse” statements. Worksheet for hmwk; Tests back (correction document will be handed out on Tuesday)
Tue 9/1 Warm up: compare homework; few had questions; notesheet on biconditional statements; attempted to use “items” from chapter 1 to write some biconditional statements; Homework: Begin filling out the test correction document!!!
Wed 9/2 Discussed test correction document; finished yesterday’s “activity;” finished with polglobs!; READ 2-2 and TAKE NOTES…do pg 90 #1-4, 10, 13, 14, 16, 24, 28-31
Thur 9/3 Warm-up –do pg. 85 #48-50 and do pg 90 #18-22; PPT lesson for deductive reasoning…. click here. Tonight: clean up all recent homework; work on test corrections!!!; possible quiz tomorrow
Fri 9/4 visited “mathsisfun.com” as a place to get extra help; also visited  “khanacademy” as another place to get extra help; shared the Peter Pan (Law of syllogism) and looked at the yellow poster in the front of the room; time for students to work (and turn in several items); QUIZ; new assignment: worksheet 2.3 AND additional problems on the back: 2.3 pg 97 #3-13, 16-21, 34, 35
Mon 9/7 Labor Day – No school
Tue 9/8 Warm up – pg 98 #27-32 (fun probs!!!); time to compare the hmwk (many in 6th period didn’t have it done!); notesheet on “pre-2.4” handed out and we added several properties on the back. This shows us where we’ve been; we will use it to build our “cases” for proving things as the weeks progress… Started to make sense of proofs…algebra style (used 2 “cut up” ones.) Hmwk: FINISH CORRECTIONS; cut out the flash cards and start to study them!
5 “Purple” mix-it-up proof (still with algebra); followed by 2 “less scaffolded” mix-it-up proofs; QQT with flashcards; Started some “scaffolded” proofs with geometry! 4 semi-mix-it-up proofs for homework…


Thur 9/10 Computer lab day. 1. Compare answers around the room to the worksheet. 2. Go through flashcards again. 3. Click HERE for http://www.feromax.com/cgi-bin/ProveIt.pl

4. Work on homework for tomorrow (worksheet for 2.4)

Fri 9/11 (Will look over hmwk on Monday); Mix-it-up proof (w/out reasons) to start class; Paragraph proof (intro) to look at vertical angle theorem as well as when two angles are congruent to the same angle (they are congruent); Notes on the 5 theorems in section 2-5. Worksheet for homework (with a bit of book work)
Mon 9/14 Discussed flow chart proof (back to the lab’s problem with vertical angles); time to compare answer questions on each of the last 2 worksheets (2.4-2.5); Review sheet handed out. Click HERE for the video for the review! (Also, many have not turned in their test corrections!!!)
Tue 9/15 Chapter 2 Exam
Wed 9/15 Shortened day…but both classes had Soph/Jun meetings (assembly)leaving only a couple 9th graders in class. No new instruction
Thur 9/16 Built “simplifying radicals” from the ground up!! Worksheet for homework!
Fri 9/17  Partner time to compare answers to worksheet; then eventually handed out the answer key. More discussions about it! (great discussions…). Finished with a “plot the points – picture” assignment (goal: to work on coordinates)
Mon 9/21  Activity to develop the pythagorean theorem. Cut out shapes and built a puzzle; then many notes on all the connections and “how to use” the a^2 + b^2 = c^2. No homework!
Tue 9/22 Warm up sheet (practice) with pythag; time to work Pg 420 #3-5, 7,8, 11,12, 14, 15, 16a, 20, 59, 60 (challenge 50, 52)
Wed 9/23 All day with graph paper…(iPad and reflector)…looking at midpoint and looking at “distance” (yet we didn’t address the midpoint formula or the distance formula. Worksheet for homework
Thur 9/24 Theory day…started with Khan academy video (and related problems) for Circles in the coordinate plane…with connections back to the pythagorean’s theorem. Click Here for the video. Practice problems click HERE. Then looked at a video off the textbook’s website. Assignment: A. Work on test corrections. B. Read 12.5 and do pg. 697 #1, 16, 31, 65, 66
Fri 9/25 Answer keys out for the last 3 assignments (as well as tonight’s work). Time to work during this shortened day!!! Worksheet for circles…Test is Tuesday
Mon 9/28 Worked through review problems to prepare for Tuesday’s exam covering a) simplifying radicals; b) pythagorean theorem; c) distance/midpoint; d) equations of circles. The problems students worked on in class were: pg. 717 #42, 43, 46, 48; pg. 390 #1, 3, 5, 8, 12, 14, 15, 18, 21; pg. 730 #1, 3, 4, 5; pg. 710 #12, 13, 20, 21, 22.   Review sheet handed out. Click HERE for the video that goes over the review sheet.  Test is tomorrow.
Tue 9/29 Unit 3 test covering a) simplifying radicals; b) pythagorean theorem; c) distance/midpoint; d) equations of circles.
Wed 9/30 Began chapter 3; activity to review vertical angles, congruent angles, compl/suppl angles, and adjacent angles. Discovery with a transversal passing through parallel lines. Look at all the special relationships when a transversal cuts through two lines. Connected back to when the transversal cuts through parallel lines. Read 3-1. Flashcard activity; add to your flashcards!!! Complete the front and (mainly the) back of the cards and cut them out!!!
Thur 10/1 Finished up the “big dog” from yesterday; checked to see if flashcards were done! “speed dating” activity with 3.1-3.2 problems (front side)
Fri 10/2 Checked flashcards again! Back side “speed dating” for the 3.1-3.2 worksheet; homework is to work on as many of the 6 problems of the new sheet as possible! Please clean up flashcards and old test corrections!
Mon 10/5  Explored 11 m/c problems from 3.1-3.2 in groups of 4 (with clickers)…assigned 16 more!…work on test corrections!
Tue 10/6 Went over the last problem from yesterday’s clickers and #14 from last night’s work….moved on to section 3-3…wrote three more flashcards and assigned pg 144 #14-21, 24-27, and then 13. Tests and test correction documents handed out as well.
Wed 10/7 No class for 6th (assembly); partial class for 7th (assembly)….time given to work on test corrections
Thur 10/8 Time to compare homework from Tues night; “demonstrated” proof for section 3-4 (triangle sum and exterior angle theorems); also used GeoGebra (as a demonstration); Build more notecards for section 3-4; Also do the worksheet. All test corrections are due next week (nothing late will be accepted); Mid-term exam will be next week (no test corrections on that either!)
Fri 10/9 Questions on hmwk? Went to the computer lab:Used:  http://www.feromax.com/cgi-bin/ProveIt.pl

First (Parallel Lines “3”), then Second (Converse of Parallel Lines “2” ), then Third (Converse of Parallel Lines “3”), then Fourth (Exterior Angle); then Fifth and HARDER (Parallel Lines “4”); finally Sixth and HARDER (Converse of Parallel Lines “4”);

Take home quiz for the weekend; MUST do it!!

Mon 10/12  Graded the quiz in class; filled out a self-reflection; time to look through “test folder” and study!
Tue 10/13 Final Questions?…Started the mid-term exam. Keep working on old test corrections…deadline for chap 1 / chap 2 / unit 3 test corrections is tomorrow!
Wed 10/14 Last opportunity to turn in test corrections. Finished the mid-term exam (recall: no test corrections on this).
 Fall Break! End of the First Quarter
Thur 10/19 Video: Greedy Triangle (click here); Filled out notesheet during and after the video; Looked at the specs for a polygon, ways to name a 17-gon and n-gon, different names of a quadrilateral and how do draw  a nonagon. Then built the “sum of the interior  angles” formula:  (n-2)x180  Tonight add to the back of the notesheet…USE section 3-5 out of the book to add to notes…anything in yellow!!! then do pg. 161 #1-4, 11, 14-18, 34, 36 and challenge: 48
Tue 10/20 Warm up: Challenge hexagon problem; 4 minutes to compare homework with peers; Spent time discussing regular polygons and find the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon; Added in a discussion of the octagon (stop sign…actually measured it!)…and tessellations!; Only homework is to clean up last night’s homework!!
Wed 10/21  Reg 24-gon…measure of 1 interior angle. Moved on to “exterior angles”…activity…Used the ggb apps from the web to help (click HERE and click HERE); Wrapped up by looking again at the regular 24-gon! Do pg 161 #5-7 (only name them), 8-10, 21-24, 41, 42
Thur 10/22 5 min to compare homework…answered a couple questions; tried to graph y = 2x – 1; watched video (Graph); Reviewed graphing  y = mx + b; Reviewed finding slope; connected finding slope back with they distance formula!  Do pg 165 #2, 3 and do pg. 169 #1-4
Fri 10/23 Warm-up: several problems to find slope and then to graph; reviewed slope-intercept form, standard form, and “developed” point-slope form…last 20 min or so to work:  A. Pg 165 (just find slope) 3, 5, 8, 9.  B. Pg. 169 #5-7, 11-15, 33, 34, 38. C. Challenge!!! Pg. 169 #57, 61, 62. There will be an open note quiz on Monday!!!
Mon 10/26 Dr. Hartman had a sub (state standards meetings here at WHS); Quiz
Tue 10/27 Graded the quiz together (immediate feedback)
Wed 10/28 Introduction (well review from Algebra 1-2) of perpendicular (and parallel) slopes of lines…using coordinate geometry as the perspective. (Ppt.)
Thur 10/29 PPT warmup with showing whether or not two lines are perpendicular. Time to work: Pg 177 #1, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 18, 19, 25, 26, 50, 51, 56-59  and challenge:  20, 45, 46
Fri 10/30  Warm up: Graph x=3 and y=-4; Clicker partner problems (related to classifying and using triangles)…4-1 on the sheet!! Great discussions!!
Mon 11/2 Finished clicker problems from Friday; worked 8 clicker problems related to polygons (6-1); worked another 5-6 “ACT” type problems. Again, interesting discussions 🙂
Tue 11/3 (Test is likely NEXT Tuesday); Explorational with measuring sides and angles (5-5) to show that the “smallest angle” is opposite the “smallest side” (etc.); Used AngLegs to explore the triangle inequality theorem. No homework
Wed 11/4 Cleaned up the triangle inequality theorem; Lot of time to work: NEW: pg 293 #4-8, 10-14, 16-21, 23-26, 35-36 and REVIEW: pg. 720 #15-18 (just classify), 20, 21, 25, 26 (just find slope), 34-36). Test is next Tuesday!!!
Thur 11/5 Explored Isoc. (and equilateral) triangles using patty paper!!! Do pg. 230 #5-7, 10-13, 19-22 and challenge #8
Fri 11/6 Cleaned up the chapter. Review for the test:  pg 190 #22-24, 33-34, 35, 38, 41,; pg. 192 #22-24; pg. 251 #31-33; pg. 299 #31-34, 39 and pg. 300 #7; Click HERE for the video that goes over the review.
Mon 11/9  No school: inservice
Tue 11/10 Quarter 2 Test 1
Wed 11/11 Computer lab time…with “mathsisfun.com/geometry” looking at transformations! (Congruence, similarity, translations, reflections, rotations, “dilations”). Direction sheet handed out…WITH places to answer online multiple choice questions (turned in)
Thur 11/12 Warm-up_ Graph y = (2/3)x-1….we eventually made connections between rise / run (+2 / +3) for the horizontal and vertical movements for a translation. Basics of notes for translation, isometry, pre-image, etc… all from section 9.1. Notes on how to write/use a rule for a translation. Worksheet for hmwk
Fri 11/13 0. answer keys to look at; 1-2-3-4. 30 minutes to work on an investigation with the reflections (including the use of a mira); This lesson is based on the material in section 9.2; Worksheet for hmwk
Mon 11/16 0. Answer keys to look at; discovery activity for rotations of 90-180-270 about the “origin;” looked at rotations of “different angles” and about “different points of rotation” using the mathsisfun.com site and by “hand.” A second sheet handed out to help with drawing rotations; Hmwk sheet handed out. (Test is Friday)
Tue  11/17 0. Answer keys out; discussed dilations; Worksheet for homework (Test is Friday)
Wed 11/18 0. Answer keys out; Clicker problems related to transformations; Work on test corrections (early out day!!!)
Thur 11/19 Decided to spend the day “practicing” problems for the ACT Aspire test. Review for the test!!  do pg 526 #1-14, do pg 523 #1-4, 7-8, 12-13, 19-20, 28 and do pg. 526 #27-28. Click HERE for the iPad review video.
Fri 11/20 Computer lab 3000…partners worked on more of the Aspire problems!. Test will be Monday
Mon 11/23  Ch. 9 Transformations test….then began the tessellation project! (Several gone for Aspire)
Tue 11/24 Several gone for Aspire as well making up the test from yesterday! Work on tessellation project (not required to make up if you are gone!)
Wed – Fri  Thanksgiving break!!!
Mon 11/30 Dr. H was gone proctoring the ACT aspire test; Students worked on a symmetry sheet
Tue 12/1 Video: (Click HERE); 2 worksheets with congruency; Dr. Hartman was gone for an appointment
Wed 12/2 Used AngLegs to explore what is needed to determine whether 2 triangles are congruent or not
Thur 12/3 Used AngLegs (Demonstration) and a Khan video (Click HERE) to show that SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS all will working in allowing two triangles to be congruent; but AAA will only result in similarity and SSA (donkey) will not work due to the “ambiguous” case. Homework: Work on test corrections
Fri 12/4 Time to work on 4.2-4.3 worksheets with peers (with answers provide) and a hmwk 4.3 sheet! (titled Chapter 4.4 Sample Problems)
Mon 12/7 Opened with QQT cards related to proving 2 triangles congruent; looked at CPCTC…bad video (HERE), ok video (HERE), another ok video (HERE);  Worked on “worksheet” with 4.4 CPCTC stuff….homework: start working through proofs!!! (Gave a worksheet); Test is Friday
First Proof from the homework sheet (Click HERE); Second Proof (Click HERE); Third Proof (Click HERE)
Tue 12/8 1. Cleaned up QQT from yesterday. Answered questions on the homework. Used the computer lab to “check” some of the homework from yesterday (see the previous cell above); Time to work on proofs. Hmwk: work on more proof:  Pg. 210 #26, 39; Pg. 217 #20, 22, Pg. 223 #3, 6, 14, 19….and then practice some multiple choice:  Pg. 211 #44, 45;  Pg. 217 #16; Pg. 218 #33, 34; Pg. 225 #22, 23, 24.  Test is Friday
Wed 12/9 No class…Shortened schedule due to early out…AND the 6th and 7th periods had an assembly…thus no class!
Thur 12/10 Worked on “skeleton” proofs; started to review for test. Video for the “first” part of the review..click HERE. Video for the “second” part of the review (proof part)…click HERE.
Fri 12/11 Arrggg….since I didn’t hit “update” on Thursday, students couldn’t prep for the proof part of the exam. Thus, the exam was moved back until Monday. Today we learned about HL and worked through 2 proofs related to HL and CPCTC. TEST is Monday! Deadline for all test corrections is next Thursday!
Mon 12/14 Triangle congruency test; ALL test corrections are due no later than Thursday. NO late ones will be accepted!


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Tue 1/5 Start of second semester; shape sort activity; Homework: begin to fill out the “first” salmon colored sheet with quadrilaterals
Wed 1/6 More with the shape sort / venn diagram activity….moved towards just focusing on quadrilaterals; continue to fill out the “first” salmon sheet and start to fill out the “second” salmon sheet!!!; books checked out; inventory handed out as well.
Thur 1/7 Warm up: given 2 points, find the slope, midpoint, and distance; groups did a google image search for “quadrilateral classification;” groups presented their “fav” up front; Dr. H gave a sheet with several to look at; good discussion; Discussed resources, including Dr. Hartman’s website, the book, and things like the Khan Academy; used Khan to begin to investigate the Kite more (Click HERE); worksheet for homework
Fri 1/8 Finished looking at Khan’s “Kite” video. (Per 1 also looked at Khan’s classification problems); Revisited venn diagram from yesterday that included squares/rhombi as special kites; Students compared answers; Hartman put up the answer key and addressed issues; Set the stage for some of the major parallelogram properties; worksheet for homework (in addition to working more on the salmon sheets!!)
Mon 1/11 10 min to compare all of the worksheet in groups of 4; salmon summary sheet; focus on parallelogram; looked at some clicker problems and some proof; worksheet related to 6.2-3 notes and properties on parallelograms
Tue 1/12  Convince me there are more than 5 properties to check off for the salmon sheet (parallelograms); time to compare / make sense of / ask questions about the notesheet on parallelograms; looked at some “proof” behind the properies; Hmwk: dot problem quad. challenge; 6.4 notesheet for rectangles, rhombi, and squares
Wed 1/13 Individual students posted answers to the dot problems from Tuesday; 5 minutes for groups to compare hmwk (few had it done!); groups then were assigned either a rhombus/rect/sq off the salmon sheet to present the properties; a few clicker problems to close the day; Brown rect/rhom/sq sheet for homework (get caught up with homework!)
Thur 1/14 New “property” graphic organizer; used the salmon sheet to help make sense of it; 1st (few more clicker problems) vs. 7th (cleaned up the dot problem from Tuesday); 5 minutes for groups to compare answers to last night’s work; A/S/N work; Hmwk: clean everything up!
Fri 1/15 Finished up A/S/N; answer keys out for the Brown rect/rhom/sq homework; Students turned in 9 of the pieces of work from this semester (handed out inventory to period 7); 2 assignments…but 30 minutes of class to work (trap/kite notesheet and homework worksheet)
Mon 1/18 5 min to compare/clean up the hmwk; Key notes on traps, special traps, kites; cleaned up the salmon sheet; talked about the “gut” instinct for the midsegment thm; Video related to midsegment (Click HERE) ; Worksheet for hmwk
Tue 1/19 Used anglegs to help set up proof for “base angles of isos trap are congruent;” ans keys out for homework; talked about ways to use coord. to prove (verify) quadrilaterals….boils down to “knowing” properties and using a combination of slopes / midpoints / distances / (opp. reciprocal slopes) to show which specific type of quad. you have!!! Worksheet for homework
Wed 1/20 Early release day; 1st period; Computer Lab … 8 parallelogram proofs….Link: Click HERE. 7th period: most at the assembly!!!
Thurs 1/21 Handed out “math recommendations” for next year; Answer keys out for Tuesday’s assignment; list over several “chapter wrap up” problems to do:Pg 309 #28, Pg. 309 #31-34, Pg. 317 #35, Pg. 325 #18, Pg. 326 #22-24, Pg. 333 #16-18, Pg. 333 #22, Pg. 333 #24, Pg. 340 #39, Pg. 341 #48, Pg. 345 #22, Pg. 346 #31, Pg. 350 #2-3, Pg. 326 #20, Pg. 311 #56-59, Pg. 317 #50, Pg. 353 #43
Fri 1/22 Dr. Hartman is gone at a meeting; In class multiple choice activity…to help review…students turned in their work related to it. Answers to the m/c review: Pg 1 #4(D), 7(D); Pg 2 #1(C), 2(E), 3(B), 4(B), 5(D), 6(E), 7(A); Pg 3 #1(E), 2(C), 3(C), 4(C), 5(B); Pg 4 #1(B), 2(B), 3(D), 4(E), 5(E), 6(A), 7(C), 8(D); Pg 5 #1(B), 2(C), 3(C), 4(D), 5(D), 6(A), 7(B); Pg 6 #1(A), 2(D), 3(C), 4(C), 5(D), 6(B); The review for the chapter test is HERE. The iPad video that goes over the review is HERE (first part) and HERE (second part). . The test is on MONDAY.
Mon 1/25 Quadrilateral exam!
Tue 1/26 10 minutes to finish the test; Examined photo sizes; FroknowsPhoto (click here); Looked at multiple perspectives of solving proportions; Hmwk: Read 7.1 and take notes (on the worksheet)
Wed 1/27 Went over parts of the 7.1 notesheet; began to go over the 7.2 notesheet; Hmwk: Finish up the 7.2 notesheet (make sure you read!)
Thur 1/28 Answer keys out for the 7.2 notes; Time to work through 7.1 and 7.2 worksheets; Hmwk: take notes on 7.3a (AA similarity); A good Khan intro video for Similarity is HERE
Fri 1/29 Computer Lab Site 1: HERE;  Site 2 (after you do the multiple choice): HERE; In class we looked at the first part of this video (HERE); then tried some multiple choice problems (HERE); 7.3 Worksheet for homework
Mon 2/1 We went over the homework; watched more of THIS video; Looked at notes for 7.3b; Homework on 7.3b Similarity by SSS and SAS; Tests handed back. Test corrections too!
Tue 2/2 Snow Day
Wed 2/3 Snow Day
Thur 2/4 Partner 1/2 sheet to review; answer key out for the 7.3b worksheet; time to work on a quiz (could use peers and finish at home!); 7.4 notesheet to preview
Fri 2/5 Graded the quiz in class; Activity: cut apart “special right triangle” to see similar relationships; started to look at the 7.4 “using similar right triangles” notesheet…This weekend: test corrections and then do more work with the 7.4 notesheet
Mon 2/8 Similar to last Thursday’s partner 1/2 sheet…review to start class; went over the notesheet from Friday; time to start the 7.4 worksheet
Tue 2/9 Warm up problems: Click HERE (Khan similarity problems); Students then used GeoGebra to explore section 7.5 from the text; Main hmwk: TEST corrections!!! also a “1/2” sheet to prepare for tomorrow (related to the 7.5 work from today). The test is Friday!!!
Harder warm up problems…save for later!
Wed 2/10 Used Dr. H’s ggb files to clean up investigations from yesterday; Went over the “1/2” sheet; Notesheet for 7.6; Homework sheet for 7.6. Please finish up test corrections
Thur 2/11 Review day; no questions asked off the hmwk; “12 station” problems around the room. Answers for the review handed out (problems from pp. 728-729 in the book). To study: do the review problems, re-read the text, look over notes, look over hmwk problems….can dress up for the test for extra points! Test corrections!!!
Fri 2/12 Ch 7 test; (Test corrections!!!)
Mon 2/15 Mad minute warm up with simplifying radicals; Went over that; 1/2 sheet review of the pythag. theorem; time to work: pg 420: #3-5, 10-15 then 7, 8, 19, 20, 31 and then 16, 17, 27-29, 33, 37-39, 50-52
Tue 2/16 Time for groups to compare homework and then ask questions about; Exploration with building a 45-45-90 from a square…discovered the relationship (ratio 1:1: rt 2); measured carefully and cut out a 30-60-90 triangle for tomorrow
Wed 2/17 Warm up with 45-45-90 triangles; looked at a Khan video related to 45-45-90 (click here); measured our 30-60-60 from yesterday and entered in spreadsheet to look for relationship; tried to build the 1 : rt 3 : 2 relationship…looked at a few practice problems on Khan (click here); try the hmwk: level 1 pg 428 #1-6, 9-14; level 2: pg. 428 #7, 8, 15, 16; level 3: pg. 429: #20-23, 27
Thur 2/18 Went back through 8-2; used a notesheet to guide us this time! (notesheet: 8.2-Special Right Triangles); same assignment as last night
Fri 2/19 Answered questions on the homework; told students I would be collecting the pg 420/480/notesheet on monday for a grade; moved into data collection: Collected data on ‘opp/adj’ and ‘opp/hyp’ and ‘adj/hyp’ for many different 20-70-90 triangles.
Mon 2/22 Turned in pg 420/428/notes; Round 1 of “special right triangle” QQT; gave students the raw data of that was collected on Friday…to look for patterns…used the data to establish the relationships of sine-cosine-tangent (sin / cos / tan) (Soh-Cah-Toa); Big packet of homework: do 1-25 odds; Also tests handed back…work on test corrections!
Tue 2/23 Round 2 of “special right triangles” QQT;  went over all of the 1-25 odds together…introduced “arcsin” “arccos” and “arctan” to solve for the unknown angle; Work on the packet of homework: do 1-34 all
Wed 2/24 Warm up to solve for an unknown angle on the board (thus reviewed inverse trig ratios); 5 minutes to compare homework; Actually did QQT!!!; answered final questions related to the worksheet; Additional “qqt” type activity called “what’s the angle?” (played mmm bop!)…to review inverse trig ratios…BACK side of the packet for homework
Thur 2/25 Answer key out for the back side of the packet; Application day!…lots of application problems. Homework:  work on test corrections!!!
Fri 2/26 Dr. Hartman was at a meeting at Milford and then on his way to Ames for a dance competition: students worked through a quiz (from the book):

30 problem quiz (Show all work) Do in this order: Pg. 423 #59, 60, 61, Pg. 429 #29, 30, 31, Pg. 430 #1 through 5, 10, Pg. 435 #12, 28, Pg. 437 #59, 60, 61, 62, 63, Pg. 441 #5, 7, 11, 12, Pg. 434 #10, Pg. 435 #22, Pg. 441 #17, Pg. 447 #12, 17, Pg. 449 #31, 33

Mon 2/29 Warm-up: solve a right triangle; graded “own” quiz from Friday using Dr. Hartman’s answer key; notes and examples with angle of elevation and angle of depression; Hmwk: worksheet
Tue 3/1 Warm up: “hikers” angle of depression problem; answered questions on homework; station review (worked out solution were on the back to help students); tonight: besides cleaning up test corrections, REVIEW for the test!!! Do pg. 730 #1-24. There is a video to help you. Click HERE.
Wed 3/2 Chapter 8 exam. (clean up old test corrections)
Thur 3/3 No school…state bkb
Fri 3/4 No school…spring break
Mon 3/7 Partner activity for “revisiting” last Wed’s chap 8 exam; time to work on test corrections as well as begin to prep for the mid-term
Tue 3/8 (quarter 3 evaluation filled out) Spec sheet for the final handed out; old tests handed back; time to review for the final! (last call for test corrections…deadline is tomorrow…)
Wed 3/9 Mid-term exam!!!
Thur 3/10 No school…spring break B
Fri 3/11 No school…spring break B
Mon 3/14 Pi day activities (and pie)!!!
Tue 3/15 Time to take notes for 10-6 (and 10-7)…there is a lot of vocab for circles! (several out for locals)
Wed 3/16 Time to collaborate on homework: 10-6 #1, 2, 9-22, 27-28, 34-37, 46, 52, 53, 73, 74 (THEN 70, 71). Answer keys were sitting out to aid students
Thur 3/17 Pop quiz; m/c clicker problems (good for collaborative work) up do #10
Fri 3/18 1. Partners finished the last m/c clicker problems. 2. Partners compared homework for 10-7. 3. Partners got answer keys for 10-6, 10-7, and the m/c clicker problems. 4. Once “caught up,” students moved on to take notes for 12-1 and 12-2
Mon 3/21 Activity to assess understanding of circles and tangents (followed 10 steps from Dr. H’s sheet); went over 1-10 together from the end of the notesheet from Friday (didn’t quite finish 5, 7, 9, 10)
Tue 3/22 Finished 5, 7, 9, 10 from the notesheet; time to work on the 12-1 homework worksheet
Wed 3/23 Started with a great problem…”length of rope”….(consider extensions to 2, 4, 5,+,…circles!); began going over 12-2 notesheet…
Thur 3/24 last part of the 12-2 notehseet; then time to work on the 12-2 worksheet “properties of chords”…goal was to have no homework before break!!
Fri 3/25 Easter break
Mon 3/28 Easter break
Tue 3/29 Circle activity to build “hypothesis” for inscribed angles (e.g., 1/2 of the measure of the central angle that forms). (Did not address the tangent case…expected students to “figure” that out from the book)…Read 12.3 pg. 681 #5-8, 15-17, then any 3 of (9-14) and then any 1 of (18-20)
Wed 3/30  Warm-up pg 687 top #1-9; Answered questions on last two assignments; investigation…angles of secants (intersect outside or inside or “on” the circle); Spend 15 min on the worksheet
Thurs 3/31 GGB secant file…10 min to work on 12.4a worksheet (read of a few answers); “silent” proof for segment lengths (chord-chord) postulate for a*b = c*d; spend 15 min on the second worksheet (12.4b)
Fri 4/1 Filled out flash cards for a warmup…relationships in 12.4…time to work on both worksheets…another round of flashcards given out for homework for the weekend
Mon 4/4 17 stations…2 min / stations…review…started to go over the review…will finish on Tuesday. (most hadn’t done any work on the flashcards!…that is the homework for tonight)
Tues 4/5 Finsihed going over the station problems; went over questions on the flashcards…time to study (10.6-10.7 and 12.1-12.4) Students can make a 3×5 index card with notes…only one side!
Wed 4/6 Test was today!!! (Circle challenge handed out)
Thurs 4/7 Started to investigate solids…cut out and examined “5” of them (and filled out a property sheet). Click HERE to download the sheets to do at home!!
Fri 4/8 Tennis ball can problem…(around vs. length); make as many different nets as you can for the “cube” (great activity)…used the NCTM site to check!! Click HERE)…Final problem of the day: how many nets can you create for the “square pyramid?”
Mon 4/11 No school…teacher inservice
Tue 4/12 6 answers were posted for the pyramid; went over the properties sheet; looked at the reflection page (had the bucket with the 5 solids in it); passed around various solids and used the sheet to help develop Euler’s theorem (F+V=E+2); looked at the textbook for vocab. Assigned pg 601 #2-6even, 11, 13-15, 17-19, 27-29, 36
Wed 4/13 Challenge “net” sheet; answered questions on the homework; started in on surface area…round 1 was to have the various buckets and offer an “initial description of how to find the s.a.” and then offer a net; suggestion was to read through 11.2-11.3
 Thur 4/14 More with the challenge “net” sheet; round 2 of surface area…same buckets but now use the given net and copy it and label all of the dimensions you would have to measure to find the s.a. and then offer a formula of how to do it.
Fri 4/15 cut out the “net” challenge to find the answer; began to post formulas for the various solids (cube, rect. prism, tri. prism, cylinder?)…began to assess what we know and what we don’t know!  Assignment: READ 11.1-11.3…and start to work on test corrections
Mon 4/18 Handed out a sheet summarizing the first 7 days of this uni. Use the file cabinet sticky problem to enter this week (Click HERE). Assignment; find the dimensions of a file cabinet that 1,000,000 sticky notes would cover. Again, read 11.1-11.3
Tue 4/19 Answer to 1,000,000 sticky note? Reviewed things we “should” know (area of rectangle, triangle, p.gram,….) Watched circle videos (click HERE and HERE) and trapezoid video (click HERE); worksheet to measure and find the areas
Wed 4/20 Went over the area worksheet right away. Answer to 1,000,000 sticky now? Addressed the last page of the worksheet…area of regular polygons; do pg. 592 #1-6, 19, 22-23
Thur 4/21 Warm-up ppt. review of 11.1, addressed surface area of our original 5 “solids” that we started the chapter with. Used this video (HERE) to address the cone. Answered questions on homework; Do pg. 612 #9; pg. 620 #3, 9, 2; pg. 613 #34, pg. 621 #18, 19; pg. 622 #29, 30; pg 613 #33 and pg. 622 #28
Fri 4/22 First day to work on the m/c review
Mon 4/25 Second day to work on the m/c review. Also work on pg. 734 #1-10 (area only) and pg. 736 #1, 6-9, 12-15. iPad review video is HERE.
Tues 4/26 In class part of the test; take home part: A. turn in the review and ten randomly selected problems. B. find a solution for the 1,000,000 sticky note problem (basic info is HERE). C. Go to the polyhedra site and print/color/cut/S.A….Euler’s theorem (click HERE).
Wed 4/27 Started “cutie cubes” (Find the V and SA of the six main prisms and find one more) Work on take home part of test
Thur 4/28 Wrapped up “cutie cubes”…addressed the volume of prisms and cylinders (V=Bh); used calculator programming to help; work on take home part of test
Fri 4/29 Turn in take home part of test; worksheet over 11.4
Mon 5/2 Questions on homework; spent time with “you pour, I choose” (Click HERE)
Tue 5/3  10 minutes to work through m/c problems finding the volume (prisms and cylinders); Activity to explore finding the volume of pyramids and cones. (Rice). Read 11.5 do #5, 8, 11, 13, 19
Wed 5/4  Warm up (Brianna’s 5th grade: rect. prism has a base with p = 28 and h = 6…find dimensions if volume is between 200 and 300…several extensions); Questions on homework; time to work through worksheet
Thur 5/5  M/C warm up with pyramids and cones; give dimension of a cone (and maybe a pyramid) that would have the vol -24 like cutie cubes (do any have a better surface area than 2x3x4 prism?; questions on homework; complete review: pg. 736 #16-23 (can use on test)
Fri 5/6  Volume test
Mon 5/9  Partners worked through the paperweight problem from the test; playdoh activity to find volume (homework: last chance to complete circle test corrections…Wednesday is deadline) Showed the video (click HERE)
Tue 5/10  Partners worked through the puzzle prob from tst and then showed “getting triggy with it” (students need to know trig for final); worked on the castle from the test together…
Wed 5/11  Partners talked through Penny the penguin S.A. part of the test; the students did a self assessment of the volume test (filled out sheet); Worked through the surface area of a sphere using oranges) Gave the “spec” sheet for the final!!!
Thur 5/12 time for students to review; fill our 3×5 notecard…prep for the final!
5/13 – 16-17 Finals (last 1/2 day was Tuesday May 17th)


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