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WHS DiffGeom (18-19)

The syllabus for Diff Geometry is HERE. Click the link!

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Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/15 Adjusted first day of school; only 10 minutes per class…enough time to say hello!
Thur 8/16 Three rounds of puzzle activities (and reflections)
Fri 8/17 Perspective sheets; things about Dr. Hartman; notesheet on transformations; assignment 1 on transformations (like a puzzle)
Mon 8/20 Students discussed the rotation of 90 (and different perspectives of thinking about it); looked at rotating a triangle (on a coordinate plan) 90 degrees; round 3 and round 4 of the “puzzle” transformation work.
Tue 8/21 Equation warm-up (10 min) Pg 10 #69-72; Pg 36 #38-39; Pg 229 #4-8; Pg 560 #44-46…followed by time to “play” the transformation game!!! Click HERE  Homework is pg 171 #1-4; pg. 171 #5-8; pg 214 #52-54; pg 415 #7-9 and pg 406 #53-54
Wed 8/22 Hmwk check and round 4 of “puzzle” transformation check; students had time to compare and clean these up; Used our graph paper to translate a triangle using a vector (in Transtar formation); Time for students to start reading and taking notes; let students talk about “what” they are writing down!; Dr. H talked about vector notation and “rule” notation; time to start working: 4.1 pg. 178 #3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23-25, 32, 38 and take notes on section 4.2
Thur 8/23 Notes check and homework check; time to compare; spent time talking about #38; addressed a strategy of taking notes called “Cornell Notes;” began to examine a variety of reflections. Do 4.2 pg 186 #2, 8, 9, 16, 18, 21-24, 34, 40-48 even
Fri 8/24 Partners compared reflecting over y=-x, then we tried y=0.25x-2…showed how Geogebra.org can help big time! Discussed the special rules for reflections (e.g., to reflect over the y=x…(x,y) become (y,x)) Time to compare homework; no homework check; started to look at rotations…first up was rotation of 90 degrees. Homework: COVER book with a brown paper bag and read/take notes on section 4.3
Mon 8/27 Hmwk check on the notes and the book cover (yikes…few covers!!!); examined mathisfun.com and the translation/reflection/rotation sites…click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Used the Khan Academy to talk about the 90 rotation of the triangle from last Friday (HERE). Talked about the many helpful resources on the Khan Academy! Time to work on a rotation assignment.
Tue 8/28 Peers first compared the front side of the sheet; Dr. H addressed #6 and the used the “shortcut method” (e.g., 90 degrees (x,y) —> (-y,x)) to offer a new perspective for #5. Students compared the back side (#3,4) Dr. H addressed the generic method of “sucking it in”, using a protractor to measure the rotation angle, and then “spitting it out” Time to work. Note: There will not be official instruction tomorrow due to the club day intro, bus evac drill, 8th graders staying a middle school, early dismissal)…. Students in class during 1st and 5th will get time to work tomorrow; 10th graders will get time during 3rd. Assignment due at the beg. of Thursday: 4.3 # (3, 4), 8, 15, 16, 17-23 odd, 32, 34
Wed 8/29 Workday (early release / bus evac ….)
Thur 8/29 Hmwk check; 2 activities in the pod (roundtable and composition sheet); finish composition sheet tonight, take notes for 4.4, prepare for Friday quiz, cover book!!!!
Fri 8/29 Talked about 2 different dilation items (HERE) and (HERE)…used a sheet to help us with both; took a quiz!…Take notes on 4.5
Mon 9/3 No School due to Labor Day!
Tue 9/4 First, try the sheet that the sub gives. Then use this video to go over it: (HERE); Then time to work on computer practice:  Computer Practice at home (HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE) When done with this practice, put your chromebook in the CORRECT spot and plug in the charger. Finally work on the sheet that the sub gives you. There is graph paper by the couch!
Wed 9/5 Addressed how scale factor “k” is impacted by 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D measurements; talked about how to graph #6 off the hmwk sheet; Dr. H let students grade their own quiz from last week; Time to work on 4.6 #3-8 all; we will start the “test” tomorrow!
Thur 9/6 Hmwk check on hmwk; time for peers to compare work; brief review of the chapter; quizzes back; grades updated; time to start the take home part of the test; in-class part will be tomorrow!
Fri 9/7 In class part of the Ch 4 test; take home part is due Tuesday
Mon 9/10 Board work…#7 and 8 off the test and then several algebra equations….(we will review algebra from time to time) Take home test is due tomorrow
Tue 9/11 Turned in take home test; peers collaborated in the pod to “figure” out the basics of 1.1 and 1.2 (two types of groupings); then Dr. Hartman went over all of it. Tonight: Read and take notes for section 1.1/1.2 and do the two puzzle sheets.
Wed 9/12 Dr. Hartman is gone for the district pep rallies. Work on 1.1 pg. 8 #3-43 odd, 56-62 all AND 1.2 pg. 16 #15-23 odd, 28 AND Read and take notes for 1.3
Thur 9/13 Hmwk/puzzle check; answered questions (few were asked); began to look at midpoint and distance….from several perspectives including the book’s “formulas”…hmwk: work on 1.3 #9, 16, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31, 32, 38, 40
Fri 9/14 Warm-up; answered questions on hmwk; began to look at angle relationships (sheet with 8 problems); hmwk: finish the sheet, take notes on 1.5 and 1.6 and prepare for quiz 1.1-1.3 for Monday
Mon 9/17 Addressed the big ideas of 1.5 and 1.6; quiz; puzzle sheets for 1.5 and 1.6
Tue 9/18 Band students gone…work day 1.5 #3, 7, 9-14, 21-29 odd, 33, 35 and 1.6 #1-21 odd, 31, 46….test coming up soon!
Wed 9/19 Went over the quiz; hmwk check; addressed #46; board work with more 1.5-1.6; hmwk: 1.5 #39, 48 and 1.6 #33-41
Thur 9/20 Went over hmwk; more practice at the board
Fri 9/21 Work on A. pg. 591 #4-6; B. pg. 18 #44, 45; C. pg. 180 #47-50; D. pg. 415 #1-6; E. pg. 461 #7-12; F. pg. 484 #46, 47; G. pg. 506 #33-36; H. pg. 63 #7-12; and then look over the chapter 1 review pp. 56-58…Test is Monday
Mon 9/24 Test
Tue 9/25 Videos to set the stage for conditional statements (Philosophy: Click HERE); (Coding: Click HERE); (Basics of p-q: Click HERE); (Truth tables: Click HERE ); Hmwk: take notes on section 2.1
Wed 9/26 Work time (club day for some)…2.1 #3-37 odd, 48, 50, 52, 55, 56, 64-69
Thur 9/27 Went over 17, 18, 19 in depth; time to collaborate and ask questions; moved on to truth tables; Dr. H modeled #39; Assignment: #40-44 and then read/take notes on 2.2
Fri 9/28 Ice Ice Baby conditional statement partner work; t-table challenge problem; tests back…work on corrections. (Take notes on section 2.2 if you haven’t!) 9th grade MAPS testing on Monday
Mon 10/1 MAPS testing; work on test corrections
Tue 10/2 45 devoted to practicing an ACT test; spend 15 more minutes (timed) tonight; also continue to work on test corrections
Wed 10/3 Finish MAPS; time to collaborate with the ACT; hmwk: Read/Notes section 2.2 if you haven’t!! Finish up test corrections soon
Thur 10/4 Scores of the ACT; roundtable with conditional statements; Introduced inductive and deductive reasoning with a few videos: (Reasoning in writing; Click HERE); (Inductive/Deductive in math: Click HERE); (Example of Deductive: Click HERE); (Example of Inductive: Click HERE). Homework: Do 2.2 #4, 6, 10, 14, 17-33 odd, 42, 44
Fri 10/5 Another roundtable; discussed law of syllogism; time for peers to compare hmwk; answered questions; time to work on a “reasoning” activity…3×3 squares! Finish the activity at home this weekend
Mon 10/8 Went over the 3×3 activity; worked on the circle (with spots activity); clean up 2.2 (worksheet) tonight; quiz on Thursday (2.1-2.3)
Tue 10/9 Ans key sitting out for hmwk; went over the worksheet; Did the “a-m” exploration on pg 83; worksheet for hmwk and add to the back pg. 87 #9-23
Wed 10/10 Went over hmwk; warm-up with m/c problems; practiced “alg proofs” section 2.4; Quiz is tomorrow!
Thur 10/11 Quiz; start to work on pg. 96 #3, 11, 13, 15, 23, 25-42, 45, 47, 53, 56; you may want to read and take notes on 2.4 (as well as 2.3)
Fri 10/12 Finish up the bookwork; work on pumpkin puzzle
Fall Break
Fall Break
Wed 10/17 Questions on the hmwk; then began to work on proof: Click FIRSTSECONDTHIRDFOURTHFIFTH, and SIXTH. THEN move on to the next sections:Do in this order: FirstSecondThirdFourth (This is Hard), Quiz back; take notes on 2.5
Thur 10/18 Went over quizzes; addressed “hard” proof from yesterday; watched two proofs for the area of a circle found on youtube:  HERE and HERE  More proofs…HERE….(last ones with “bumpers!!!); tonight take notes on section 2.6 and try to make progress on the worksheet.
Fri 10/19 This is not easy!!! Went over a couple things on the worksheet; 2nd worksheet; ans key handed out for both worksheets…this weekend work on 2.5 #3-10, 13, 15, 24-26 and 2.6 #3-6, 7-15 odd, 16, 17-23 odd, 30; test is Tuesday
Mon 10/22 20 min to collaborate; a few review problems; time for a couple questions…study tonight for the chap 2 exam!
Tue 10/23 Chap 2 Exam
Wed 10/24 Time to work on an Algebra Review (66 probs)
Thur 10/25 Talked about first 20 of the Alg Rev; then Euclid the game! (On Chromebooks): Click HERE
Fri 10/26 More time with Euclid the game! (get to the levels that have the compass tool)
Mon 10/29 Went over 21-40 of the algebra M/C problems; Spent time exploring the “Classic version” of Geogebra (HERE); ended using geogebra to show the 4 cases of having three distinct coplanar lines intersect in a plane. Hmwk: Read and take notes on 3.1; Tests back; work on test corrections.
Tue 10/30 Went over 41-56 on M/C problems; talked about notes from 3.1; used geogebra and pg. 131 exploration 1 to develop the concepts of 3.2; tonight read and take notes on both sections 3.2 and 3.3
Wed 10/31 Club Day / early release / 3.1-3.3 puzzles
Thur 11/1 No Class this day
Fri 11/2 Round 1 (3.1 worksheet); Rounds 2 and 3 (Challenge 3.2-3.3 worksheets); Round 4 (hmwk….5 angles to find and take notes on section 3.4)
Mon 11/5 Time for peers to compare; quiz is tomorrow; time to work on book work:  3.1 (10, 15-20, 24); 3.2 (3-11 odd, 12, 13); 3.3 (3-7 odd, 13-24 all, 38)  Make sure notes have been taken for section 3.4
Tue 11/6 Quiz
Wed 11/7 addressed 3.4 items; Worksheet and pg. 152 #11, 12, 23, 25, 26, 27 on the back
Thur 11/8 Time to compare take home quiz; reviewed y=mx+b and pt-slope form and parallel/perp lines while self-grading the quiz; Hmwk: test corrections
Fri 11/9 Turned in test corrections; addressed front of worksheet from Wed; peers compared book problems from Wed; Chromebook Feromax proof work: Do in this order: Review the first 4… FirstSecondThirdFourth (This is Hard), rest are new… FifthSixthSeventh (This is a medium one), Eighth (medium), Ninth (medium), Tenth (medium)  Chapter 3 test on Tuesday
Mon 11/12 Quizzes back; time to study them; peers worked on a review together; Test is tomorrow
Tue 11/13 Chap 3 exam
Wed 11/14 Club day / early release; time to read/take detailed notes for sections 5.1 and 5.2
Thur 11/15 Time to work and make sense of 5.1: Do 3-6, 7-21 odd, 23-36 all, 38, 43, 44, 49, 50, 54-57
Fri 11/16 Puzzle 5.1; went over 5.1 hmwk; Official notes for 5.2; puzzle for 5.2
Mon 11/19 Time to work on 5.2 #3-14, 17, 18, 22; tests back; then work on corrections
Tue 11/20 Finish 5.2 work, work on corrections, turkey cards
Wed 11/21 Thanksgiving break
Mon 11/26 Angleg activity to set the stage for showing 2 triangles congruent
Tue 11/27 Formal notes showing why SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS are the 4 ways to “prove” two triangles congruent; Addressed how AA (really AAA) leads to similarity; Addressed the “ambiguous case” for SSA (donkey) showing why it won’t work; Tonight; first skim sections 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, and then read/take notes on setions 5.3, 5.5, 5.6
Wed 11/28 More with SSS, ASA, SAS, AAS….sheet for students to record “thoughts”; looked at a proof together; then looked at various pairs of triangles to see if they are congruent or not; hmwk is 3 puzzles (5.3, 5.5., 5.6)
Thru 11/29 Time to work out of the book…starting to make sense of the 4 ways to show two triangles are congruent. Do  bookwork: (In this order)     A. Pg. 249 #3-9 odd, 10-14 all.      B. Pg. 266 #3-10 all.      C. Pg. 274 #3-12 all.       D. Pg. 250 #25-26.       E. Pg. 267 #19-20.      F. Pg. 274 #15-16 and 24, 26.      G. (HL) Pg. 266 #5-6 and Pg. 292 #16    H. Then Proof sheet!. The sheet will references two feromax proofs: Click HERE for #1 and HERE for #2. The other proofs are from the book. You some time Friday to work on this as well (and you’ll get more work!!!)
Fri 11/30 HA/HL/LL worksheet to start class; time to work on yesterday’s work; time to start new “big” worksheet; (Ans will be provided on Monday for the “big” worksheet); Quiz Monday
Mon 12/3 Late start (snow) so shorter classes; answer key out for the “big’ worksheet; time to compare; used AngLegs to talk about why the sum of any 2 sides must be greater than the length of the “3rd” side; also talked about “ordering” of sides (longest side is opposite of largest angle, etc…); Quiz is tomorrow; work on corrections
Tue 12/4 Quiz; hmwk: Read pg. 337-339 and do 11-23 odd, 29, 30, 37, 38
Wed 12/5 Finish yesterday’s work and complete the two puzzles (club day ; early release)
Thur 12/6 Went over puzzle; addressed missing 3rd side from two side given measurements again; addressed basics of equilateral and isosceles triangles; work on 5.4 pg. 256 #4, 6, 8, 10, 13-16, 19, 22, 38, 42-44 and proofs on 5.7 pg. 281 #3-10
Fri 12/7 Ans key to quiz sitting out; students then graded own quiz; review m/c problems handed out; test is Monday
Mon 12/10 Chap 5 exam; start to read 8.1
Tue 12/11 8.1 notesheet; puzzle; worksheet
Wed 12/12 8.1 answers on back board; 8.2 notesheet; puzzle; worksheet
Thur 12/13 8.2 answers on back board; 8.3 notesheet; worksheet; tests/corrections given out; students will get 25 minutes to work at the start of class tomorrow
Fri 12/14 25 min to work; ans key handed out for 8.3 worksheet; similarity quest (20 pt formative and 20 pt summative) is Monday. Review for finals handed out to those who wanted it early
Mon 12/18 Quest; Review for finals handed out to the rest
Tue 12/19 Reflection activity; time to work on review
W-F Finals
Semester 2!!!


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/7 Start of Sem 2; time to begin working through the “heavy hitters” from semester 1’s final exam!
Tue 1/8 Students worked on the rest of the “heavy hitters” posting the answers on the back board; finals handed back; began to talk about solving proportions
Wed 1/9 Warm-up with proportions (even the big dog type); worksheet with proportions / 8.4 similarity theorems / puzzle / practice probs
Thur 1/10 Diff Alg 3-4 “pre-test” (answers put on socrative); finish yesterday’s work for homework
Fri 1/11 Went over 1-4 off front page and #9 from last page of the practice probs sheet from Wednesday; time to work on pg 450 #3-7 odd, 13-23 odd, 24 and proportion sheet #1, 5, 7, 11, 15, 17, 21, 23, 25
Mon 1/14 Warm up pg 450 #25 and 30; students compared hmwk work; went over the proportion sheet #21, 23, 25; time to review for tomorrow’s partner “1/2” test (used last sem. quest to review)
Tue 1/15 Partner “1/2” test over similarity
Wed 1/16 Club day / early release (bus evac during 1st) / 8th graders not here….time to work on a practice ACT test.
Thur 1/17 Partner “1/2” test closure (partners meet in pod, individuals were allowed to collaborate with other partners and then clean up own test); Back in the classroom working on the practice ACT test. Have the ACT completed by tomorrow.
Fri 1/18 Snow day
Mon 1/21 Answer key for the ACT problems; went over three rounds of radicals (sq. roots, sq. roots with variables, and cube roots); Sheet with 14 radicals on it for homework
Tue 1/22 Snow day
Wed 1/23 Snow day
Thur 1/24 MAPs testing for 9th graders
Fri 1/25 More MAPs testing for 9th graders; all were given the “answers” for the simplifying radicals worksheet as well as the 2nd page of simplifying rads. Do this for Monday
Mon 1/28 Warm up: compare 2nd page of simplifying rads… pythag thm intro (yet review from many exposures in the past); pythag 1/2 sheet; some finished MAP testing; rest worked on pg. 468 #3-11 odd, 12, 15-27 odd, 44-47
Tue 1/29 Turned in simp. rads sheet; addressed acute vs obtuse as well as rationalizing the denominator; “mad minute”; one more “official” worksheet related to the pythag thm
Wed 1/30 Super cold day (no school for students but teachers worked)
Thur 1/31 Hmwk check; Introduction of 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles!!! Read and take notes on 9.2; do 3-11 odd
Fri 2/1 Turned in the pythag worksheet; hmwk check on notes/hmwk; 9.2 puzzle to review yesterday’s content; QQT; Worksheet; Hmwk  do 9.2 #4-12 even, 13-16, 18, 22
Mon 2/4 Students compared hmwk and asked questions, QUIZ, started to collect data for the 20-70-90 activity
Tue 2/5 Collected (and analyzed) data on four 20-70-90 triangles to discover relationships between the ratios of sides…investigated ratios of the sides…BIG CONNECTIONS…..and similarity….and our data from yesterday….moved into Soh-Cah-Toa….MORE CONNECTIONS…including the calculator!!!.
Wed 2/6 Club day / early release / Dr. Hartman ill….Read 9-4 and 9-5 and then RE-read 9-4 and 9-5 and then take notes on 9-4 and 9-5…then do Work on 9.4 #3, 5, 6 and then 9.5 #3, 5, 7-16
Thur 2/7 Several old pieces of “graded” hmwk/quizzes handed back; Reviewed the basics of Soh-Cah-Toa; Checked out the “unit circle” via a google search. Great list of reasons to learn about trig (HERE); Watched a video Getting Triggy with It (HERE); Work on 9.4 #7, 9, 10 and then 9.5 #17, 19, 21-25 and then 9.4 #11, 12
Fri 2/8 Hwmk check; addressed the suitcase problem; addressed various perspectives of solving a trig. equation; Address a “ht. of tree” type problem using trig; 9.4/9.5 puzzles; Worksheet for homework. Quiz Tues; Test Fri
Mon 2/11 Hmwk check; went over the worksheet; addressed “solving a right triangle” (finding all 3 sides and all 3 angles)….Addressed why “AA” can’t do it (similarity), addressed how “AS” is what we’ve already been doing; addressed the new thing “SS” (using inverse trig); Tonight: read 9.6 and do 5-13 odd; QUIZ tomorrow TEST friday
Tue 2/12 Solve a right triangle…warm-up question…answered questions…Did “musical chairs” Inverse trig activity; QUIZ
Wed 2/13 9.6 puzzle; graded quiz; work on 9.6 #4-12 even, 13-19 odd, 20, 21
Thur 2/14 Review in class (Click HERE for the problems and HERE for the answers); Test is tomorrow…you will want to review…Reread all of your notes. Reread the sections in the book 9.1-9.7 (not 9.3)…consider trying some of the problems on pp. 518-521 #1-9, 17-37…Make sure you have “looked over” the law of sines and cosines!
Fri 2/15 Chap 9 exam (simplify radicals, pythag, 30-60-90 and 45-45-90, “trig”, “inverse trig)…
Mon 2/18 No school (teacher inservice)
Tue 2/19 Dr. Hartman was ill!!!!! Students were expected to read and take notes on 7.1 and do 3-32 all, 37-40
Wed 2/20 Snow day (again)
Thur 2/21 Catch up day…Dr. H went over the material from 7.1; looked at a few ACT trig problems at the end
Fri 2/22 Warm up (5 min with 7 more ACT trig problems); reviewed the 7.1 material one last time, used “1st grade” sheet to let our critical thinking lenses take over for parallelograms; tests back. This weekend. 1. Take notes on 7.2, 2. Fill out the parallelogram column on the sheet; 3. Work on test corrections.
Mon 2/25 Late start (blizzard on Sat…still snow issues); addressed the 5 properties of parallelograms. (Lots of discussion about the general – specific of shapes / polygons / quadrilaterals / parallelograms…lots to consider here!); We now have the parallelogram column checked off. Tonight do 7.2 pg. 372 #3-7 odd, 17-21 odd, 22, 27-33 odd
Tue 2/26 Puzzle 7.2; looked at anglegs connections with various quads; students compared hmwk…esp. looked at #27 (unofficially there are 3 answers); time to work: 7.2 #4, 6, 8, 9-16 all, 18, 20, 28-34 even AND DO AT HOME…read section 7.3 (optional notes; do 3-23 odd); test corrections????
Wed 2/27 Hmwk check; specific questions???; not so great vids to address the 5 ways to prove a parallelogram; 7.3 puzzle; 7.3 worksheet; quiz is Friday
Thur 2/28 Hmwk check and questions; Feromax proofs (and other links). Do in this order: FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthSeventhEighthNinthTenth, there is more to do with: Eleventh, more to do with: Twelfth, more to do with: Thirteenth  7.1-7.3 quiz is tomorrow…
Fri 3/1 Shorter classes (state bkb release at 2:00); Quiz…students could take it home to finish (and master all content)
Mon 3/4 Graded quiz; Looked at ACT problems; Used phone to look up graphic organizers for quadrilateral classifications; handed out a classification sheet Hmwk: Read 7.4/7.5 and take notes; Finish the check sheet from last week!
Tue 3/5 Notes check; went over the checksheet; time to work: 7.4 pg. 393 #3-8, 13, 15, 17-21, 25, 29-53 odd and do 7.5 pg. 402 #7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 20, 27, 29; Test is NEXT Friday
Wed 3/6 Puzzle 1 and Puzzle 2
Spr Bk
Wed 3/13 Went over questions from 7.4-7.5; went over the puzzles; did 59 A/S/N and T/F questions;Handed out the review for the Chap 7 exam…. start to prepare for the exam
Thur 3/14 Happy Pi Day! (Due to too many interruptions, we didn’t get to do pi day activities; Went over the T/F questions; Watched the Greedy Triangle; review for the chap 7 exam
Fri 3/15 Chap 7 exam!; old test corrections due by Wedn
Mon 3/18 Activity to learn about the 11 nets of a cube (click HERE);  tried to draw the 6 nets for a square pyramid. Talked about packaging engineers.
Tue 3/19 Discussed the volume and surface area formulas of a cube and the rectangular prism (including “sticky note” “just think about it” “net” perspective and the official mathematical perspective). Then went over the formulas for the SA of a special square pyramid (equilateral triangle lateral faces); Moved into the famous sticky note and file cabinet problem. (Look at all of the parts of HERE); Assignment is to find the dimensions in 3×3 sticky notes of a file cabinet that is covered by 1,000,000 sticky notes (not the bottom/base face though
Wed 3/20 Critical thinking warm-up…find the area of a regular hexagon with sides = 10 cm; Discussion about finding the SA and V of prisms…primarily prisms with regular polygon bases…looked at a reg. hex base first, then square base, then equilateral triangle, and finally a regular pentagon…powerful connections with trig. Assignment: work on sticky note problem!
Thur 3/21 Warmup: Find SA and V of octagonal prism; discussed “apothem”; worksheet with area of polygon (measure and calculate the areas); finish the sheet; finish the sticky note problem; start working on test corrections
Fri 3/22 Went over the worksheet from yesterday; using several videos to help: parallelograms (HERE); kites (HERE); rhombi (HERE) and better (start at 3:01 HERE); trapezoids (HERE), and circles (HERE and if time HERE); and Regular polygons (HERE) Students will turn in the “yesterday” sheet on Monday; Work on test corrections and the sticky note problem
Mon 3/25 Turned in packet; w.u. problem with 20-gon, sides of 24 cm; time to begin the SA/V problems with 6 actual solids (sheet to lead the way); tonight sticky note and test corrections
Tue 3/26 Warm-up: Find the S and V for a 16-gonal prism with s=8 cm ,a=10 cm, and h=20 cm. Video on Cavalieri’s Principle (HERE); time to work on yesterday’s activity.
Wed 3/27 Dr. Hartman is gone at District Quiz Bowl; worksheet with 7 things to do.
Thur 3/28 Answered questions; went over several on the packet; time to look at SA and V of cones and pyramids
Fri 3/29 1. Address L and (lower case) “l”  2. Pyramid SA example 3. Volume vids Watched 3 videos: HereHere, and Here. 4. Addressed SA; Vids HERE and HERE. 5. Worksheets for homework
Mon 4/1 Went over the packet of puzzle worksheets; Playdoh Vol activity for a sphere; major packet handed out! Start working on it.
Tue 4/2 Juniors took the ACT (no school for the rest)
Wed 4/3 Dr. Hartman was gone (award for daughter at UNL); time to work on major packet
Thur 4/4 Orange activity; Video HERE and HERE, time to work on packet
Fri 4/5 Many out for track meet / FFA / FBLA….time work on worksheet (HERE) and then on packet (deadline for test corrections)
Mon 4/8 Pencil grip warm-up problem; time to work on packet (packet due on Thursday; test on Wednesday)
Tue 4/9 Worked through Euler’s theorem (HERE); cool 3-D polyhedron site is HERE time to work on Packet…Test tomorrow
Wed 4/10 Test; project info handed out; packet due tomorrow
Thur 4/11 Turned packet in; Looked at all of the appendix pages (references) at the back of the book; addressed circumference, area of circles, arc length, sector area and radians; “front side” of a simple worksheet for homework; showed examplars for the project.
Fri 4/12 Time to compare hmwk; work on “back side” of the worksheet (handed out today); time to work on project
Mon 4/15 Answered questions on the 11.1 worksheet; addressed “sectors”; time to work on the 11.2 worksheet; time to work on project
Tue 4/16 11.1/11.2 challenge 1/2 sheet; time to work on project; quiz tomorrow
Wed 4/17 quiz; time to work on project
Thur 4/18 Pep rally sched. …work on project
Fri 4/19 No school (Easter)
Mon 4/22 No school (Easter)
Tue 4/23 20 min on Ch 10 pre-test; time to work on project; due on Thursday
Wed 4/24 time to work on project
Thur 4/25 Turned in project; “packet” with chap 10; Complete 10.1 and 10.2 work
Fri 4/26 Complete 10.3 and 10.4 work
Mon 4/29 Complete 10.5 and 10.6 work
Tue 4/30 Algebra review (polynomials…up to factoring
Wed 5/1 MORE factoring
Thur 5/2 MAPs testing
Fri 5/3 MAPs testing
Mon 5/6 Went over 10.7 in class
Tue 5/7 Answered all of the “circled” problems
Wed 5/8 Review (Hartman out at math meetings)
Thur 5/9 Chap 10 exam
Fri 5/10 Pentominoes puzzle activity
Mon 5/13 collaborative (cards) activity going back through some of the test; tests back; work on corrections
Tue 5/14 Billiard problem and how much can you make (simplifying radicals)
Wed 5/15 Trig review (Click HERE) and then time to work on test corrections.


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