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WHS Alg 1-2 (16-17)

Algebra 1-2

Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 8/22 Border problem! Great start to the year! Complete the inventory sheet.
Tues 8/23 Perspective discussion! Things about Dr. Hartman.
Wed 8/24 Mr. T family photograph warm-up problem; Discussed syllabus. Link for syllabus is HERE Homework: Find a paper sack!!! (cover your book tomorrow). Also, there will be a pre-test tomorrow in class (no calculator)
Thur 8/25 Pre-test; began to go over the pre-test. Students were supposed to bring a grocery paper sack to cover books…only 5 of 40 showed up 😦  TONIGHT: bring a paper sack or two so that we can cover books together tomorrow!!!
Fri 8/26 Went over a few more of the pre-test questions; had the “fun” adventure of covering our books! (yes, I’m being sarcastic…)
Mon 8/29 Did the Five 3’s warm-up; Board work related to the order of operations; HOMEWORK: Do pg. 101 #1-12…Dr. Hartman gave a little piece of graph paper to tape in the assignment to do #1-6 on!
Tue 8/30 Students compared answers for 1-12 (posted in the back of the room); Pre-test correction activity. Finish it tonight! This is very important!!! Post-test will be on Friday
Wed 8/31 Mad minute!!! Clicker review problems with fractions!! Do 12 problems…Pg 42 #47-50; Pg 10 #61-62; Pg 18 #57-58; Pg. 246 #38-41….Post-test is Friday!
Thur 9/1 Partners compared hmwk; Dr. Hartman did a homework check; Looked at pg. 246 #38. TONIGHT: re-examine these 12 problems! Board work practice to review one last time for tomorrow’s post test. (It will look like the pre-test!). Make sure you have completed the “corrections” activity!
Fri 9/2 Post-test; equation/inequality/expression activity (light yellow / tan sheet) for homework
Mon 9/5 No school for Labor Day!!
Tues 9/6 First age problem to set the stage for writing and solving equations; went over activity sheet from Friday (posted work around the room); Looked at our calculators to make sure we can do negatives and fractions!
Wed 9/7 Two more age problems to set the stage for solving equations; Went over using your calc to evaluate a more complex fraction expression; Took notes on 1.1 solving equations; started with 1-step equations. Did address justifying (1. Given; 2. Subtract seven from both sides; 3. Simplify; (4.) check….or 1. Give; 2. Subtraction Property of Equality; 3. Simplify; (4.) check) Several practice problems in class; Do pg. 8 #5-15 odd, 21-37 odd, 39-40 and 50
Thur 9/8 Compared homework; homework check; Looked at solving a “big dog” equation (AND showing our steps); Spent time writing equations in our small groups; Do pg. 8 #41-45 and pg. 26 #6, 8, 10
Fri 9/9 Dr. H went over the hmwk; students graded own work; Partner activity matching solving cards; Started pod activity with Left vs. Right equations (having the same answers); Hmwk pg 16 #3-15 odd
Mon 9/12 Lots of notes on 1.2 (2-step and multi-step equations); Add to your assignment: Pg 16: 17-35 odd
Tue 9/13 More work with the partner sheet from Friday (Did #7 again and then 12-14); addressed #38 from page 17; addressed a second perspective of solving  -2(4y-3)=30 by dividing both sides by -2 first! All students worked to post solutions around the room. We looked at the small details and took a class grade!; More work with 1.2: Pg. 17 #30, 32, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 51, 53; QUIZ on Friday!!!
Wed 9/14 Warm up problem with solving equations w/ variables on both sides; Time to compare/ask question on homework; Notes on section 1.3 (look carefully on page 20…make sure you have the notes from a peer in class IF you missed class); Back to the partner sheet from the past few days…we did #8 and 9. Assignment: do page. 23 #3-17 odd (Quiz is on Friday)
Thur 9/15 Period 1: Board work; Period 3: At the 9th grade retreat
Fri 9/16 Dr. Hartman is gone working on homecoming items; Students in class will take Quiz: 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3a; Problem solving activity afterwards
Mon 9/19 Final notes on 1.3(b): equations with one solution, no solutions, or infinitely many solutions. Practiced a few problems. Time to work (finish pg. 23 #3-17 odd) add on pg. 23 #19-25 odd, 26 and 35-37; Also work on the “find/correct the error” worksheet. Quizzes will be graded soon.
Tue 9/20 Homework check on Pg. 23 #1-17 odd AND the 19-25 odd / 26/ 35-37 AND error worksheet; Answered questions; Addressed “key” problems; Quizzes back; Again addressed “key” issues to “fix” by the test; Started to look at absolute value. Introduced (most) students to the Khan Academy (click HERE).  Assignment: Read 1.4 and take some notes; Do pg. 32 #3-12 all
Wed 9/21 1. Students self graded homework; submitted rubric score value of 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1. 2. Video on solving an absolute value equation (click HERE); Notes, notes and notes on 1.4 solving absolute value (Key: set up 2 equations). Do pg. 32 (11, 12), 13-21 all, 23, 49, 50. Test is coming up soon!!!
Thurs 9/22 Absolute value group work (poker run) in the pod; Clean up last nights homework…take a few notes on 1.5
Fri 9/23 Went over some of the problems from yesterday’s absolute value problems (keys: “isolate” absolute value…meaning get the abs. val. alone…and then split into 2 equations….NOTE: don’t distribute over the abs. value symbol and be CAREFUL when abs. value equals a negative…which means no solution); Then took notes on 1.5 (solving literal equations); Do pg. 40 #3-11 odd, 28, 29
Mon 9/26 Went over the homework from Friday; Spent time at the board working through review problems.
Tue 9/27 Activity in pod with “puzzle proofs”; time to work in class on the Practice test. You can use the practice test on the actual test on Thursday. Work on it tonight!!!
Wed 9/28 Early release / club day. Brief review of inequalities; peers had the opportunity to practice (and turn in) problems!; then time to work on the practice test. The test is Thursday and you can USE the practice test!! DRESS UP for the test and you get extra credit!
Thur 9/29 Chapter 1 exam; students could use the practice test
Fri 9/30 Warm up: What does -4 > x mean? 10 minutes to take notes looking at section 2.1. Addressed resources out there to help (Mathisfun.com click HERE and Quizlet click HERE); Time to “correct” the pretest of inequalities from Wednesday.
Mon 10/3 Went over the “cleaned up” inequality sheet from last week; Partner inequality puzzle problem (Cricket); Time to work on an assignment; pg. 58 #5-12, 15-19 odd, 27, 28, 30-34 even, 41-44
Tue 10/4 Homework check/ notes check; Number line activity (students up front) for learning that NOTHING CHANGES when you add/subtract to both side of an inequality; Official notes; Work time: Pg. 65 #7-19 odd, 21-25 all, 27, 28 and challenge *36
Wed 10/5 Exploration right away…found out that “nothing changes” when we mult/div BY a positive…but we must REVERSE (FLIP) the inequality when we mult/divide BY a negative. Talked about the test correction process; handed tests back
Thur 10/6 7 inequality warm-up problems right away; students posted work for them; Time to work on assignment: pg. 71 #3-27 odd, 28, 30; WORK ON TEST CORRECTIONS
Fri 10/7 Homework check on 2.2 and 2.3; time to work through “fix the error;” partner coaching activity with inequalities (turned it in); Worksheet for homework.
Mon 10/10 Lots of great board work to review 2.1-2.3 and touch on the multistep inequalities in 2.4. Homework is to finish the worksheet from Friday and finish up test corrections!!!
Tues 10/11 Warm up problem with inequalities that have no solution / inf. many solutions; Students posted homework answers around the room; Time to work on a 2.4 assignment. Do pg. 77 #3-29 odd, 30, 31, 32, 34; Finish test corrections tonight!!!
Wed 10/12 Homework check; Puzzle problem for 2.4; Partner “clicker” multiple choice problems. Prepare for the quiz tomorrow
Thur 10/13 Quiz; work on “challenge” problem afterwards; ALL test corrections should be in by now.
Fri 10/14 Students fall break
Mon 10/17 Click HERE for the online book!!! Spent time learning “how” to get in to the online book. Students now have a user name and password. We began to practice an assignment on the chromebook (section 2.4 #4, 8, 13, 18, 21, 28, 30, 42)
Tue 10/18 More practice with getting ON the chromebooks…(we did a simple warm-up…just get on to page 216 and do a few problems on paper (#58-61)). We graded the quiz in class; Then students had time to get back on the chromebook and work on the assignment given yesterday. After we submitted our results, I wanted students to see the tools they could use to learn from what they may have missed on the online submission! Pretty cool. Then I assigned a quiz via the chromebook…the quiz is due by 8:30 a.m. on Thursday!
Wed 10/19 Notes on 2.5: compound inequalities. Work on the quiz!
Thur 10/20 Boardwork working through compound inequalities; talked about “no solution” and “infinitely many solution” type problems. Tonight: LAST chance to finish the quiz…I extended the online quiz date until 8:30 a.m. on Thursday
Fri 10/21 Time to work on pg. 85 #3-11, 13-21 odd, 22, 25-30. Also had chromebooks out…to look over the online quiz
Mon 10/24 Review time in class (w/ worked out solutions) (Hartman is gone)
Tue 10/25 Chapter 2 exam! (Hartman is gone)
Wed 10/26 (Early release and club day) Students will work on a coordinate problem (Hartman is gone)
Thur 10/27 With chromebooks: Do Estimation180.com (Click HERE); Fill out the sheet as you go along.
Fri 10/28  1. Take the chapter 3 pre-test (and turn it in); 2. Start to take notes in class on section 3.1; 3. After awhile the sub had students get out chromebooks and students got on the online book system (bigideasmath.com  click HERE) and completed TWO assignments that were posted.
Mon 10/31 Touched base about last week; Began “moving motion” activity in the pod; Handed tests back and test correction document. WORK on test corrections!!!
Tue 11/1 5 min to “write” filling in the steps for yesterday’s activity; Added several more graphs (including the impossible circle and vertical line!); Moving motion homework sheet
Wed 11/2 No class due to the varied activities (service project / PLAN test / ect…)
Thur 11/3 Picked up the moving motion homework sheet and the “steps” sheet from Tuesday; Lots of notes on relations and functions…various representations of functions…connections back to the motion ranger. Finished with the vertical line test and domain/range. Do pg. 108 #3-19 odd, 20, 21, 25, 28
Fri 11/4 Warm up problems; posted work around the room; reviewed big ideas from yesterday; connections to the motion ranger; Talked about pop machine and dogs (f(x)); More to come on Tuesday
Mon 11/7 No school
Tues 11/8 Reviewed “steady” (and a Constant rate of change); Looked at tables to decide which ones would be linear; Moved into “graphing stories” (Dan Meyer’s work and the graphingstories.com site); Assigned the 3.1 worksheet A and the puzzle for 3.1
Wed 11/9 Compared homework; handed out answer key to look over homework; LOTS of notes with 3.2; preview a big assignment: Pg 117 #5-37, 43, 51… FINISH UP TEST CORRECTIONS
Thur 11/10 Puzzle problem w/ partner; Chromebook work on 3.2 (5-37, 43, 51); Jars problem for tonight…also finish test corrections (due tomorrow); Quiz 3.1-3.2 moving motion work is tomorrow.
Fri 11/11 Big Quiz!!! Next week…be ready…we will cover 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5
Mon 11/14 Many notes over 3.3 (function notation f(x) and graphing “linear” functions using the Hall of Fame inputs of -2, -1, 0, 1, 2); Do pg. 125 #3-15 odd, 21, 23, 25, 27
Tue 11/15 Puzzle / homework check; Looked at guess my function. Notes on 3.4. From the book try pg 133 #3, 5, 13, 15, 25, 26 AND correct your own quiz. Use the right hand side to “fix” what you need to fix. Then give yourself a score out 0f 10: 10 is perfect; 9.5 is few minor errors; 9 is several minor errors; 8.5 is some major errors; 8 is many major errors; 7.5 is “I’m struggling”; 7 is “I’m REALLY struggling. The answer key for the quiz is HERE.
Wed 11/16 Board work; work on quiz corrections! Test is Monday
Thur 11/17 Turn in quiz corrections either today or Friday; Review of functions/graphing in function form and the horiz/vert/stand form lines. Time to work: Pg. 133 #4 – 16 EVEN, 20, 25, 26, 27, 30, 32   Pg. 125   # 4, 6, 14, 16, 23, 24, 25, 28
Fri 11/18 Looked at application problems of the standard form of a linear equation (reference the example on page 132). Encouraged students to study for the exam: Look back at the quiz correction document from 11/15; review all of the sections 3.1-3.4; Look at pg 164 #1-17 and pg. 169 #1-5, 7-8. BIG test on Monday!!!
Mon 11/21 Big Chapter 3.1-3.4 Exam
Tue 11/22 “Activities” 🙂
Wed-Fri Thanksgiving break!
Mon 11/28 Cup activity!!!! Big time activity!!!! Work on test corrections tonight!
Tue 11/29 More with cups!!! Looked at the graph and equation…more and more connections. What about “0” cups??? Yep the “base” is important….so is the “mouth”; Assignment with 5 diff. sizes of cups to compare and contrast
Wed 11/30 Peers discussed the 5 diff. sizes of cups; official intro of y=mx+b…showing rate of change / slope / rise over run / “m”….(as the move and “mouth” part)….and the y-intercept “b” as the “beginning” amount. Used several partner sheets to lead up to this. Homework: worksheet!!!
Thur 12/1 Went over the homework; addressed more “table” problems; Video “GRAPH” (click HERE); Board work!!! Study sheet handed out for section 3.5  y = mx + b
Fri 12/2 Hartman gone…quiz bowl….BIG assignment…USE time wisely!!! FIRST do pg 141 #5-8, 13-20, 23-24, THEN graph 25-30; THEN do 40-41, 9-12, 37-39, and 45
Mon 12/5 10 minutes to look over answer key to the big “work day” assignment; Then QUIZ!!! Let’s see what we know and still need to learn!
Tue 12/6 Formal notes on slope (including y-y over x-x); Time for a “speed dating” partner rotation to “clean” up the quiz!; Homework: 10 worksheet problems to find the slope given 2 points.
Wed 12/7 Early release / club day….Answer key out for the quiz…score yourself!…Time to work on Hexagon Trains!
Thur 12/8 Went over the hexagon train problem (showed why there is a “+2” on the equation….the engine and caboose!); Also talked over the answers to the 10 slope problems (y-y over x-x). Began final set of notes for the semester…the big notes….writing linear equations in the form y = mx + b….Perspective 1: given the m and b; Perspective 2: given a graph; Perspective 3: given a table; Perspective 4: give two “nice” points…one of the points is the y-intercept in coordinate form!. Read 4.1 and do pg 179 #1-21 odd, 25-28 all
Fri 12/9 Big warm up to review yesterday’s 1-4 perspectives. Asked for questions on the homework (there was none). Moved on to notes for Perspective 5: given a point and the slope; and Perspective 6: given two points…non nice points!!!. Read 4.2 (don’t focus on point slope form…we are only focusing on slope intercept form). Do pg. 185 (use y=mx+b) 4-10 even, 11-21 odd, 27-30
Mon 12/12 Perspective 7: Story problems!!! Practice problems in class and a worksheet for homework
Tue 12/13 Final perspective…8…looking at parallel and perpendicular lines (parallel have the same slope but a different y-intercept and perpendicular have “opposite reciprocal” slopes). We looked at section 4.3 in class. Homework: Read 4.3 again and do pg. 191 #5, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 23 and try 11, 21. Big homework check is tomorrow!
Wed 12/14 Review activities for the big test, First homework check over the 4 assignments (Th/F/M/Tu), Did the “indiv” review piece with answers provided, Then did the partner coaching piece (answers around the room); Students should study and organize notes (might be able to use notes on the test); Also take a look at the following review problems: Pg. 165 #12, 13 and Pg. 166 #18-23 and Pg. 226 #1-9 (only y=mx+b). BIG test tomorrow!
Thur 12/15 LARGE chapter 4 test (graphing linear equations in slope intercept form; “understanding” slope; demonstrating the ability to write a linear equation in slope intercept form given a variety of methods
Fri 12/16 Went over  a few questions off the test; tests back; time to work on learning from what was missed!!! Start to study for finals
Mon 12/19 Review for finals; deadline for any missing work (including test corrections is today)
Tue 12/20 Review for finals
Wed-Fri Final Exams
 Start of Semester 2
Wed 1/4 Board work…with partners…and clickers…working through the “most missed” problems from the semester 1 final.
Thur 1/5 Seat work…with partners…and clickers…working through MORE of the “most missed” problems. Good work today!
Fri 1/6 Review of graphing lines. Then Game one (HERE) and Game two (HERE)
Mon 1/9 Notes and examples with finding the equation between two points…leading up to a “line of best fit;” Worksheet with 4 problems for homework!
Tue 1/10 Used Khan to help set the context for 2 problems (Click HERE and HERE); added one more example to yesterday’s in-class worksheet; time to compare/answer questions on homework. FINISH the 4 problems from last night.
Wed 1/11 Homework check; Answer keys out for homework; Twizzler regression lab; Finish the “lab” worksheet for homework!
Thur 1/12 Looked at Dr. Hartman’s solutions to the Twizzler lab; TURNED in the work; Watched two videos (Here and Here); Looked at the math is fun dot com website. GREAT resource…click HERE; Moved on to working on the big packet! Get #1-10 done by tomorrow.
Fri 1/13 Time to work on the packet! (Answers for 1-10 handed out to look over)
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Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/16 Snow day (ice)
Tue 1/17 Another snow day (ice)
Wed 1/18  Early release (club day); Turned in the packet from late week; Reviewed the line of best fit by using a 1/2 sheet with practice problems. FINISH tonight. The quiz is tomorrow
Thur 1/19 Went over #11; took quiz
Fri 1/20 Went over the quiz; Graphing calc work!!! Learned how to use scatterplot and how to find the line of best fit!
Mon 1/23 More with the graphing calc…started with Pg 207 #20 then did the UNL cost sheet (Dr. Hartman left at 2:25)
Tue 1/24 Handed out math placement sheets for next year; wrapped up the UNL cost problem; Looked at the US News and World Reports “top” jobs (HERE); started to review graphing lines.
Wed 1/25 Reviewed graphing lines; Watched “Graph”; Looked at the basics of system of equations “Up Dog” bed and breakfast…cost vs. revenue; Used Find the Fib to examine how to check if an ordered pair is a solution; Began to graph to solve a system…modeled #1 on the worksheet…#2-8 on the worksheet is homework
Thur 1/26 Started with Find the Fib (back side); Homework check; Time to compare and then answered questions on the homework; Silently read for 4 minutes the text…pp. 236-238;  Time to work out of the book: Pg. 239 #4, 6, 10, 12-18, 21, 22, *27, *28, *31; Test is likely TUESDAY
Fri 1/27 Answered a few questions; time to continue to work on the 5.1 material…used worksheet. Test is likely Tuesday!
Mon 1/30 Answered questions on the homework; Did a “puzzle review” in class; Assigned the review: A. Pg. 229 #3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (use y=mx+b), 8 (use y=mx+b), 10 (also use the equation to predict the attendance for $10,000 spend on ads. B. Pg. 233 #1, 2, 3, 4 C. Pg. 260 #1, 2, 13 D. Pg. 282 #1, 2, 3 E. Pg. 285 (Solve by graphing) #3, 5, 15. THERE IS A VIDEO THAT GOES OVER ALL OF THESE click HERE.
Tue 1/31 Big test!
Wed 2/1 Began to introduce 5.2 solving systems using substitution. Read 5.2, take notes, do pg. 245 #3, 5, 7, 9, 11…show your work…check your answers in the back of the book
Thur 2/2 Warm-up: solve a system using graphing. Moved back into the substitution method; Notesheet with guided practice problems in class; tonight Make sure you have read 5.2, taken notes, and completed 3-11 odd!
Fri 2/3 Notes and homework check; Wrapped up yesterdays notes; time to work on “puzzle” worksheet (bank of answers provided as well as the puzzle blanks)
Mon 2/6 Hartman had to go to a meeting 😦   Students worked through a worksheet to practice the substitution method of solving a system
Tue 2/7 Answer key out for the worksheet; students then began to take notes (on a notesheet) for solving a system using the elimination method. Homework: read 5.3 and take notes.
Wed 2/8 Early release / club day….Elimination practice!! (worksheet…w/ bank of answers) Watched another video (click HERE)  Tests handed back; Work on the worksheet for homework
Thur 2/9 1. Homework check / Notes check; 2. Students compared answers to the “bowling ball” worksheet; 3. Figured out the puzzle for the “bowling ball” worksheet; 4. Answered questions off the “bowling ball” worksheet; 5. Cleaned up notes from Tues (no sol. and inf. many sol.); 6. Discussed how Dr. Hartman graded the tests and talked about the test correction process; 7. Prepare for tomorrow’s quiz and begin to work on test corrections.
Fri 2/10  Dr. Hartman was gone (dance competition in KC); Students took quiz in groups of 3. Homework: work on test corrections.
Mon 2/13 Students graded their own quiz in class (Dr. H went through all of the problems); Focused on the infinitely many solutions / no solutions from section 5.4. Do 5.4 #9-17 odd, 18, 19, 23, 24, *32. Also work on test corrections
Tue 2/14 Shortened class periods due to the morning assembly; Application worksheet in class…Dr. H led through the first few; students had the finish the rest (for homework)
Wed 2/15 Answer keys out for homework; Concept attainment model to intro graphing linear inequalities; Looked at the steps to graph (1. graph the equal to case; 2. decide if dashed or solid; 3. test some points to decide where to shade); Practice activity in class; Homework: graphing sheet (9 problems). CONTINUE to work on test corrections!
Thur 2/16 Looked at the Khan Academy and a video (HERE); homework check; partners compared homework; answered questions and shared the solutions; time to work  pg. 271 #3-9 odd, 11-16 all, 19-29 odd, 31, 32, 35-38 all
Fri 2/17 Discussed 35-38, 5-6 Puzzle problem; spent most of the class period examining a problem solving situation (5×5 grids); This weekend: work on test corrections!
Mon 2/20 Used the smoothie problem to introduce 5-7; used pg. 279 #30 as a second system to examine. Homework: Read 5.7 and take notes
Tue 2/21 Notes check; Warm up problem with 3 inequalities (then put all 3 together); Looked at the Khan video (HERE); A few more examples and then time to work: Pg. 278 #3-9, 11, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 27, 28
Wed 2/22 Worksheet problems
Thur 2/23 Review problems from the end of chapter 5 to begin to prepare for the test; study at home!!
Fri 2/24 Chapter 5 exam
Mon 2/27 Began to investigate 4 properties of exponents; time to finish the test
Tue 2/28 Warm up with yesterday’s properties of exponents on it; investigated the final 3 properties; read 6.1 and take notes!
Wed 3/1 Complete the puzzle sheet; Do 6.1 pg. 296 #5-32, 35-44;
Thur 3/2 Looked at Algebra 3-4 quiz! Time to work indiv. on speed dating activity…then did the speed dating activity with peers. Tonight; make sure notes have been taken (check tomorrow); make sure the 6.1 hmwk is done (check tomorrow); make sure the rest of the speed dating is done for tomorrow (check tomorrow); Quiz tomorrow
Fri 3/3 Ended up pushing the quiz back to Monday; more work with 6.1….did notes/homework check….more practice (sheet) with 6.1
Mon 3/6 Answers out for the practice notesheet; QUIZ; work on test corrections; take notes on scientific notation (you’ll have to research online…consider mathisfun.com)
Tue 3/7 Notes check; partner activity matching sci. not. with real life examples; Worksheet to write numbers in sci. not. form and standard form. Looked at math is fun dot com (HERE) and the “quiz” on there (HERE).
Wed 3/8 Worksheet that pushed our thinking related to scientific notation (combining two diff. sci. not. together using mult, div, or exponents)
Thur 3/9 Spring break day for students; teacher meetings
Fri 3/10 Spring break day for students and teachers
Mon 3/13 Worksheet / partner collaboration time to work on “post spring break” exponent property work; quizzes handed back; students should be making quiz corrections
Tue 3/14 Wrote down square numbers, cube numbers…perfect fourths, fifths, ect….then enjoyed pi day activities!!
Wed 3/15 Reviewed our square numbers…up to perfect fifths…lots of thinking/notes related to rational exponents (starting with square roots, cube roots, fourth roots,…up to nth roots….and then moving on to rational (m/n) exponents). Worksheet to guide our thinking. Homework: READ 6.2 and take notes
Thurs 3/16 Notes check; read about what business/industry wants from employees (good attitude!); finished up yesterday’s worksheet; QQT-1; Puzzle sheet
Fri 3/17 Answers to puzzle sheet; QQT-2; Book work: pg. 303 #3-34
Mon 3/20 End of section 6.2 practice sheet
Tue 3/21 Hartman was gone (ill daugher); chess and rice challenge, rumor challenge, take notes on 6.3
Wed 3/22 Went over the basics of exponential growth and decay; went over the challenge problems; finish the “packet” for homework
Thur 3/23 Paper folding; Video (to the moon) HERE; Went over the page from the packet; more problems for guided practice; homework Puzzle problem
Fri 3/24 Went over the puzzle; finished guided practice; (fillabuster during 7th); work on 6.3 pg. 310 #5-8, 11-15, 17, 21-26, 28, 29, 41, 42 and ***47-51
Mon 3/27 Worked with exp. growth and decay models…translating y=ab^x to “new amt” = “initial amt” times “return rate” ^ “time power”….also know as y=a(1+r)^t for growth and y=a(1-r)^t for decay. Worksheet to help navigate us. Finish the worksheet for homework.
Tue 3/28 Went over the rest of the worksheet; Mini-white board practice with exp. growth and decay models; 6.4 puzzle sheet.
Wed 3/29 Dr. H is gone (quiz bowl comp.) Workday: Pg. 319 #5-16, 19-32, 68…AND Pg. 324 #1-10…AND pg. 348 #1-8
Thur 3/30 Review in class
Fri 3/31 HUGE exam covering 6.1-6.4. Be prepared. It will challenge you. I will grade it very carefully!!!
Mon 4/3 Notes on 7.1 (read the book!!!); Monomials, polynomials, degree of a monomial, degree of a polynomial, (leading coefficient), classification by degree; classification by term; adding polynomials (easy…combining like terms); subtracting polynomials (easy IF we distribute the subtraction sign); notesheet to help guide us; finish the back problems for homework
Tue 4/4 Partner rotation to compare the homework problems; small groups and then “spy” rotation to work on the practice problems in class. FINISH the practice problems in class.
Wed 4/5 Take notes on 7.2 (read the book) In class we will look at a monomial x a monomial; a monomial x a binomial (distribute!); a monomial x a trinomial (again, distribute); a binomial x a binomial (either use the “adv” distributive property…or old school multiplication techniques….or Hartman’s favorite – the “box” method); a binomial x a trinomial OR a trinomial x a trinomial (USE the techniques described for a binomial x binomial)!!! Hmwk: READ and take notes on 7.2
 Thur 4/6 Warm up problems (3 types from yesterday); Puzzle 7.2 sheet! Handed back tests
Fri 4/7 Work day (Dr. H gone for dance comp) Do 7.1 #6-20 even, 24, 28, 32, 34, 38-40, 42 AND Do 7.2 #4, 8, 10, 18-20, 30, 36, 38, 40, 42, 55-48; Work on Test corrections!!!
Mon 4/10 Homework check; review problems at the board; Websites to help with classifying, adding, subtracting, and multiplying (HERE and HERE and HERE)  quiz on Tuesday
Tue 4/11 Quiz; then READ and take notes on 7.3
Wed 4/12 Quizzes were not stellar…time for “partner rotation” to deepen our understanding!; fix the quizzes for homework; also used QQT cards up front to push students to make sense of 7.3 without showing work!
Thur 4/13 Turned in quizzes; notes check on 7.3; QQT to practice problems without showing work; two worksheets over 7.3
Fri 4/14 No school
Mon 4/17 No school
Tues 4/18 Factoring #1 and part of #2 (Factoring out the GCF and then factoring x^2+bx+c when the leading coefficient is both positive and 1) Worksheet packet front and back of the first 2 sheets!
Wed 4/19 ACT day; no classes
Thur 4/20 Packet check pp. 2 and 4; more practice with level 2 and introduced level 3. assigned level 2 #55-66 and level 3 #10-15 for homework
Fri 4/21 Packet check from last night; more practice with level 2 and level 3; assigned level 3 #19-39. NOTE: you should be done with all 8 sides of level 1-2-3 by Monday! Quiz next Tuesday and HUGE test Friday
Mon 4/24 Levels 4 and 5; prepare for tomorrow’s quiz; test is Friday
Tue 4/25 Big factoring quiz; prepare for the test on Friday (chap 7)
Wed 4/25 Short day; time to clean up quiz with peers
Thur 4/26 Review
Fri 4/27 Took test
Mon 5/1 Began a mini-unit on quadratics…calculator exploration learning about the “a” and “k” of y=ax^2+k
Tue 5/2 more time with “a” and “k” and began to look at the “h” of y=a(x-h)^2+k
Wed 5/3 more time with a, h, and k
Thur 5/4 Spent time with the key (-b / 2a) for graphing y=ax^2+bx+c
Fri 5/5 Quiz
Mon 5/8 More time for the quiz (shortened period due to assembly)
Tue 5/9 Graded the quiz
Wed 5/10 Looked at the the factored (intercept form) of the quadratic  y = a (x-p)(x-q)
Thur 5/11 Took a shortened ACT math test to get exposure
Fri 5/12 Prep for final (last chance to turn in test corrections)
Mon 5/15 Prep for final
Tue 5/16 Prep for final
Wed-Fri Finals


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