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College Statistics

Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 8/22 Transformation activity in pod 2000; Complete the student inventory for homework
Tue 8/23 Perspective discussion; Things about Dr. Hartman
Wed 8/24 Spent time going over the syllabus. Click HERE for the syllabus. Bring a paper sack to cover book tomorrow.
Thur 8/25 (Ladies were in a class meeting.) Gentlemen helped to cover all of the stats books. Homework: READ this article: Click HERE.
Fri 8/26 Started to read chapter 1; context about “data” (Sojern…travel “ads” on a airline ticket…Gordon Whitten and the companies he has started…connection with my brother-in-law and his wife…) read more of chapter 1; Assignment: using the Cornell note style (leaving a bit of margin on the right and at the bottom) take notes in your spiral notebook for notes ON CHAPTER 1
Mon 8/29 Peers talked about their “notes” with each other (Dr. Hartman gave a grade as he walked around the room); Talked about the 5 W’s for the Tour de France problem in the reading. Students then had time to work on Ch 1 problems: Pg. 10 #1, 3, 7, 11, 13, 15, 25
Tues 8/30 Mr. Smith, from SCC, spoke about dual credit info; Students compared the rest of the homework from last night; Basic calculator work (learning to input a list); Add on Ch 1 #4, 8, 26. Also students were to email ME so that I know their “preferred” email!!!
Wed 8/31 Matching activity and discussion to start; Fire drill; turned in homework; Handed out the “request” for student help! (before school 8:00-8:30)
Thur 9/1 Shared of Dr. Hartman’s “I will push you.” Talked about 4 & 8 off the previous assignment…we need to work harder! Peers discussed #26. We began to examine “issues” with collecting and presenting data (What’s wrong with….) Used a ppt. with slides to look at a few things. Hmwk: start to take notes on Chapter 2!
Fri 9/2 Spent time working through ACT problems; finish up Chap 2 notes; no add’t homework due to Labor Day Weekend.
Mon 9/5 Labor Day!
Tues 9/6 Small groups worked through more “misleading” type situations; first round of addressing Simpson’s Paradox; great discussion of the “misleading” problems; Tonight: finish up Ch 2 notes; tomorrow you will have book work again!
Wed 9/7 Warm-up: Baseball “Simpson’s Paradox” example; Watched the “math is racist” video from CNN (Click HERE); talked about a few keys thoughts from the first 1/2 of chapter 2; time to set up and draw a pie chart using your 168 hour/week data; Finish the pie chart for homework and do Ch 2: 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14ab, 17, 18
Thur 9/8 Warm-up: Yellow sheet with contingency table work and the lead up to a segmented bar chart. Homework check: Ch 2 notes AND last night’s work AND the circle graph; Add to homework Ch 2: 24, 25, 27, 30, 31, 35, 36, 41
Fri 9/9 Vikings Care #1; Gallery walk for the pie graphs; Time to compare homework; answered a few questions; Homework check on chap 2 notes, and the 2 parts to the book work.
Mon 9/12 Snake eyes activity (time takes to roll snake eyes); listed the data…talked about how to display the results? Discussed setting up a frequency distribution (using the rule “2^k > n observations”) Set ours up; moved on to pg 45 and using our graphing calc to set up a histogram… START taking notes on chapter 3
Tue 9/13 Many gone for district pep rallies; “Partner” quiz in class on chapters 1&2 (those gone were supposed to pick up a copy on Monday after school and then have it ready to turn in on Wednesday)
Wed 9/14 Annual Apply2College Day!!! Students who did come to class worked on the graphing calculator to finish up the example on pg. 45
Thur 9/15 0. Sheets with histograms to look at; 1. Video to start (histograms: Click HERE); 2. Used calculator to build a histogram of our snake eyes data TWO different WAYS…(a) Enter all 40 times and use the calc to build it…(b) Enter the classes and the frequencies and use the calc to build it…3. Set up a draft and then “final” version of a stem-and-leaf plot using “# min. takes you to get to school”; briefly talked on dot plot and “shape” of the distribution. You should have notes up to around pg. 53 taken in your own notes. Fri: Dr. Hartman is out working on Hoco stuff. You will have time to work on Ch 3 problems. Next Monday we will finally begin to have a consistent routine in class!
Fri 9/16 Dr. Hartman was “gone” working on homecoming items. Work day: Ch 3 #5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15
Mon 9/19 0. Sheets with double stem-and-leaf plots to start with; 1. Video (stem plots: click HERE); 2. Recorded “new” snake eyes data to build the basics of a box plot {4, 19, 21, 26, 37, 41, 45, 46, 47, 51, 58, 64, 65, 67, 68, 80, 88, 107, 126, 161}; 3. Add to homework Ch 3 #(13, 15), 16, 19, 24
Tue 9/20 1. Students figured out how to generate a box plot on the graphing calc using our “new” snake eyes data; also found out how to generate the 5-number summary (Stats – Calc – 1-VarStats); 2. Video (box plots: click HERE); 3. Spent some time on our “phones” examining images of box plots from doing a google search…MANY interesting ones out there! 4. Two challenge sets: A. Create a set of five numbers with range of 10, mode of 6, and median of 12…find the mean of that set; B. Create a set of five numbers with a mean/median/mode/range all equal to 5; Notes should be UP to page 60; Add on the homework Ch 3 #21, 26, 33, 35, 37, 40
Wed 9/21 1. Students were asked to explain why offering the Median to represent central tendency is a better choice than “mean” for things such as computing average salary in a company or prices in a housing market. 2. Consider looking at an online discussion about mean vs. median…interesting! Click HERE. 3. Looked at the latter part of a video (mean/median: click HERE). Discussed notation between “x bar” and “mu” (sample mean vs. population mean). 4. Reminded students of the big focus right now: looking at center and spread. 5. Investing time into learning how to calculate the standard deviation by hand. Notes should now be DONE For chapter 3. Finish up the homework that has been assigned for chapter 3. Quiz soon; Test soon.
Thur 9/22 Beginning activity with finding the StDev of several sets of data. Discussed “variance…deviation…” actually lots of related areas of StDev. We touched base on the normal curve and the 68-95-99.7 rule for the first time. Watched a good video (StDev: Click HERE). Tomorrow students will get time to compare homework!
Fri 9/23 Time to work through Ch 3 problems with peers (many did NOT take advantage of this…too much chatting and non-working….which is disappointing); Handed out a reading/set of problems to do over the weekend…a different perspective! (Math for Success sheets); Quiz on Monday
Mon 9/26 Partner quiz in the pod; time to start working on Ch 4 problems…#5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18….once you start working on the problems you will notice the need to actually READ the text…so READ chapter 4!
Tues 9/27 Students worked on the graphing calc to show the box plots from pg 88; Went over the quiz; Pod activity working on Ch 4 problems. READ chapter 4 tonight!!! Work on the Ch 4 problems (#5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18); Review is “starting” tomorrow…we will clean up things on Thursday; Test on Friday!
Wed 9/28 Early release day; Club day! Students sat in suit groups (clubs, hearts…) and discussed yesterday’s activity; answers handed out; Discussed how to use the “other” standard deviation formula; watched video on coding (click HERE); handed out review sheet.
Thur 9/29 Time to review and answer questions on the review. Prepare for the Unit 1 exam (Ch 1-4).
Fri 9/30 Unit 1 exam (Ch 1-4).
Mon 10/3 Video on the Normal Curve (click HERE); Tests back; Time for test corrections; Homework: Begin to take notes on Chapter 5
Tues 10/4 Started (first 7:30) of Video on Normal Curve / z-scores (click HERE); At the board…partners drew normal curve, 68-95-99.7 rule; then worked on births N(7.6 lb, 1.3 lb) and ACT college scores N(21.2, 4.4); Homework: Finish test corrections; finish notes on Chapter 5; look at the website mathisfun.com click HERE.
Wed 10/5 At the boards right away to address several N(24,6) problems; watched the rest of the z-score video. Handed out the z-score tables. Began to work through the problems we did at the board. Chapter 5 homework: 1, 3, 7, 9-13, 15, 17, 19, 23
Thur 10/6 A couple more N(24,6) problems; talked about the “runner” running across the nation; talked about the college fair article in the paper; time to work on chapter 5 homework; MORE chapter 5 problems…#24-27, 31, 32, 35, 37
Fri 10/7 Notes check and homework check for chapter 5; Computer lab work (media center); Click HERE first; Look over the “reading” material…at the bottom take the quiz; record your results on the piece of paper; Click HERE second; look over the “reading” material…at the bottom take the 2nd quiz; record your results. When done, compare homework!!!! Also make sure you turn in your test corrections soon. Add to chapter 5 hmwk: #39, 41, 43, 45; Likely quiz on Monday (over chapter 5)…REVISED….Monday we will need to spend time with the SECOND quiz!!! Good work today on the first quiz (I heard many say…”that helped.”
Mon 10/10 Chromebooks…time to work on the SECOND quiz from Friday. Good discussions. More students “made sense” of things! I’m proud of the progression. Finish chapter 5 work tonight; we’re moving ahead to sampling…quiz on Thursday (as I have to be out of the building)
Tue 10/11 Started to consider randomness, trials, simulations, number for a sample size…by looking at flipping a coin…and some “football examples” (Look at the graph on click HERE)  Talked about how to use the calculator to simulate flipping a coin. Went back to the quincunx machine!! (click HERE); Finally looked at a graph connecting the coin flipping (click HERE); Test corrections should be in asap; Chap 5 quiz on Thursday; Tonight it’s critical that you READ chapter 10 and take notes and start to work on #3, 5, 6, 9, 11
Wed 10/12 Discussion about simulations and using a random number chart to lead the way for the trials! VERY IMPORTANT if you were gone to touch base with someone!!! Add to chap 10 hmwk: #12, 13. Reminder that the chapter 5 quiz is tomorrow (Thursday). Some test corrections haven’t been turned in yet.
Thur 10/13 Ch 5 Partner quiz; Add to chap 10 hmwk: 17-19
Fri 10/14 No school; student “fall break”
Mon 10/17 Went over #19 (and 20) from homework using the random number table; Assigned two more from chapter 10: #31, 36
Tue 10/18 Went over #31 and 36 from the assignment. Homework check and notes check; Assignment: READ chapter 11!
Wed 10/19  Used rectangles to talk about simple random sampling, objective vs. subjective sampling; n=5 vs n=10 sampling; stratified sampling; Finish notes on chapter 11
Thur 10/20 Video to start class (Click HERE);  Talked about cluster and systematic sampling; Assigned: chap 11 #1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27
Fri 10/21 Video to start class (Click HERE); time to work on chap 11; handed out the project
Mon 10/24 Time to work on Chap 11; time to start working on the project!
Tue 10/25 Work on the project
Wed 10/26 (Early release…club day is also this day) Work on the project
Thur 10/27  Work on the project
Fri 10/28  Work on the project
Mon 10/31 Touched base on the project; hard due date of thursday (start of class)
Tue 11/1 Last work day for project
Wed 11/2 No class due to college visits
Thur 11/3 Turned in the project!!! Time to get back into ch 5, 10, 11
Fri 11/4 Handed out the answers for ch 5/10/11…..expected students to start taking notes on chapter 12…gave a sheet to help with notes.
Mon 11/7 No school
Tues 11/8 Video on experiments (Click HERE); time to compare sheet with chap 12; answers handed out. Assigned Chap 12 #1-19 odd. Test is Friday (Chap 5, 10, 11, 12)
Wed 11/9 More time to work; compare Ch 12 #1-19 odd; then do 21, 23, 25, 29, 37, 41
Thur 11/10 Day 1 of review
Fri 11/11 Day 2 of review; click HERE for the answers for the part of the review sheet we didn’t get to!!! Please form a study group this weekend. Also…good idea to reread sections of Ch 5, 10, 11, 12!! Test on Monday
Mon 11/14 Day 1 of the test
Tue 11/15 Day 2 of the test
WEd 11/16 “Dummies” Guide…part 1…”Conceptual Intro to Correlation” and “Scattergrams” (packet)…with 2 puzzles to complete. THEN start to take notes on chapter 6!!!
Thur 11/17 Graphing calc activity (pg. 154) first; Part of Video #1 Scatterplots (Click HERE) Starting about 3:30; Video #2 on Correlation (Click HERE); Time for students to compare answers to the packet; Take MORE notes on chapter 6…you should be coming close to having the whole chapter completed
Fri 11/18 Video on causation (smoking) Click HERE; Showed test results; handed out “dummies” guide #2 (leading in to “r”); handed back tests.
Mon 11/21 Used calculator to calculate r; Homework/notes check; Began to calculate r by hand (perspective 1 and started perspective 2)
Tue 11/22 :Activities” 🙂
Wed – Fri Thanksgiving Break!
Mon 11/28 Finished perspective 2 and did perspective 3 of finding “r” by hand.
Tue 11/29 “r” Quiz 🙂
Wed 11/30 Warm-up (discount/$/tax problem); Time to explore with the correlation game (click HERE); Time to work on the chapter 6 assignment: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 27, 28, 31, 39, 46)
Thur 12/1 Summary sheet for chapter 6; good discussion; work on the chapter 6 book problems. QUIZ tomorrow
Fri 12/2 Dr. H is gone (quiz bowl competition); Chapter 6 quiz; Work time: start to READ chapter 7 and take notes.
Mon 12/5 Khan video on line of best fit (basics) Twizzler line of best fit work. Then “Party” Video (Click HERE). Make sure you have all the notes taken for chapter 7 by tomorrow.
Tue 12/6 Notes check (chap 7); Formal notes on calculating the regression line; Worksheet for homework (due Thursday)
Wed 12/7 Early release / club day… Time to work on chap 7 book work: Ch 7 #1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 37, 47, 51ae, and 53
Thur 12/8 Turned in “r” homework from Tuesday; Worked out in pod on Ch 7 work and gave the “take home” quiz. Clean up things on Friday; Test on Monday.
Fri 12/9 Went over the “male” part of the take home quiz…turned in the quiz…looked at a variety of review problems. Make sure you study!!! (make sure you have really looked at the chap 6 and 7 book problems) Test is Monday
Mon 12/12 Chap 6-7 test
Tues 12/13 Began chap 13; looking at probability. Video: HERE; looked at several sample problems on a notesheet; also “took” notes in class on the notesheet!. Tonight CAREFULLY read all of chapter 13; add to notes!
Wed 12/14 Probability video #2 HERE; Time for students to collaborate on “A” problems…from chapter 13 (w/ answers) and “D” problems (w/ answers.) Students will work on “C” tonight (w/ no answers until tomorrow). And then students will take the “B” quiz in class either on Thursday or Friday.
Thur 12/15 Looked at the brown pages at the end of chapter 13; students collaborated with the answers for “quiz C”…answered handed out. Began to look at chapter 14 (adjusted addition rule and mult rule) Looked at a venn diagram. Used problems off the back of the notesheet in class. We will write on the front of the notesheet on Friday. Quiz also on Friday
Fri 12/16 Notes on chapter 14; looked at the “tree diagram;” time for partners to take the chapter 13 quiz; Tests back; begin to study for the final!
Mon 12/19 Review for finals (answers and spec sheet handed out)
Tue 12/20 Review for finals
Wed-Fri Finals
 Start of Semester 2
Wed 1/4 Board work with a partner going over chapter 14 problems (probability….) and the probability problems off the final
Thur 1/5 Worksheet reviewing chapter 13-14 work. Talked about how to determine if two events are independent. Finish the worksheet for homework and skim chapter 14!
Fri 1/6 Went over the back side of the worksheet; Looked at expected value (using Dr. Hartman’s Lottery Game); This weekend…start to look over chapter 15
Mon 1/9 Reviewed expected value and looked at standard deviation from chapter 15 using an insurance problem; Played the “greedy pig” game. Tonight find the expected value of the greedy pig game
Tue 1/10 Played “greedy pig” again, discussed strategies, looked at the statistical approach (finding expected value…best decision is to sit when you reach at least 16 points). Make sure book is here tomorrow!
Wed 1/11 Video HERE ; Time to start reading/taking notes on Chapter 15. Have that done by tomorrow!!! (Other video is HERE)
Thur 1/12 Workday Ch 15: 1-13 odd, 19, 23-31 odd, 35, 43-55 odd
Fri 1/13 More time to work!
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Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Mon 1/16  snow day (ice)
 Tue 1/17  another snow day (ice)
Wed 1/18 early release (club) day; final day to work on the chap 15 work; quiz tomorrow
Thur 1/19 Went over the insurance problems; 10 min to work on quiz indiv; 10 min (plus home) to work on the quiz with others; READ chapter 16 tonight! There is a lot in there!
Fri 1/20 Turned in quiz; Watched video (HERE); Looked at Quincunx machines (HERE and HERE); used work from the video and a 20% late “flight” problem to make sense of the binomial theorem; FINISH reading and taking notes over chapter 16.
Mon 1/23 Discussed a binomial situation with n=10, p=0.7, and P(x=3), P(x=6 or 7), mean, STDEV, connections to formula / “plinko” / appendix B table / calculator shortcut. Homework: do ch 16 9-17 odd
 Tue 1/24 Homework check; Wend over the homework; do ch 16 #19-29 odd
Wed 1/25 Talked about US News and World Reports Top Jobs (click HERE); Looked at #34; connected everything back to the Normal Curve (if np and nq are both greater than or equal to 10); Went over questions; added #31, 35, 37; Quiz tomorrow
Thur 1/26 Went over #25, 29, 37….Handed out the quiz. Due first thing tomorrow. Test is likely next Wednesday
Fri 1/27 Turned in the quiz; looked at ans. key for the quiz; old quiz handed back; time to work on next level quizzes (with peers) for Ch 16, 15, 14, and 13. This work is due on Monday. The test is Wed.
Mon 1/30 Ch 15 notes check, Ch 16 notes check, Ch 15 hmwk check, Ch 16 hmwk check, Weekend “quiz-packet” check, students had time to compare and ask questions; 2nd review packet handed out. The big test is Wednesday
Tue 1/31 Last day to review for the big test tomorrow 🙂
Wed 2/1 Moved the test for Thurs (part 1) and Fri (part 2) as many students were gone today. No notes allowed on the test.
Thur 2/2 Day 1 of test (no notes)
Fri 2/3 Day 2 of test (no notes)
Mon 2/6 Dr. Hartman had to go to a meeting 😦  Students were to begin reading /taking notes on chapter 17
Tue 2/7 Dr. Hartman began to review the entire course up to this point. Students will have an opportunity to write a 50 point “summative” paper describing all we’ve learned so for in the class.
Wed 2/8 Club day / early release; more talk about the “path” to here…re-addressed the opportunity to write a paper. Talked about how I graded the tests; handed the tests back…looked at the “stats” for the test.
Thur 2/9 Round 1 of inferential statistics…began chapter 17…M&M data collection…began to talk about “sampling distributions”
Fri 2/10 Round 2 of inferential statistics…much more with the “sampling distributions” (Using the 21 bags of M&M….% brown…samples of 5)
Mon 2/13 Thumb tack activity! (discovered the standard deviation is sq. root of p times q divided by n) Showed that the larger the n, the narrower the standard deviation. READ chapter 17
Tue 2/14 Handed out the packet. Did “A” in class; Watched the first first video and took notes “B” (HERE); Assigned “C” for homework.
Wed 2/15 Posted answers for “C”; watched Khan video “D’ (HERE); did “E” in class; Watched Khan video “F” (HERE); Assigned “G” for homework.
Thur 2/16  Posted answers for “G”; watched Khan video “H” (HERE); did “I” in class; Watched Khan video “J” in class (HERE); Assigned the bookwork (students have Fri/Mon in class to work)…quiz is Tuesday. Make sure you have READ and taken notes on Chapter 17 (notes check on Friday). Here is teh book assignment Chapter 17: #1, 7, 13-27 odd, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 43, 45, 46, 48, 50, 52
Fri 2/17  (notes check); Work time
Mon 2/20  Work time
Tues 2/21 Answered questions on 48, 50, 52; handed out take home quiz; tomorrow “Partner quiz”; Thursday “individual quiz”
Wed 2/22 Answers for the take home quiz; Partner quiz
Thur 2/23 EPA fuel problem; Individual quiz; start reading chapter 18
Fri 2/24 Video (HERE); began to work through confidence interval problems; read and take notes on chapter 18
Mon 2/27 Began collecting penny data; Worked through 2 confidence interval problems; continue to read and take notes on chapter 18
Tue 2/28 Worksheet examples today;
Wed 3/1 Time to work: (Have this done by the start of class on Thursday) Ch 18 #1-19 odd, 23, 27, 29, 31; Quiz is Friday
 Thur 3/2 Homework check; notes check; worked through the “penny” confidence interval (pretty cool);
Fri 3/3 Partner quiz; ‘success for stats” work; Extra credit work (click HERE); Test for chap 17-18 will be next Tues/Wed
Mon 3/6 Review time (w/ peers)
Tue 3/7 Review time (w/ peers)
Wed 3/8 Ch 17-18 exam
Thur 3/9 Spring Break for students; meetings for teachers
Fri 3/10 Spring Break for students and teachers
Mon 3/13 Small groups took the test together (grades were averaged between indiv. and group test)
Tue 3/14 Used individual pie weights (for pi day) to estimate the population mean for pies. We finally started to discuss the t-distribution. Handed out the t-distribution table.
Wed 3/15 Video 1 (Khan) t- vs z- distributions (HERE); Video 2 (Parti) inferences with t (HERE). Handed out a representation of several t-distributions to get a sense of what they look like. Homework; READ chapter 22 and take notes!
Thur 3/16 Revisited the “review sheet” from before break when we had all of the “wait” problems. Looked at the written info about confidence intervals. We then worked the WAIT problems because now we finally could!!!
Fri 3/17 Notes check! Do chap 22 #1, 3ab, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 21, 29, 37, 41, 43, 47, 49
Mon 3/20 Mr. Smith from SCC was here; speed dating practice with confidence intervals; do #17-18 for homework
Tue 3/21 Homework check; 17-18 check; worked through more of the problems. READ with purpose chapter 19
Wed 3/22 Answered final book problems from chapter 22; Watched a Khan video (HERE); READ with purpose and take notes…chapter 19
Thur 3/23 Read through a special notesheet; practiced first official hypothesis test together (worksheet with 5 problems); note check will be tomorrow
Fri 3/24 Note check; fillabuster; worked on the worksheet; do the “dummies guide” for weekend
Mon 3/27 Asked about prom! Handed out a notesheet. Finished up the worksheet #3 and looked at 4-5. Start the chap 19 work tonight….Ch 19 #1-19 odd, 23, 31
Tue 3/28 Workday: Ch 19 #1-19 odd, 23, 31. Addressed the error Dr. H made in class yesterday with finding the StDev for our test statistic…use original “p and q” NOT “p hat and q hat”
Wed 3/29 Dr. H is gone for a quiz bowl comp. Worked on a quiz!!! (Ch 22 and Ch 19)
Thur 3/30 Warm-up with p-value problems; looked through a “great” article!!! (HERE); Time to finish quiz
Fri 3/31 Went over the quiz in depth!
Mon 4/3 Time to review
Tue 4/4 Chap 19 / 22 test and a take-home part to do!
Wed 4/5 Addressed the big ideas of Ch 20…watched videos on Type 1 errors (HERE and HERE); time in class to read chapter 20 and take notes
Thur 4/6 Video on Type 1 errors (HERE); Went over the test; time to work on Ch 20 #1-19 odd, 23-33 odd
Fri 4/7 Time to work on Ch 20 #1-19 odd, 23-33 odd; Quiz on chapter 20 on Monday!
Mon 4/10 Quiz; read chap 21 (notes check tomorrow on 20/21 and homework check tomorrow on 20)
Tue 4/11 Notes check on 20 and 21; work check on 20; Videos to intro Ch 21 (HERE and HERE);  Started with a “big” problem (handed out the answers in the end)
Wed 4/12 Guided practice sheet…first problem came from (HERE); spent time on the front of the sheet and started the back. Finish the back for homework
Thur 4/13 Handed out answers to the back side of yesterday’s sheet; time to work: Ch 21 #1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 23, 25, 29 then 27; Handed back old quiz; Handed out ‘new’ quiz for anyone planning to be gone Tuesday; Handed out an article for students to read through and use a highlighter to highlight the key statistical things we have learned in this course!
Fri 4/14 No school
Mon 4/17 No school
Tue 4/18 Time to answer questions on the Ch 21 book work; time to work on the quiz; and time to work on the “highlighter” reading
Wed 4/19 ACT day; no class
Thur 4/20 Went over a “big” problem from chapter 22; time to work on chap 22 problems (handout)
Fri 4/21 Work day (ans. key for chap 21 quiz handed out); Quiz for chap 22 on Monday; big chap 19-22 test on Thursday
Mon 4/24 Trio quiz on Chap 22
Tue 4/25 Review day for big test starting tomorrow
Wed 4/26 Started Big 20-22 test
Thur 4/27 Finished Big 20-22 test
Fri 4/28 Started to prepare for the SCC test
Mon 5/1 prep time for SCC final
Tue 5/2 prep time for SCC final
Wed 5/3 SCC final day 1
Thur 5/4 SCC final day 2
Fri 5/5 work time for project
Mon 5/8 work time for project
Tue 5/9  work time for project
Wed 5/10  work time for project
Thur 5/11 Hidden Figures
Fri 5/12 Hidden Figures
Mon 5/13 Finished Hidden Figures; last day for seniors!


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