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WHS Alg 1-2 (15-16)

For the parent/student information given on the first day of class, click HERE (pdf download)


Fall 2015 Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
   SCROLL DOWN….Winter 2015-2016
8/12  Brief welcome! Border problem (only focused on the 10×10 border and not “n x n”). Examined many student perspectives. Had students look at the perspective sheets. Assignment: Complete the student inventory and give parents the “parent info” (There is link to this at the top of this page.) Shortened class periods due to the first day A&P / assembly activities.
8/13 Students turned in the inventory sheets; Continued with the perspective sheets; Dr. Hartman talked about who he is and made connections with the perspective sheets; Discussed class rules of SOAR; showed students what is all around the room; “Teacher Center” Video; no new homework tonight
8/14 Students worked on various problems (1.1, 1.2, 1.3); partners then compared; finally we used our clickers to have a discussion! Also showed the “Inspire her mind” video; Last night of no new homework!
Mon 8/17 Per 5 warmup: Abs Value; Both classes lined up and I videotaped names/faces; NASA inspire her mind video; w/ new partner compare the order of operation problems; Used reflector to show a few up front; discussed the order of operations; Started the “Find my mistake” problems; Hmwk: 1.1 pg 6. #1, 5, 7, 9, 13, 21, 27, 31 and 1.2 pg 12 #3, 5, 9, 11, 15, 25, 29, 43, 45, 53, 67, 69   Test will be on Friday!
Tue 8/18 Per 1: Absolute Value warm-up; Spent time practicing a few order of operation problems; addressed -5^2 vs (-5)^2 vs -5^3 vs (-5)^3; addressed inequalities; QQT with inequalities; Assignment: Finish the “Find my mistake” worksheet. Test will be on Friday.

Per 5: Order of operation warm-up problems; Showed the answers to the “Find my mistake;” addressed -5^2 vs (-5)^2 vs -5^3 vs (-5)^3; addressed inequalities; QQT with inequalities; time to compare homework; turned in hmwk; Gave the 1-3 assignment for homework. (Remember period 5 will be part of the 9th grade retreat and miss class on Wednesday.) Test will be on Friday!

Wed 8/19  Recall: Period 5 didn’t meet due to the 9th grade retreat. Period 1: Warm-up….compare the “Find my mistake’ and the 1.1-1.2 book problems. Showed Dr. H’s answers to “find my mistake;” answered questions on the book work; Turned in the bookwork; Looked at pg. 15 #76, 79; practiced substituting and evaluating; practiced “ordering” numbers (using the number line to help); Hmwk: A. Make sure you are reading section 1-3 and taking notes in your spiral notebook; B. do the “worksheet”…for sure you can do 7-17, but try to figure out 1-6. Test is Friday
Thurs 8/20 Both classes learned about classification of Real numbers; 1st period more review activities; 5th period…we cleaned up what we hadn’t practiced yet; Both classes: time to compare, finish, and ask questions on the “worksheet” for 1.3; Review sheet for homework. Click HERE for the iPad review video!!!
Fri 8/21 Turned in missing work…Chapter 1 test!!!!! S-pattern for homework
Mon 8/24 Warm-up: Four 4’s challenge; indiv/partner/group time for the four 4’s (posted answers all around the room); briefly discussed the S-Pattern problem. Homework: Finish the S-Pattern and do the Hexagon Trains
Tues 8/25 5 min. for groups of 4 to compare the S-pattern problem; Dr. Hartman then offered a perspective of it; 5 min for groups of 4 to compare the Hexagon train problem; Again, Dr. Hartman offered a perspective of it; Pre-test on adding/subtracting positive and negative integers; Partners played “integer baseball;” hmwk: do 2.1 pg. 5-12, 14-24 even; 2.2 pg. 66 #9-12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22-24
Wed 8/26 Partner coach with adding/subtracting integers. Some partners played integer baseball again. Tests back. Work on the test correction document! (finish up last night’s book work if you didn’t finish it already!)
Thur 8/27 “Mad minute” warmup (add/subt); time to compare homework and go over questions; added to notes: -a-b (when a = -3 and b = -5) and x-(-y)  when x = -3 and y = -6; Added to homework…pg 60 #13, 15, 21, 23, 25-27, 44, 49-56; and pg. 66 #13, 15, 17, 25, 38-43, 52-54
Fri 8/28 Groups of 4 compared hmwk; (expect a quiz early next week); question on the hmwk??; Vikings Care; Board work practice with adding/subtracting; Mult-Div “pretest;” this weekend: finish up all of the assigned pg 60/66 problems and make solid progress w/ test corrections!!
Mon 8/31 Here comes the boom talk! Discussed the “why” of why a negative x negative is positive. Quiz over addition/subtraction; hmwk: do 2-3 pg 73 #1-12, 32-35, 40-47, 58, 60
Tue 9/1  Warm up challenge: pg. 74 #67-71; discussed (again) using ( ) when substituting…  ex:   b^2-4ac when a = -1    b = -3   and c = 5. Stacked partner work: (a) compare hmwk from last night and turn in, (b) do pg 73 #14-30 even, 36, 38, 48-52 even together and turn in, (c) play new version of integer baseball. Hmwk: FINISH test corrections…. do 2-3 pg. 73 #13-29 odd, 37, 39, 49-53 odd and try #55
Wed 9/2 Rational operations as a warmup; time for integer baseball; small group “team challenge” with operations on rationals (formative check for Dr. Hartman); Test corrections WERE due today…no new hmwk so that everyone CAN finish up test corrections!!!
Thur 9/3 Speed dating rational operation activity; tonight: Read 2.4; take notes!!!; do pg 82 #5, 10, 15, 18, 36, 43, 61, 68, 103, 104; possible quiz tomorrow!
Fri 9/4 Began discussing the distributive property (used the border problem to access this); visited “mathsisfun.com” as a place to get extra help; also visited  “khanacademy” as another place to get extra help; no new homework; quiz will be Tuesday
Mon 9/7 No School – Labor Day
Tue 9/8 (1st Bus Drill); Basic notes on the distributive property and combining like terms (and combining the two together!!); went over the hmwk from last Thursday; Do pg 82 #3, 7, 11, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 32, 38, 39, 44, 45, 46, 79, 81, 83
Wed 9/9 Warm up (bigger CLT/DP problem); PPT practice; Simon Says practice; post 2-3 quiz; Tonight: Read 2-5 Take Notes and do pg. 88 #1-9
Thur 9/10 Quizzes back; computer lab time with “games” to practice integer operations as well as fractions and decimals:

Level 1 (Pirate Addition/Subtraction of Integers): Click Here;

Level 2 (Add/Subt/Mult/Div Integers…Bike Racing: Click Here;

Level 3 (Integer Jeopardy….use 1 player): Click Here;

Level 4 (Subtr. Decimals Bkb) Click Here;

Level 5A (Decimal Jeopardy…use 1 player) Click Here;

Level 5B (Fraction Jeopardy…use 1 player) Click Here

Fri 9/11 Notes on the properties found in 2.5; Looked at “completing a geometry (algebra) proof;” time to start hmwk: finish pg. 89 #1-9 and add 17-21, 32-44, and 54-59. Test is Tuesday
Mon 9/14 Questions on hmwk; a few more out of the book; looked at a few more properties (worksheet); review sheet handed out. Test is tomorrow. Click HERE for iPad video review for the review sheet!!!
Tues 9/15 Chapter 2 exam
Wed 9/16 No period 5 (assembly); several gone from period 1 (Husker Harvest Days); Shortened day…so….no new instruction….briefly discussed the locker problem in 1st and then worked on the candy jar problem (to collect data for UNL)
Thur 9/17 NLVM and Yogi Bear and Notes/info/examples: Solving 1 step equations; Partner coach practice; Do pg. 118 #1-12
Fri 9/18 A Watch the following powerpoint: (Make sure you go to “slide show” mode) Click HERE

Make sure you did the “worksheet” too! One of you work Work on problems 1-4 on the left side of the sheet; the other works problems 1-4 on the right side of the sheet; then compare each other’s work. (DO NOT lose this sheet…we will use it more!)

B: (Must be in Firefox…) Spend a couple minutes “investigating the following:” Click HERE (NLVM …maybe do TWO of them.)

C: (Must be in Firefox…) Spend a couple minutes “investigating the following:” Click HERE (NLVM balances w/ negatives…maybe do TWO of them.)

D. Can you set a new record for high score??? Challenge (60 seconds): Click HERE

E. After you have worked through everything else, touch base with Dr. Hartman and you can “play”

E1. Basketball (need permission): Click HERE


E2. Battleship (need permission): Click HERE


E3. Bike racing (need permission…maybe NOT the rookie level???): Click HERE


Mon 9/21 Notes and examples for 3.2; used the “partner coaching worksheet” (6,7, 12, 13); board work…no new homework
Tue 9/22 Four warm-up problems (more loaded). Work time with 3.1 and 3.2… Do pg. 122 #2, 6, 8, 17, 31, 59, 50 and do pg. 129 #6-9, 12, 14, 16, 25, 40, 42, 43, 51, 54, 56, 58, 60, 69, 71
Wed 9/23 Find the mistake (warm-up) and challenge….eventual quiz!  Hmwk: finish the find my mistake and work on test corrections (document to come slowly….printer is down!)
Thu 9/24 5 min to compare book work from two nights ago; 5 min to compare “error” worksheet from last night; Khan video and problems related to solving equations with variables on both sides; Click HERE for the video; ALSO watched a video from the textbook (I need to get students access to the online book!) (see page 138)  Hmwk: work on test corrections!!
Fri 9/25 (shortened schedule due to pep rally); Warm-up do pg 136 #1-2, 18-19; discussed equations that are different! (result in an answer of “identity” or “no solution”) Work time do pg 136 #3-12, 20-27, 32, 50, 55) Continue to work on test corrections!
Mon 9/28 Spend the day with a partner passing the “add a line” solving sheet back and forth with other groups…quite powerful! Work on test corrections. Test is Thursday
Tue 9/29 Worked with a partner at the board…finishing “add a line” problems (some with no solution and infinitely many solutions due to the fact it is an identity); began to work on “word problems.” Do as many of the “word problems” work sheet that you can!
Wed 9/30 Finished the “word problems”….graded “own” quizzes from last week. Gave out the review sheet. Click HERE for the video that goes over it!
Thur 10/1 Test
Fri 10/2 Basics of Ratio/Rate/Unit Rate (see 3.1 in the text). Looked at grocery store ads. Discussed “best deal” on soda. Hmwk: Watch a series of Khan videos. Watch in this order (click on the number): FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH,  optional…yet pretty cool!!!!!. SIXTH


Mon 10/5  Students were not prepared for today…had not watched the videos…disappointing…thus we couldn’t move on…spent more time with the “pop” best price activity
Tue 10/6 1st. Compared work with the “pop” problem…then to lab! do in this order:  First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth. Use the recording sheet to write down your work to turn in. Get done early? Help others! Hmwk are more test corrections!
Wed 10/7 1st: Mr. Benson will go over all of the types of problems from yesterday. Then time to work on bookwork: Pg 145 #1, 2, 5, 16-18, 24, 26-28, 44, 47, 62 (then try 9-15)
Thur 10/8 Answered question on hmwk; Google search on “examples of Scale Factor” (looked at images); video to introduce scale factor (click HERE); addressed photos and picture frame dimension; video from Fro Man!! (click HERE); Talked about a couple similar figures on the worksheet; Worksheet for homework
Fri 10/9 Went over questions on the homework…students looked at answer key for the assignment…time to work on converting between various units. Take home quiz for the weekend!!!
Mon 10/12 Warm-up problem with a) similar figures and b) converting units; Time to compare / get help from each other on the quiz (will grade on Tuesday!); Time to fill out quarter one self reflection; Time to look through test folders…and study
Tues 10/13  Graded Quiz in class; Non-calculator part of the mid-term exam. (Tomorrow is the deadline for Chap 1, Chap 2, Chap 3.1-3.3 exams)
Wed 10/14 Deadline for all test corrections. Calculator part of the mid-term exam. (Recall no test corrections for the mid-term!)
 Fall Break – End of Quarter 1!
Mon 10/19 Warm up with questions off of the new assignment! (percents); Looked at younkers ad. Worked through percent problems…focused on “is over of”…do the first 10 problems off the worksheet (Note help from the book is found on pages 166-167)
Tue 10/20 Warm-up: compare homework; Looked at perspective #2 (algebraic approach…using an algebra sentence) to solve percent problems; Then moved on to percent change. Hmwk: Read 3-7 pgs. 168-170 and then First 12 problems off the worksheet…then add pg. 171 #13, 42, 49 from the book
Wed 10/21 Turned in Monday’s assignment; questions on hmwk (percent of change); Looked at problem solving with “consecutive” integers; Do 3-6 pg. 162 #5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 23, 30
Thur 10/22 Warm up w/ 5 consec integers; looked at different ways to set up consec integers problems; “length and width” of rectangle problems…defining one side in terms of another side…do pg 162 #2, 3, 4, 16, 28
Fri 10/23 Warm up with percent problems; questions off the hmwk; Looked at a “classic” (two planes leave…. d=rt) problem (#10) in the book. Hmwk: STUDY…clean up notes…open note quiz on Monday covering all the stuff from this week 🙂
Mon 10/26  Hartman had a sub (State Standards Work); students took a quiz; worked on a 4.1 inequality practice sheet
Tue 10/27  Graded the quizzes in class…read section 4-2…do pg 208 and do #4-6 and 23-25
Wed 10/28 Board work with solving inequalities….(back to back w/ a partner….red and black markers 🙂 )  Looked at problems from both section 4-2 and 4-3 (but not with mult/div by a negative)
Thur 10/29 Formal notes over section 4-2 and 4-3; developed “why” dividing or multiplying by a negatives results in the need to reverse the inequality. Khan academy help: Click HERE, HERE, HERE and (there are more…just keep going on the Khan site!!!)…
Fri 10/30  Work day!!! A. Do pg 208 #8, 12; Pg. 209 #28, 29, 32; B. Do pg. 210 #68, 70, 72; C. Do pg. 215 #2, 5, 17, 18, 21; D. Do pg. 215 #22, 24, 27, then 15, then 4, then 5; E. Do pg. 216 #59, 60, 61, 62, 65….Challenge: Pg 210 #74-77 and pg. 215 #45-50  WORKED OUT ANSWER KEYS PROVIDED
Mon 11/2 Warm-up related to compound inequalities; Notes on solving ‘more involved’ inequalities. 13 problems to work on: 4.4 pg. 222 #4, 7, 14, 16, 25, 31, 50, 58, 67, 70, 72, 73, 75
Tues 11/3 Warm-up 1/2 sheet with inequalities; time to compare homework from last night (and ask questions); notes (notesheet) on 4-5 “compound inequalities;” 4 problems off the back of the notesheet for homework.
WEd 11/4 Practice with compound inequalities; Worksheet!!!   (period 5 only: pg 229 #2, 4, 5, 7, 17, 18, 21, 25, 29, 30
Thur 11/5 Clean up / review. Visited the “Khan academy” to look at compound inequalities….Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE; 1/2 “warm-up” sheet; Answered questions on homework; Review problems: Pg. 246 #1-4, 10-12, 14-16, 22-23, 29-30, 38 and do pg. 167 # 5-7 and do pg. 193 #42-44 and do pg. 173 #61-62;  Video that goes over the review is..click HERE.
Fri 11/6 Chapter 5 test (along with percents)
Mon 11/9 No school: inservice
Tue 11/10 Review and notes of the coordinate plane…ordered pairs…quadrants…etc… Do pg. 25 #1-12, 17-18 … and do the plotting points picture!!
Wed 11/11 5 question pre-test with “matching graphs;” CBR Moving Motion Part 1 (and part of Part 2) in the hallway.
Thurs 11/12 Day 2 of Moving Motion 2 in the hallway!!! Hmwk was assigned!!!
Fri 11/13 Time for students to compare homework; “Why we can’t make a “0” or “vertical line”; Letters of the alphabet; general discussion wrapping up the last 2 days; Moved on to examine GraphingStories.com; Hmwk: Front/back of worksheet is mandatory; Extra page with “jars” is optional; Also tests handed back (and test correction opportunity)
Mon 11/16 Went over the front page of the hmwk; clean up the “John and his dad problem” as well as any “jars” tonight! Official notes for chapter 5 (relation, domain, range, etc…lots of notes on a notesheet). Besides cleaning up the hmwk from the weekend and working on test corrections, Read 5.1 and do pg. 254 #9, 16, 19-21, 23, 24 and Read 5.2 and do pg. 259 #1, 3, 22, 23, 32-35
Tue 11/17 Went over John and his dad and last 2 jar problems…answers to the hmwk read aloud; Finished notes. Do pg 259 #2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 24, 25, 43, 44; Read 5.3 do pg 266 #1, 15, 17
Wed 11/18 Shortened day….answer keys out for the hmwk; clicker questions (5.2 powerpoint); Began looking at “guess my function.”
Thur 11/19 More “guess my function;” (including abs. value and quadratics); Official notes on functions-tables-graphs (using f(x)=|x|-3 and g(x)=x^2+2); tonight: try to graph y=-2x^2+3
Fri 11/20 Graphing calculator day!!! Then reviewed how to graph using a table (HOF numbers for x: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2). Book problems for homework…AND the worked out solutions provided to each student!!! 5.3 Pg. 267 #2, 5, 16, 18, 23, 29, 36, 42-45 and then 10, 12-14, 28
Mon 11/23 Write equations from a table…(ppt with 11 problems…mainly linear but some x^2 and some |x|)…worksheet for homework!
Tue 11/24 Warm up from the text: pg. 272 #10-16 and 27-29; Time to compare homework with each other and ask questions; T-Shirt Problem!!! (There will be a chapter 5 quiz on Monday)
Wed – Fri Thanksgiving Break
Mon 11/30  Quiz!!!
Tue 12/1 10 more min to indiv. work on quiz; then rest of the time work with in a sm. group to do quiz; talked about the first and the last question (Students will be turning in the quiz on Friday)
Wed 12/2 Note: Test is NEXT Tuesday; Began talked about direct variation. Showed a video (click here) ; gave notesheet…started working through problems. READ 5.5 tonight
Thur 12/3  Started with pg. 280 #1,2,3,5…figure out why 1,2 are “no” and 3,5 are “yes; then looked at 10, 12, 22, and 27…fastfowarded to inverse variation…looked at pg. 288 #10…then back to notesheet…finished the the first application on the back. READ 5.6 tonight
Fri 12/4  Turned in quiz; Warm up: pg 288 #1, 11, 20, and then 24-26…looked at the last problem on the notesheet….time to work on the worksheet for homework. Test is Tuesday!
Mon 12/7 Warm up from pg 301; quizzes back; went over the warm-up; “station” review activity; Click HERE if you want to download the review sheet; Click HERE for the iPad video!!!
Tues 12/8 Test
Wed 12/9  Shortened day; First round of stacking cups
Thurs 12/10 Second round of stacking cups!
Fri 12/11 Big day with making sense of rate of change!!! (Which section is steepest activity) Read 6.1. Take notes! Do pg. 313 #1-21 odd, 22-29, 37, 39, 40
Mon 12/14 LOTS of connections with rate of change and slope AND AND AND…..took notes and started to go through the hmwk problems. New hmwk: 6.1 worksheet and then work on test corrections. (ALL test corrections are due by Thursday!!! NO late ones accepted.)
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Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Tue 1/5 First day of second semester!!! Used the “hexagon train” problem to bridge the gap between December and now! Great start to class; Homework: finish the Hexagon train problem
Wed 1/6 Rate of change review; looked at the graphs of the hexagon train problem; used students’ thinking from yesterday to build the equation (y=4x+2); used cups / CBR and the hexagon problem to build the general equation y=mx+b; tonight: worksheet!!!
Thurs 1/7  Answer keys sitting out; graphing calculator activity with y=mx+b (followed Dr. Hartman’s lead); 5 min to look over the material for 6.2 in the book (pp. 317-319); discussed various resources including the textbook, Dr. H’s website, the Khan Academy (Click HERE for an example); Used the Khan video and Dr. Hartman’s writing on the board for notes for the Slope Intercept form of a linear equation; put a few examples in notes; Worksheet to graph 6 problems!!!; Click HERE for a resource to help with graphing slope-intercept form
Fri 1/8 3 graphing problems as a warmup; watched Westerville High’s Graph Video!!!; partners compared homework and then worked through a partner coach; we finished with some ppt. problems on writing equations based on given facts, a given graph, or a given table.; Worksheet for hmwk!
Mon 1/11 Cleaned up the ppt from Friday; addressed y-3 = (-2/3)x and  3x-4y=20; handed out an answer key and gave time for students to compare homework; “Cool down” problems…practice graphing, 1/2 sheet with writing equations from graphs and situations; Big matching activity for homework (students should be cutting this part to help!!!)
Tue 1/12 Warm-up (Find slope between two points); warm up #2: 1/2 sheet with writing equations for a given graph; Went over yesterday’s cool down problems; time  to compare homework (few did it!!); worksheet 3.1-3.3; gave students 10-15 minutes in class to work; hmwk: work on the worksheet!
Wed 1/13 Clicker problems (matching equation to graph); a long time for the long quiz!; Hmwk: clean up old homework!
Thur 1/14 Answered questions off of Tuesday’s hmwk; “speed dating” activity to clean up the quiz from Wed; hmwk: clean up old homework and finish up the quiz…make it perfect!
Fri 1/15 Turned in quiz; answer key for pp. 3-4 from Tues hmwk; Application problem…”Car dealer” (ppt); partner coach (group/class coach) 6 story problems from 6.3; Homework: finish up the partner coach and do the new worksheet (interpreting slope and intercept)
Mon 1/18 Wrapped up #5/6 off the story problem sheet from Friday; few minutes for peers to compare homework (1-page…. “m” and “b” meaning); FFA fruit sales problem to set context for standard form; began to work through standard form problems; finish the worksheet for homework!!!
Tue 1/19 Warm up with graphing y=(2/3)x-4 and 5x+2y=20; connections back to the FFA problem; time to compare hmwk; answered a couple questions off of it; more work with x- and y- intercepts; Pop/popcorn problems!!! Do pg. 333 #1-9 odd, 10-12 all, 13-17 odd, and 19-24 all. (Also clean up the homework from last night!
Wed 1/20 Early release day; 4th period did estimation problems (Click HERE); 5th period was at an assembly!
Thur 1/21 Very good “2” problem warmup to begin class (Cost to rent a dance hall and Hats/Scarves); good discussion related to the 2 problems; talked about graphing horizontal and vertical lines (click HERE for a video to help with that); talked above converting standard form into slope intercept form (click HERE for a video to help with that); talked about (in 4th but not 5th) converting slope intercept form into standard form (click HERE for a video to help with that); Hmwk: pg. 333 #25-31, 36…then graph x=-3 and y=4…..then do 38-42; Quiz is tomorrow
Fri 1/22  Dr. Hartman was at a school meeting all day; Answers keys to check over homework; Quiz in class today!; Homework: Study section 6.1-6.4 out of the book; Test will likely be on Wednesday!!
Mon 1/25 Partner matching with slope-int; standard form, and graph. Small groups then compared quizzes (I circled the incorrect work); Students then worked in small groups on a “fan n pick” card activity to start to review for the exam. Finally students started working on the first part of the in-class review sheet.
Tue 1/26 One more round of partner “card” activity (Fan-N-Pick); Answer keys were handed out for the first part of the in-class review sheet; Students then were able to work on the second part of the in-class review sheet (answers were handed out.) Finally the “out of class” review was handed out. Click HERE for the iPad review video that goes over THAT (learning target) review sheet!!
Wed 1/27 Chapter 6.1-6.4 exam; Started to look at the “5×5 Dot problem!”
Thur 1/28 5×5 Dot problem! (We’ll do more with chapter 6 on Friday!)
Fri 1/29 Warm up: find eq. in slope intercept form for (a) Given (-2, -3) and m=4; (b) passing through (-2,7) and (4,-2) and then (c) passing through (-1,4) and (3,1). Addressed using the graph/table/thinking method is great until the data isn’t so nice. Showed how to simply use y=mx+b to do it! Notesheet/hmwk sheet all in one. Practiced with #1,2,12 off sheet; HOMEWORK: sheeet #4-8 and 14-18
Mon 2/1 Warm up (from the sheet #3, 13); questions on hmwk; connection to using point-slope form; moved into finding the equation of line passing through point parallel to given line (drew it the first time); Looked at #21 off the sheet. Homework READ 6-6 out of the book…then do the sheet #10, 20, 22-24, 31…and then work on TEST CORRECTIONS (test were handed back today)
Tue 2/2 Snow day
Wed 2/3 Snow day
Thur 2/4 Warm up (10&20 off the sheet); went over 26 as well; On graph paper, worked through making sense of perpendicular lines (same slope but different y-intercepts); worked 33 in class; hmwk: 35-38 and then 27-28
Fri 2/5 3 different sheets: “slopes of parallel and perp lines,” “pairs check” (writing y=mx+b giving 2 points), and “parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines”  Hmwk: finish old work and work on test corrections
Mon 2/8 Warm up (partner coach with writing equations); worksheet (do the first 2 in each row); likely quiz Wednesday
Tue 2/9  Click HERE Game 1 (m/c select line to connect the most gems); Click HERE Game 2 (writing equations of lines…zapping bugs!); Click HERE Game 3 (who wants to be a millionaire);  Click HERE Game 4 (10 question m/c basketball game); Hmwk: keep working on yesterday’s worksheet…click HERE for a video that goes over the worksheet; there will be questions on the quiz from this worksheet!!! Make sure you study for tomorrow’s quiz….and FINISH TEST CORRECTIONS!!!
Wed 2/10 Looked at some of the video the stats students were looking at today (to intro lines of best fit): click here; Main point: we can use two points to find an equation of a line. QUIZ day!!! Hmwk: Read 6.7 and do #2 and 11
Thur 2/11 Some students reviewed basics of 6.5-6.6 with Mr. Benson; Others looked over #2 and 11 with Dr. Hartman…then moved into collecting “tally mark data”…then on to the Twizzler lab. Homework tonight: work more on the Twizzler lab and use the tally mark data to graph a scatter plot, then find a line of best fit
Fri 2/12  Went over Dr. Hartman’s answers to the Twizzler lab; looked at the few who worked on the line of best fit for the “tally mark” lab; showed on calculator how to do a line of best fit; worksheet time: looking at various applications for line of best fit (did a couple together…rest for homework)
Mon 2/15 Answer key out for the worksheet on line of best fit); Partner quiz; work on assignment: pg 734 #9, 22-25, 27, 35, 37, 39, 41
Tue 2/16 Mini-white board REVIEW in class!!! continue working on last night’s assignment
Wed 2/17 “Ugly” warm up (-3.2, 4.05) and (0.8, 0.65); Answered questions off hmwk (few were asked); time to look at scatter plot / line of best fit problems. Review sheet handed out!. Click HERE for the review video!!!
Thurs 2/18 6.5-6.7 chapter exam
Fri 2/19 Abs. Value Graphing Calculator Activity
Mon 2/22 More with graphing abs. value functions (6.8 in the text) (Good practice: click HERE) Worksheet for homework
Tue 2/23 Looked at solving systems of equations using the graphing approach. Several examples for notes. 8 problems on a worksheet for homework. Tests/corrections handed out (for 6.5-6.7)
Wed 2/24 Looked at solving systems of equations using the substitution method. Notesheet to lead the way. Homework: Pg. 384 #5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 34, 39
Thur 2/25 Answer keys out for the homework. Looked at solving systems of equations using the elimination method.  Notesheet to lead the way. Homework: Pg. 390 #1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 15, 17, 21
Fri 2/26 Answer key out for the homework; students then worked on a quiz (Dr. Hartman was gone at a meeting in Milford…and headed to Ames for a dance competition).
Mon 2/29 Students graded their own quiz from Friday; got feedback from Dr. Hartman’s worked out answer key; Talked about the scouting report for solving applications of systems (two main types: one with standard form and one with slope-int form); Worked through 2 applications together. Tonight: clean up test corrections!
Tue 3/1 Warm up (two apps for systems…trees and coins); back side notes from yesterday; tonight: besides test corrections, work on the worksheet related to applications of systems!
Wed 3/2 Answer key to the homework…then computer lab time. 10 minutes to work on solving systems using graphing (click HERE); 10 minutes to work on solving systems using substitution (click HERE); 10 minutes to work on solving systems using elimination (click HERE); Additional links to solve “applications” of systems (click HERE and HERE); For the weekend…students are getting a learning target review. There will be a video that goes over it. (Click HERE). (Work on test corrections. The test is on Tues/Wed)
Thur 3/3 No school state basketball
Fri 3/4 No school “spring break A”
Mon 3/7 Prep for mid-term. 1. half page warm up related to systems. 2. Major review sheet to help prepare for Wednesday’s exam (did two problems together and assigned the last page…front/back…for homework).
Tue 3/8 (quarter 3 evaluation filled out) More prep for mid-term. Answered questions on the “assigned” problems and then worked the rest of the problems on the sheet together. Old tests were handed back. Tomorrow is the deadline for test corrections.
Wed 3/9 Mid-term exam!!!
Thur 3/10 No school “spring break B”
Fri 3/11 No school “spring break B”
Mon 3/14 Pi Day!!! Lots of activities!!! (Including pie!!!)
Tue 3/15 Review of inequalities (on a number line)…preview of graphing linear inequalities. (some gone for locals)
Wed 3/16 Partners went back through the mid-term exam together (10 point grade). Matched a stronger to support those who needed a bit more “re-teaching”
Thurs 3/17 Cookie Monster Siri commercial…worked through the smoothie problem to lead into linear inequalities; at the end watched part of Khan video (click HERE)
Fri 3/18 Warm-up / notes: sheet with graphing linear inequalities…connected back to the smoothie question….time to work on the (back side of the) worksheet: graphing linear inequalities for homework
Mon 3/21 Answer key out for the graphing lin. inequal. homework; “Q3 C4L”…indiv. then used clickers to look at the results
Tue 3/22 Warm up: create a set of 5 # with a mean / median / mode / range all equal to 5!! Then used a homework sheet to discuss notes for the four measures of central tendency. Assignment: finish the sheet!!
Wed 3/23 Warm up problem with central tendency: salaries at a company; then used the Clucking Chicken menu to introduce the 5-number summary and the box-and-whisker plot
Thur 3/24 Warm up: found the 5# summary and made a box and whisker plot for a set of “16” numbers; compared and contrasted the two clucking chicken plots from periods 4 and 5; then had time to work on “2” problems….goal was to get everything done so that students didn’t have any work over break!
Fri 3/25 Easter Break
Mon 3/28 Easter Break
Tue 3/29 Dice activity to build “stem and leaf plot;” brief discussion on stem & leaf plots, quick review of box & whisker, the 5-number summary, and measures of central tendency; discussed a few of the “cases” of stem and leaf plots; time to work: pp. 43-44 #14, 15, 19, then 20, 21, 27, 32, and then 6, 8
Wed 3/30 Warm up (make a stem and leaf plot for a set of numbers); Asked for volunteers to show answers to 19, 27, 32, 6, 8; Moved on to pg 53…looked at 1-10…box and whisker plots
Thur 3/31 Time to work on the stats review sheet
Fri 4/1 A couple stem and leaf plots for a warm-up; went over the Box and Whisker #7 on the review sheet; 15 minutes for individuals to work on the quiz; then 10 minutes for groups of 3 to work on the quiz…self-assess with CSR
Mon 4/4 Students who completed the challenge from review sheet (4 sets of numbers)…showed their results. Looked at a coin; predicted 10 flips; collected results; moved on to 10 sets of 10 flips; predicted and collected; looked at the distribution on excel; began to look at the Quincunx machine (click HERE and HERE)
Tue 4/5 Lots more with the quincunx machine….discussed experimental vs. theoretical probabilities; built “why” for the coins (leading to pascal’s triangle); spent time looking at the mathsisfun.com site (click HERE); assigned pg 96-97 #1-19 odd, 21-28, 45
Wed 4/6  Warm up with a partner “pract 2-6 worksheet” then answered questions on homework; Talked about compound probabilities and replacement vs. not (used die/coin as well as the animal cracker problem on the sheet). Assigned pg 104-105 #1, 3, 9, 13, 15-21, 23, 26, 29, 30, 31
Thur 4/7 Warm up with a partner “pract 2-7 worksheet” then answered any questions on the previous two assignments; Played “blast off”
Fri 4/8 Indiv quiz (with a bit of partner support) then finished “blast off” and then played “skunk”
Mon 4/11 No school…teacher inservice
Tue 4/12 Began to investigate exponent properties (focused on 8.3-8.4 first)
Wed 4/13 Warm-up: “Describe how to BUILD each of the problems…” (I’m not so worried about the rules…I want to know how it works!); Gave 3 sheets to work through…will become flashcards…let groups make sense of the answers (I gave a slip with the answers in random order). Assigned pg 443 #1, 8, 10, 17, 19 and assigned pg. 449 #1, 3, 5, 9, 14, 18
Thur 4/14 Cleaned up flashcards; answered questions on homework; Speed dating #1. Assignment is to cut out flashcards and do the domino activity
Fri 4/15 Graded the flashcards and domino activity; Quick quiz; Began to investigate the “zero exp” property and “division”
Mon 4/18 Finished up Friday’s work and added “neg. exponents;” Sheet to quickly work on many…trying to make sense. Assigned 8.1 pg. 433 #1-4, 13-16, 17-20, 46-50, 62 AND assigned 8.5 pg 456 #1-10
Tue 4/19  Answered questions on homework; Speed dating activity #2! Read 8.2 do pg 438 1-21 odd (will turn in)
Wed 4/20 Turned in the last 2 assignments right away; warm up sheet on sci. notation to work on with partner; Cleaned up yesterday’s “big dog” problems from the speed dating; Did a matching activity with sci. notation. QUIZ (can clean it up at home!!)
Thur 4/21 M/C warmup with exponents; graded own quiz from yesterday; looked at the big dog “scientific notation problems” (Use 8.2 to help you) (use the answers on the back of the sheet to help you!). Review sheet handed out. Worked out video for the review is HERE (click on it!!!)
Fri 4/22 TEST!!!!
Mon 4/25 Started with paper folding…then showed video on getting to the moon (click HERE); Began working through the “Zombee” sheet
Tue 4/26 More “Zombee” sheet; Tests back. WORK ON TEST CORRECTIONS
Wed 4/27 (Early out); Started taking notes on exp. growth and decay (focus on graphing today); Do pg. 470 #1, 3, 12-19 and do pg. 479 #1, 3, 5, 23, 25-29
Thur 4/28 More notes on the notesheet…then moved on to application of growth and decay (first 4 problems on the front side of the ($130,000 house) sheet. Add to last night’s work. Do pg 470 #2, 7, 23, 24, 33 and do pg. 480 #26-32
Fri 4/29 Answer keys out for homework; few more apps off of the sheet from yesterday…one more graph from the sheets from the past two days…”matching activity” (addressed compound interest and half life). Take home quiz (part of this will be a “quest” grade)
Mon 5/2 Move on to polynomials! Used polynomial note sheet to address classification, standard form…assigned: pg. 497 #1-20, 26, 33
Tue 5/3  Time to compare homework; “fan n pick” problems with a partner…compared with other partner groups (sheets handed out…fan-n-pick problems put under document camera); Notes on addition and subtraction of polynomials. Assigned: pg. 497 #35-41, 57-60  (Asked for late quizzes to be submitted.)
Wed 5/4  Questions on homework; notes and examples with multiplying polynomials. Assigned pg. 501 #1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 27 and pg. 507 #5, 8
Thur 5/5  Answer keys sitting out for students to examine; warm up with 3 multiplication problems; Began to look at factoring (factoring out GCF)…gave the “take-home” quiz to work on
Fri 5/6  First part of class, we volunteered our time to listen to speeches. The second part of class was given to students to work on the “take home” quiz together.
Mon 5/9  (4th: several went with Mr. Benson); Rest with me…students graded own quiz; used the rest of the quiz to begin to learn how to factor trinomials; Handed out the practice test (can use on the final)
Tue 5/10  Teach me how to factor video; more work with factoring trinomials; used the “puzzle”…assignment: work on practice final. last night to work on test corrections for the exponent test.
 Wed 5/11 Last day to work on factoring trinomials; connections between the factored form and the graph; looked at DNF problems; work on the practice final!
Thur 5/12  Time to work on / ask questions on…the practice final. (Students CAN use the practice final on the actual final!)
 5/13-16-17  Finals (last “1/2” day is Tues May 17)



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