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WHS DiffGeom (17-18)

The syllabus for Diff Geometry is HERE. Click HERE!!!

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Fall Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Wed 8/16 Four rounds of puzzle activities (and reflections); fill out the student inventory for homework
Thur 8/17 Groups discussed and shared reflections from the puzzle intro; perspective activity; things about Dr. Hartman
Fri 8/18  Groups worked on the transformation puzzles. Homework: finish round 3 of the activity; Bring 2-3 paper sacks for Monday!
Mon 8/21 Partners compared the last page of Friday’s activity; Video for the eclipse; Addressed Dr. H’s syllabus; Posted the last page of Friday’s activity; Those who brought paper sacks covered books…rest must have ti done by Friday!
Tue 8/22 Equation warm-up (10 min) Pg 10 #69-72; Pg 36 #38-39; Pg 229 #4-8; Pg 560 #44-46…followed by time to “play” the transformation game!!! Click HERE Homework is pg 171 #1-4; pg. 171 #5-8; pg 214 #52-54; pg 415 #7-9 and pg 406 #53-54
Wed 8/23 (A&P schedule…shorter classes); A. 5 more minutes to finish yesterday’s warm-up; B. 5 minutes for peers to compare…Dr. H talked about a couple perspectives; C. “Game film” (revisited) yesterday’s computer activity; D. Time for peers to compare last night’s homework (homework check); E. Addressed a few items related to translations, including vectors; F. Discussed a strategy to take notes; G. Assignment: COVER your book and take notes on section 4.1
Thur 8/24 Notes check while students worked on a 4.1 warm-up together; Talked about some of the basics of 4.1 (things I feel are important); District essential activity #1; DON’T FORGET TO COVER YOUR BOOK; time to work: 4.1 pg. 178 #3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23-25, 32, 28 and take notes on section 4.2
Fri 8/25 Notes check / book cover check / hmwk check…answered questions on hmwk; looked at a great website Mathisfun.com (click HERE); discussed translations again and looked at reflections (handwritten way and “shortcut” way over x-axis/y-axis/y=x/y=-x); time to work: 4.2 pg 186 #2, 8, 9, 16, 18, 21-24, 34, 40-46even
Mon 8/28 Tough reflection to start with (over y = 0.25x – 2). Looked at Geogebra.org to help (Click HERE for the link); Hmwk check and time to compare homework fo 4.2; Began to investigate rotations (used sheet); a second sheet to lead us to think! Tonight read and take notes on 4.3; finish the sheet from class; look at Geogebra. Look at mathisfun.com (reflection part) click HERE
Tue 8/29 Watched Khan’s take on yesterday’s warm-up (HERE). Talked about Khan as a resource for MANY classes (HERE); looked at mathisfun.com (HERE); looked again at geogebra!; Talked about #4 off the homework sheet; time to compare…notes check…addressed coordinate “shortcuts” for 90/180/270. Homework: 4.3 #(3,4), 8, 15, 16, 17-23 odd, 32, 34
Wed 8/30 No official class due to 9th being in auditorium all morning; 10th just worked on hmwk
Thur 8/31 Peers compared homework; rotation activity (roundtable) followed by composition activity. Finish the composition activity and take notes on 4.4 AND 4.5 tonight
Fri 9/1 Partner board work right away: Find image of rotation of (1,4), (3,3), (6,2) 90 degrees counterclockwise about (-3,2); Great discussion!!! Examined Grant Thompson’s method and Andrew Moylan’s method from last year. Look at the problem on GeoGebra. Then looked at a couple composition problems on GeoGebra. Notes check and partners compared the 8 composition problems from yesterday; Finished by looking at a few Dilation problems. No homework for long weekend!
Mon 9/4 Labor Day
Tues 9/5  Work day: 4.4 (3-6, 13, 15-18, 25-28); 4.5 (3, 5, 15-21 odd, 23-28 all, 41-44 all); 4.6 (3-8 all); Test is on Thursday
Wed 9/6 Warm up sheet with compositions; Revisited compositions with parallel lines and intersecting lines; Know that the order of letters (labels) matter!; Discussed difference between congruency/similarity transformations; LOOK UP THE WORD ISOMETRY; Test is tomorrow
Thurs 9/7 M/C part of the test (in class); written part of the test (take home)
Fri 9/8 Flashback Friday equation solving at the boards; 20 min to collaborate on take-home test
Mon 9/11 Turned in take-home test; Examples around the room (point, line, plane, ect). Sheet #2…lots of info/discussion on 1.1 today. Little details matter. Read 1.1 and take notes
Tue 9/12 Notes/bottom of sheet check; Puzzle 1.1; Enrichment with 1.1 (again, details matter!); Looked at the difference between postulates, axioms, and theorems; Looked at the ruler and segment addition postulates in section 1.2. Homework tonight is to read 1.2 and take notes!
Wed 9/13 Work day:  Do 1.1 pg. 8 #3-43 odd, 56-62 all AND Do 1.2 pg. 16 #15-23 odd, 28 AND Read and take notes for 1.3
Thur 9/14 Discussed midpoint and distance (pythag thm)…from various perspectives including the “formula” that can be entered into the calc; Do 1.3 # 9, 16, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31, 32, 38, 40
Fri 9/15 Good warm up!; answered 38 and 40 off hmwk; Began to examine angle relationships (1-8 off worksheet); READ and take notes on 1.5-1.6 this weekend. Quiz Monday  on 1.1-1.3…test by Friday!
Mon 9/18 Discussed notes and key items from 1.5 and 1.6; tests back; time for partners to take a quiz
Tue 9/19 Band students gone. Workday: 1.5 #3, 7, 9-14, 21-29 odd, 33, 35 and then 1.6 #1-21 odd, 31, 46; Test on Friday
Wed 9/20 Hmwk check; quizzes back; board work adding to problems from 1.5 (37, 39, 48, 52, 54) and 1.6 (32-41); Review for the upcoming test
Thur 9/21 Review at the board for Monday’s test
Fri 9/22 Flashback Friday: A. pg. 63 #7-12; B. pg. 591 #5, 6; C. pg. 18 #44, 45; D. pg. 180 #47-50; E. pg. 415 #1-6; F. pg. 461 #7-12; G. pg. 484 #46, 47; H. pg. 506 #33-36; and then look over the chapter 1 review pp. 56-58
Mon 9/25 Big chapter 1 test!
Tue 9/26  Videos to set the stage for conditional statements (Philosophy: Click HERE); (Coding: Click HERE); (Basics of p-q: Click HERE); (Truth tables: Click HERE ); Hmwk: take notes on section 2.1
Wed 9/27 Shortened day and club day; time to work: 2.1 #3-37 odd, 48, 50, 52, 55, 56, 64-69
Thur 9/28 Notes and hmwk check; discussed IFF and other details of 2.1; Began to examine truth tables; focused on pg 72 #39-44; Take notes on section 2.2
Fri 9/29 Ice Ice Baby conditional statement partner work; went over 40 and 42 from yesterday’s t-tables; t-table challenge problem; tests back…work on corrections. (Take notes on section 2.2 if you haven’t!)
Mon 10/2 Warm-up with solving/graphing compound inequalities; connection back to truth tables; conditional roundtable problem; 2.2 notes check; Introduced inductive and deductive reasoning with a few videos: (Reasoning in writing; Click HERE); (Inductive/Deductive in math: Click HERE); (Example of Deductive: Click HERE); (Example of Inductive: Click HERE). Homework: Do 2.2 #4, 6, 10, 14, 17-33 odd, 42, 44
Tue 10/3 15 min to work; then moved on to 3×3 square activity; then moved into sm. groups in pod with 3×3 square activity; then did circle activity…hmwk 2.2 worksheet
Wed 10/4 Addressed both activities from yesterday; Used pg 83 exploration #2 a-m….hmwk (finish test corrections) and take notes on 2.3
Thur 10/5 Tough day on all of us…Donald duck video
Fri 10/6 Time to work on a worksheet for 2.3 and add to the back pg. 87 #9-23
Mon 10/9 Time for peers to work together on several multiple choice problems; quiz is tomorrow; finish test corrections soon
Tue 10/10 Alg. reasoning puzzles; partner quiz; read 2.4 and take notes
Wed 10/11 Notes Check; Do pg. 96 #3, 11, 13, 15, 23, 25-42, 45, 47, 53, 56
Thur 10/12 Questions on the hmwk; Went over the quiz; then began to work on proof: Click FIRSTSECONDTHIRDFOURTHFIFTH, and SIXTH. THEN move on to the next sections:Do in this order: FirstSecondThirdFourth (This is Hard), Also looked at two proofs for the area of a circle found on youtube: HERE and HERE Homework: finish test corrections if you haven’t!
Fri 10/13  Time to work on a coordinate plane “pumpkin” problem…rest of time to get everything caught up in all classes so that you can have a great fall break! (Dr. Hartman was at a quiz bowl competition)
Fall Break M-T
Wed 10/18 2.4 puzzle; quizzes back…went over them; proof activity (used a few from the feromax site…without the steps included); hmwk: take notes on 2.6
Thur 10/19 Dr. Hartman showed his work on the 3 proofs from yesterday; we went over 2 new proofs in class together; Time to work on 2.5 #3-10, 13-15, 24-26. Take notes on section 2.6. Test is next Thursday
Fri 10/20 Notes/hmwk check; several proofs with scrambled reasons; 2 proofs without reasons provided (discussed a paragraph proof for the first); worksheet for homework; Test is next Thursday
Mon 10/23 2.5 and 2.6 puzzles to start; Went over the sheet from Friday; Listed a comprehensive set of “reasons” we currently use with proofs; time to work 2.6 #3-6, 7-15 odd, 16-23, 30; Test is Thursday
Tue 10/24 10 minutes to finish, compare, help each other, ask questions…with hmwk; Review activity sheet in class; last few minutes: start the chapter 2 review out of the book (#1-26)
Wed 10/25 Early out; shortened day; clubs meet; students had time to work on the review pages from ch 2 (#1-26). Solutions are HERE. Test is tomorrow…dress up???
Thur 10/26 Test.
Fri 10/27 Flashback Friday with (LPS) equations…26 MC problems
Mon 10/30 Euclid the game! (On Chromebooks): Click HERE
Tue 10/31 More time with Euclid the game….
Wed 11/1 No Class (10th Pre-ACT)
Thur 11/2 Round 1 of geogebra.org work (besides “play time” with 2-d graphics and 3-d graphics)…the question we addressed with tools is “show the different types of interactions/intersections between 3 distinct coplanar lines (2-d)” and “show the diff. types of interactions/intersections between 2 distinct non-coplanar lines (3-d)” Homework: READ and take notes for 3.1
Fri 11/3 Notes check: Round 2 of geogebra.org work….
Mon 11/6 No school (teacher inservice)
Tue 11/7 Round 0 (3.1-3.3 puzzles); Round 1 (3.1 worksheet); Rounds 2 and 3 (Challenge 3.2-3.3 worksheets); Round 4 (hmwk….5 angles to find and take notes on section 3.4)
Wed 11/8 Notes check; discussed round 4; time to work 3.1 (10, 15-20, 24); 3.2 (3-11 odd, 12, 13); 3.3 (3-7 odd, 13-24 all, 38); 3.4 puzzle/worksheet back….quiz tomorrow
Thur 11/9 Went over questions; addressed 3.4 items; QUIZ…tonight: do pg. 152 #3, 11, 17-20, 23, 25
Fri 11/10 Flashback Friday worksheet with parallel / perp lines (slopes and equation writing)…back side is important to get ready for Tuesday’s test!…Last part of class was “quiz grading” activity!
Mon 11/13 Feromax proof work: Do in this order: Review the first 4… FirstSecondThirdFourth (This is Hard), rest are new… FifthSixthSeventh (This is a medium one), Eighth (medium), Ninth (medium), Tenth (medium)  Chapter 3 test on Tuesday
Tue 11/14 Chap 3 Test is today!!!
Wed 11/15 Club day / early release day!  All need to do this (whether in class or not): READ and take notes on both sections 5.1 and 5.2….In class students had the opportunity to work on crackact.com problems!
Thur 11/16 Time to work and make sense of 5.1: Do 3-6, 7-25 odd, 27-36 all, 49, 50, 54-57
Fri 11/17 Puzzle 5.1; hmwk check 5.1 and notes 5.1-5.2 check; Official notes for 5.2; puzzle for 5.2
Mon 11/20 (Dr. H gone) Time to work on 5.2 #3-14, 17, 18, 22; Then read and take notes on 5.3; Then work on test corrections
Tue 11/21 Turkey cards; CHALLENGE problem!!!; work on test corrections; get any other hmwk done for other classes…so you don’t have to work over break!
 Thanksgiving Break
Mon 11/27 Angleg activity to set the stage for showing 2 triangles congruent
Tue 11/28 2nd Angleg activity…types of triangles…leading to several connections (from 6.5b); Take notes on 6.5b and do pg. 340 #11-24, 26, 29, 30
Wed 11/29 Answered questions on homework; led through the idea of using pythag thm and < vs > c2 to determine if a triangle is obtuse or acute!; time to work on 6.5b and 5.4 worksheet. Tonight: take notes on 6.5b and 5.4. Quiz on Friday
Thur 11/30 Homework/Notes check; Went over the homework; Talked about key tools for toolbaox Puzzle for 5.4; Time to work: Pg 256 #4, 6, 8, 10, 13-16, 19, 22, 38, 42-44….Quiz tomorrow
Fri 12/1 Hartman is gone at Quiz Bowl; Students are quizzing!
Mon 12/4 Speed dating activity to collaborate/clean up the quiz; review of the 4 methods to prove triangles congruent (SSS, ASA, AAS, SAS) and sheet to start to identify which is which. Tonight: Revisit 5.3 (take notes); read and take notes for 5.5 and 5.6; finish the sheet
Tue 12/5 Graded own quiz as Dr. Hartman went over the misconceptions; Time to work out of the book…starting to make sense of the 4 ways to show two triangles are congruent. Do  bookwork: (In this order) A. Pg. 249 #3-9 odd, 10-14 all. B. Pg. 266 #3-10 all. C. Pg. 274 #3-12 all. D. Pg. 250 #25-26. E. Pg. 267 #19-20. F. Pg. 274 #15-16 and 24, 26. Then Proof sheet!. The sheet will references two feromax proofs: Click HERE for #1 and HERE for #2. The other proofs are from the book. You get Wednesday to work on this as well (early out day)
Wed 12/6 Early out / club day….Keep working on the items from yesterday!
Thur 12/7 Answer key out for book work; More practice (worksheet) as well as answer key for THAT to help make sense of SAS, SSS, ASA, and AAS. Test corrections due by Friday!; Chapter 5 test on Monday; Tonight: Make sure you know how to do HL (do pg. 266 #5, 6 and pg. 292 #16)…and Understand section 5.7 (do pg. 281 #3-10)
Fri 12/8 Wrapped up the chapter…discussion about how to use CPCTC to prove “parts” of congruent triangles congruent!!! CPCTC sheet…. and spent time examining the special relationships in a right triangle (can just use HL, HA, LL, and LA). Right triangle congruent sheet. Test is MONDAY
Mon 12/11 Chapter 5 test
Tue 12/12 8.1 notes, puzzle, worksheet (read 8.1 and do the worksheet at home)
Wed 12/13 8.2 notes, puzzle, worksheet (read 8.1 and do the worksheet at home)
Thur 12/14 8.3 notes, puzzle, worksheet (read 8.1 and do the worksheet at home)
Fri 12/15 District essential activity; tests back; work on test corrections
Mon 12/18 Chap 8 quiz-test; review handed out
Tue 12/19 Review for final
20  Get


Spring Warm up (information); activities and instructional strategies used in class; Upcoming information; “Links” to videos; Assignment(s)
Thur 1/4 ACT problems (45 minutes in class to work); please spend exactly 15 more minutes tonight!
Fri 1/5 Small groups collaborated on the ACT problems; we spent just a small amount of time in class going over them as a class; answer key handed out
Mon 1/8 2 ACT problems (student asked…); Time for small groups to work through “heavy hitters” from S1 final. Great work time!
Tue 1/9 Yesterday Dr. H organized all student answers to the “heavy hitters”…today students had 10 min to collaborate and decide if they needed to change answers or not. We then graded the “heavy hitters” in class. After that, proportion problems!
Wed 1/10 Proportion answers on the back board; answered another ACT question; looked at one problem from the heavy hitters list (used geogebra); “packet” with notes/info/puzzle/problems for section 8.4. Similarity test is coming up soon!!!
Thur 1/11 Snow Day
Fri 1/12 Ans posted for the last page of 8.4 worksheet on the board; time to work on 8.4 #3-8, 13-26, 30; and “re” study 8.1-8.3 (sem 1 quest given to practice similarity). 8.1-8.4 Similarity test on MONDAY
Mon 1/15 Partner test on similarity
Tue 1/16 Notes and examples with simplifying radicals (numbers and variables); START working on the worksheet; a few minutes given at the end of class for groups to revise missed questions on yesterdays test
Wed 1/17 Club day / Early release day….time to read/review 9.1 and do pg. 468 #3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, 44-47 and continue to work on the simplifying radicals sheet!
Thur 1/18 pythag warm-up (1/2 sheet) Time for peers to compare answers to radicals sheet; Worksheet with pythag triangles for homework
Fri 1/19 Posted answers from last night’s work on back board; Turned in simplifying radicals sheet; Mad minute; Introduction of 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles!!! Read and take notes on 9.2; do 3-11 odd
Mon 1/22 Snow day 1
Tue 1/23 Snow day 2
Wed 1/24 Notes/hmwk check; Reviewed the building of 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles; QQT; 9.2 puzzle; time to work 4-12 even, 13-16, 18, 22
Thur 1/25 Timed test; speed dating to go over the timed test; Went over hmwk #22; Handed out placement sheets; Worksheet front/back for homework; QUIZ tomorrow
Fri 1/26 Hmwk check; Went over the hmwk; Quiz
Mon 1/29 Dr. Hartman was ill; Students worked on more practice with simplifying radicals, 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles, and the pythagorean theorem.
Tues 1/30 Collected (and analyzed) data on four 20-70-90 triangles to discover relationships between the ratios of sides….setting the stage for tomorrow
Wed 1/31 Drew own 20-70-90 triangle, investigated ratios of the sides…BIG CONNECTIONS…..and similarity….and our data from yesterday….moved into Soh-Cah-Toa….MORE CONNECTIONS…including the calculator!!!.Read 9-4 and 9-5 and then RE-read 9-4 and 9-5 and then take notes on 9-4 and 9-5
Thur 2/1 Notes check; Drew 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles and looked at the trig ratios for the angles. Checked out the “unit circle” via a google search. Great list of reasons to learn about trig (HERE); Watched a video Getting Triggy with It (HERE); Work on 9.4 #3, 5, 6 and then 9.5 #3, 5, 7-16 and then 9.4 #7, 9, 10 and then 9.5 #17, 19, 21-25 and then 9.4 #11, 12
Fri 2/2 Dr. Hartman is gone with the quiz bowl teams today; Work time on the 9.4 and 9.5 puzzles and a 9.4/9.5 worksheet. Click HERE for the worksheet
Mon 2/5 Went over last part of worksheet; warm-up with a tree/ladder problem…transitioned into solving a right triangle…leading into inverse trig functions!; read9.6 and do 5-13 odd
Tue 2/6 Hmwk check; Looked at ACT problems; Warm-up with solving a triangle; “Musical chairs activity”; Puzzle fo 9.6
Wed 2/7 Early release / club day… do 9.6 pg. 505#4-12 even, 13-19 odd, 20, 21
Thur 2/8 Several ACT trig questions; partner quiz
Fri 2/9 8 minutes to finish the quiz; Used geogebra to investigate the theorems in section 7.1: sum of interior angles of a polygon is (n-2)*180….the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon is [(n-2)*180]/n….the sum of the measures of the exterior angles of ANY polygon is 360.
 Mon 2/12  Went over quiz;

Review in class (Click HERE for the problems and HERE for the answers); Test is tomorrow…you will want to review…Reread all of your notes. Reread the sections in the book 9.1-9.7 (not 9.3)…consider trying some of the problems on pp. 518-521 #1-9, 17-37…Make sure you have “looked over” the law of sines and cosines!
Tue 2/13 Test
Wed 2/14 Polygon puzzle; investigated “1st” grade angle of parallelograms from our Critical Thinking Lens! Hmwk: Read and take notes with 7.1 and 7.2 and do the parallelogram column on the properties sheet
Thur 2/15 Notes check; built the 5 parallelogram properties using 2 key ideas “parallel lines and triangles”; reviewed the main formula from 7.1; time to work: 7.1 pg. 364 #3-9odd, 27, 29, 31, 32 AND 7.2 pg. 372 #3-7 odd, 17-21 odd, 22, 27-33 odd
Fri 2/16 Practice ACT test (Spend exactly 60 minutes on it)
Mon 2/19 Warm up with 2 puzzles (7.1 and 7.2); heavy hitters from test….rotation activity to make sense of them…tests handed back
Tue 2/20 Work day (Dr. H was gone for ACT work); Problems from 7.1 #4-30 even, 37-40 and 7.2 #4-8 even, 9-16 all, 18 20, 28-34 even; Test correction document handed out.
Wed 2/21 Hmwk check and questions; Asked about the 5 ways to prove a parallelogram; Puzzle from 7.3 to set the stage; watched a couple of (not great youtube vids about pgrams); Moved on to the sheet to guide through 7.3 (from identifying whether the quad is a pgram or not…to finding measurements…to coordinate geom); Hmwk: Read and take notes on 7.3 and do 3-23 all
Thur 2/22 Hmwk check and questions; Feromax proofs (and other links). Do in this order: FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenth  7.1-7.3 quiz is tomorrow…
 Fri 2/23  Quiz
Mon 2/26 ACT 1-10; Quadrilateral Challenge; Used phone to look up graphic organizers for quadrilateral classifications; Hmwk: Read 7.4/7.5 and take notes; Finish the check sheet; Work on the 59 A/S/N and T/F problems
Tue 2/27 Two different groupings to work through the 59 A/S/N and T/F problems; Make sure the check sheet is done!
Wed 2/28 Do 7.4 pg. 393 #3-8, 13, 15, 17-21, 25, 29-53 odd and do 7.5 pg. 402 #7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 20, 27, 29; Test is on Friday
Thur 3/1 ACT 1-15; hmwk check; questions on hmwk; The Greedy Triangle (HERE), exponents problem…study for the test
Fri 3/2 Chapter 7 test; quadrilateral challenge #2 for those interested.
Mon 3/5 Activity to learn about the 11 nets of a cube (click HERE); discussed the volume and surface area formulas of a cube; tried to draw the 6 nets for a square pyramid. Focused on a square pyramid with equilateral triangle lateral faces….challenge to find the formula for surface area.
 Tue 3/6 ACT test #16-25…then Went over the formulas for the SA and V of a special square pyramid (equilateral triangle lateral faces); Moved into the famous sticky note and file cabinet problem. (Look at all of the parts of HERE); Assignment is to find the dimensions in 3×3 sticky notes of a file cabinet that is covered by 1,000,000 sticky notes (not the bottom/base face though
Wed 3/7 Tests handed back; time to work on corrections; time to work on the sticky note problem…today was a club day; thus some missed for class. Spring break begins…
Thur 3/8 Spring break.
Fri 3/9 Spring break.
Mon 3/12 Spring break for students; teachers worked.
Tue 3/13 Critical thinking warm-up…find the area of a regular hexagon with sides = 10 cm; Discussion about finding the SA and V of prisms…primarily prisms with regular polygon bases…looked at a square base first, then equilateral, then hexagon, and finally a pentagon…powerful connections with trig.
Wed 3/14 Pi day activities; walkout; locals for band
Thur 3/15 Time to work on areas of different polygons
Fri 3/16 Went over the worksheet from yesterday; using several videos to help: parallelograms (HERE); kites (HERE); rhombi (HERE) and better (start at 3:01 HERE); trapezoids (HERE), and circles (HERE and if time HERE); and Regular polygons (HERE) Read 11.3 and do 3-29 odd
Mon 3/19 Hmwk check; Warm-up (a) find area of a regular 20-gon w/ sides = 30 cm and (b) compare ACT #26-30; Time to start measuring prisms and cylinders.
Tue 3/20 Worked on finding the center of a circle; looked at Cavalieri’s principle; Time to measure prisms and cylinders; “wrap-up” writing sheet handed out to complete.
Wed 3/21 Discussion about the “wrap-up” writing sheet; rice demo to show that the volume of a pyramid/cone is 1/3 Bh. Watched 3 videos: Here, Here, and Here. Students sketched the nets and solids for Pyramids and Cones
Thur 3/22 Warm-up problem with cone, given the slant ht and radius; Time to measure cones and pyramids.
Fri 3/23 Dr. Hartman was ill. Do this packet (HERE). Download it if you missed class and do it!!!. You will turn it in.
Mon 3/26 Play-doh and Orange sphere activities to learn the formulas for SA and V
Tue 3/27 Sphere puzzle to start class; addressed a few problems from Friday’s work; Handed out the “packet” (will count as part of a test grade). Time to work
Wed 3/28 Time to work on packet
Thur 3/29 Indiv time to work on packet!
Fri 3/30 Easter Break
Mon 4/2 Easter Break
Tue 4/3 Juniors took ACT
Wed 4/4 Warm up: Pencil grip problem; time for peers to collaborate on Packet…due on Friday…test on Friday
Thur 4/5 Warm up: “Cube” puzzle with different faces; time to collaborate…due Friday…test is Friday…project will be handed out Friday
Fri 4/6  Turned in packet; Test; handed out project; 3-D polyhedron site is HERE
Mon 4/9 Notes on finding arc length (and arc measure);  look over 11.1; practice sheet to work on; showed “exemplars” for the project (exemplars from last year); bring “object” to work on!
Tue 4/10 Ans key out for the homework; tests handed back; time to begin to work on the project
Wed 4/11 Warm-up challenge (1/2 sheet front/back); notes on areas of sectors; worksheet for homework
Thur 4/12 Finished warm-up challenge; time to work on pg 598 #8, 10, 16 and pg. 606 #15, 16
Fri 4/13 Quiz; work on project
Mon 4/16 30 min pre-test over chap 10 concepts; time to work on project
Tue 4/17 Time to work on Project
Wed 4/18 Last class day to work on project
Thur 4/19 Projects due (whether student is here or not); showed a cool website (formulas) HERE; LOOK AT THE GRPHICAL OVERVIEW LINK….sooooo cool!; Time to begin Circle packet; Dr. H started to look at projects.
Fri 4/20 Finish the first 13 sides of the packet by Monday; Dr. H looked at projects
Mon 4/23 More with the packet; Dr. H looked at projects
Tue 4/24 Dr. H hung up projects; finish packet today/tonight.
Wed 4/25 Turned in packet; club day – early release; Board work with multiplying binomials
Thur 4/26 Factoring review at the board
Fri 4/27 Dr. H gone (ill daughter); time to work on algebra review…and 10.1/10.6 problems with quadratics involved…and a big challenge problem!!!
Mon 4/30 Went over the quadratic chap 10 problems; handed packet back; fix 10.1-10.6; Test Thursday
Tue 5/1 Went over 10.7 material
Wed 5/2 Review
Thur 5/3 Exam
Fri 5/4 District essential writing and Hunter R “Athlete Nation” vids
Mon 5/7 CrackACT.com
Tue 5/8 Rotation activity going through the Ch 10 test
Wed 5/9 Trig review (Click HERE) and then time to work on test corrections.
Thur 5/10 All test corr / other work due today;


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